Our company provides complete guidelines to determine or delimit the extent of rights and commitments that might be practiced and upheld by our company and our users in a legitimately perceived relationship. We advice our dear users to read these terms & conditions for your convinience.

CheapestEssay.com Disclaimer Terms

A customer placing an order with CheapestEssay.com automatically agrees to the following conditions:

Use of our Products

CheapestEssay.com does not condone, encourage, or support the submission of any of its work product as a client’s own. The works produced by CheapestEssay.com are to be used for research, study, and/or as examples of work the client is producing him/herself.

Information for Contact

It is the client’s responsibility to provide accurate and current contact information to CheapestEssay.com. The company bears no responsibility for late or undelivered work that is a result of incorrect contact information.

Cancellation of Order

If a client cancels an order after it has been paid for and assigned to a writer, the amount of refund will be determined by the company, according to the amount of work the writer has completed at the time of cancellation. If CheapestEssay.com must cancel an order, the customer will be notified immediately and a full refund provided. Read more Money Back Guarantee.

Resource Materials

In the cases of research works. CheapestEssay.com writers will always use the most relevant and appropriate resource material; however, any assigned writer will be happy to use specific resources that a student requests. In these instances, when the resource is not available to the writer, the customer will be asked to provide that resource. Resources are easily uploaded through the client’s account page, and it is imperative that they be provided as quickly as possible. Failure to provide required resources may delay completion and CheapestEssay.com cannot be held liable for tardiness of a work due to late resource provision.

Client Instructions

The client is responsible for providing all important details of an order and for responding to writer requests for clarification and/or additional information. If such detail is not provided and/or requests for clarification not answered, neither CheapestEssay.com nor the writer will be held responsible. If a finished product does not meet the client requirements, and those requirements were in the original order, free revisions will be made. If revision requests deviate from the original order, a charge will occur.


CheapestEssay.com writers are bound by contract to produce only fully original work. If a customer believes his/her delivered work to be plagiarized, CheapestEssay.com will be happy to provide the results of its plagiarism scan. If, in the rare event, any part of the work is deemed to be plagiarized, then, of course CheapestEssay.com will revise that part at its own cost.

Technical/Electronic Issues

CheapestEssay.com will not be held responsible for any delays in delivery that are a result of electronic failures, technical problems, of difficulties with the customer’s Internet provider or server.

Customer Agreement / Acknowledgment

By virtue of placing an order with CheapestEssay.com , Customer agrees that s/he has read this Agreement and shall be bound by all Terms of Use of the following “Agreement.” Should Customer require clarification of any of these provisions, Customer is responsible for contacting us to request such clarification. Customer is informed that products and services provided by CheapestEssay.com are for research and reference purposes, and CheapestEssay.com does not provide any guarantee relative to a Customer’s grades.

Writer’s Level

Customer is responsible to identify the correct writer’s level at the time of order placement. Failure to correct an error in writer level designation may result in increased cost.


No work shall begin on any order until full payment has been received.

Availability of Support Staff/Delivery Delay

24-hour/7-days a week support is available for resolution of all issues. Should issues arise with delivery, Customer must contact the support staff immediately. If the issue is the fault of CheapestEssay.com, order price shall be re-calculated to reflect the delay and a partial refund shall be provided. Any refund amount may also be applied to a future order.

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