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What is Essay Writing

Writing an essay is not only a daunting job but also time-consuming, especially for working students. It is also cumbersome for non-working students because of the enormous workload and the increased number of study hours ahead of them to make sure that the syllabus is thoroughly covered. Nevertheless, once the research topic is identified and the research process is complete, then the hard part of essay writing is partially solved. I say that the hard part is partially solved because with the many current existing online writing services, it is easy to hire one to have your work completed in the shortest time possible. For those students who lack the necessary skills in coming up with a top-notch essay, then they can always take essay help online and they will never regret the kind of grades they get.

Best Essay Writing


For a well-formatted essay, the writer should start with the introduction part (also called the thesis), which is meant to present the position or the argument of the author. The issue at hand is presented here, where the best essay needs to start with ‘hooky words’ that grabs the attention of the readers and attracts them to keep reading your essay on and on. Therefore, before even coming to the thesis statement, it is always advisable to start the introduction part of your essay writing with words that capture the interest of the readers. For students in colleges and other learning institutions that demand them to write essays, some of the hooks are inclusive of relevant quotations such as ‘five out of six nurses reports that’ or ‘no man is an island or ‘the pen is mightier than the sword.’ After hooking the attention of the reader, then you can move to the thesis statement of your essay, which forms the subject of argument in the whole body of the essay. The thesis statement of essay writing should come out clearly in a one-sentence explanation of the issue at hand while leaving the reader with no doubt in mind on your side of the argument.From the follow-up of your thesis, you are supposed to highlight mini-outline previewing examples that shall be used in supporting the thesis in the entire essay. Clearly, this tells the reader what he/she expects in the succeeding paragraphs and gives them a picture of what the essay is all about. As a hint, the introduction part of your essay should not be lengthy because it might make the reader lose focus of what is to be discussed in the succeeding parts of your essay. The best writing services and platforms will always polish the introduction part of your essay to appear more professional and attractive to your readers or professor. Nevertheless, going for writing services may end up frustrating you, especially if your writing your final essay, which you anticipate to earn good grades.You can always buy essays online from us if you value better grades in your end of year or end, of course, final essays.

General Essay Writing Tips for College Students

Writing Essays is more systematic than people might think. However, with the best writing tips, it becomes as easy as counting one to five. General essay writing involves a five-step format, which, when followed, gives promising results. It needs proper planning, and that is the reason as to why it is important to follow the general format guideline irrespective of whether you are entering the essay writing process or you have been in the field for quite some time. A standard essay will follow a five-structured format which comprises of;

  • Paragraph 1: Introduction
  • Paragraph 2: Body 1
  • Paragraph 3: Body 2
  • Paragraph 4: Body paragraph 3
  • Paragraph 5: Conclusion.
Though the whole process appears systematic, and of which case it is, the underlying idea is to make it easy for your audience to circumnavigate arguments that are laid down in your essay. A well-formatted structure will make every reader find it easy to grasp the relevance of information that you are trying to relay.

Why Should you Look for the Top Essay Writing Services

The learning process is composed of homework that students get from their teachers by the end learning session or by the end of every day. Almost every day, students have loads of work that burden them and need to be done. Loads of works range from writing essays, solving mathematical problems to revising for exams. To lessen the workload, it is always advisable for students to take essay writing help online from the best writing experts and spend the rest of their time revising for exams or doing other assignments. Involving the experts or professional essay writers can save unhealthy enormous sleepless nights, late submissions, and embarrassing grades. Other students have enough time but lack the relevant skills to construct top-notch and catchy essays. They argue that writing an essay is boring, and they lack better start-ups. Therefore, given simple tricks and tips, it becomes easy for you to come up with a successful and confidently written essay provided you follow each step one by one until the end.

The Body Paragraphs of your Essay

The paragraphs that appear amidst your essay are jointly known as body paragraphs whose main purpose is to underscore detailed examples that support your thesis statement. The first body paragraph should have strong arguments or the most compelling examples that go hand in hand with your thesis statement. In this case, the first sentence in essay writing should consider revisiting the topic sentence that is in line with the examples that were given in the mid-outline of the introduction part of your essay. Besides, it is crucial to explain at length why the examples you have given support and prove your thesis statement. This step should not be underrated since it where the prove and support of your thesis lies. Better essay writing will involve citing examples from other authors or stating your research about the topic at hand.


The conclusion part that appears at the end of your essay should not be taken as an addendum. It is the final paragraph that defines your last chance of making your case, and thus, it is supposed to follow a rigid format. The best way to think about the conclusion part in essay writing is to be paradoxical as a second introduction because it contains most of the features discussed in the whole process of essay writing. The conclusion part needs not to be all that long, but instead, four well-crafted sentences would be enough. A conclusion that sound effective open up with transition words such as ‘in conclusion,’ or ‘in the end’ that sounds allusive to the hooking words used in the introduction part of your essay. Finally, it is crucial to restate the thesis statement of your essay before winding up the essay writing process. Restating the thesis statement acts as an echoing effect to your essay since it reinforces the argument in the body of the essay while bonding neatly the second crucial element of the conclusion. When all this is done, it is crucial to have the ‘global statement’ or ‘call of action,' alerting your audience that the discussion is over. As stated earlier, writing an essay may appear challenging and, at the same time, easy and interesting as long as the writer has a relevant and well-researched topic. Besides, when the required format is followed then, students will not regret on the grades they get in essay writing.

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Essay Writing F.A.Q.

The best way to improve your writing skills is to use active voice to write your essay, avoid repetition, and remove phrases that do not add meaning to your texts. You can use essay writing services to get help with excellent writing skills.
Essay companies are very legal, and they are meant to help students write the right content in their papers. Most people think it is illegal, but that is not true because no law states writing companies are illegal.
Essay writing services have helped lots of students in creating unique content for their essays. It has helped in improving students' academic performances by assisting in formulating perfect papers. Apart from that, the service also helps students save time and solving challenging assignments. The best part is that essays are delivered on time, and the service is very affordable.
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To write an interesting essay that will earn you good grades, you must use the best methods to formulate your paper some which are;Choosing a good topicWriting a captivating introduction.Writing a thesis statement.Preparing a good outlineMaking ideas in the body section flow.And having a positive conclusion.
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