Rules of Conduct

CheapestEssay's Honor Code demonstrates how we encourage academic honesty and strong educational values at our service.

We ensure to maintain the top standards of honesty and integrity while offering our essay writing services. We are committed to meeting the expectations of our students and businesses and helping them understand how to use our services.

CheapestEssay's Rules of Conduct

CheapestEssay firmly opposes any kind of plagiarism in the content. We do not support or indulge in academic misconduct or enable deception or perform fraudulent acts. Similarly, we strongly oppose any action that promotes the unfair acquisition of grades.

We vehemently oppose:

We disapprove of any types of unfair means, including plagiarism, attempting academic tests on behalf of students, etc. the website is not designed to boost contract scamming or any form of academic dishonesty. Apart from this, we are also against any unethical activities that enable students to excel in their academics by ignoring institutional laws and regulations.

Utilizing paper bought online without crediting the original source and showing it off as your own.

Unfair Advantages:
Get assistance with homework even after knowing that such form of help is not allowed in any college or university.

Modifying and resubmitting the task without the professor's approval or knowledge.

The Implications of Rules of Conduct Violation

Violations of the Code can impact and cause severe penalties. As a result, it is intended to assist students in avoiding errors and misunderstandings related to essay writing services. If someone is accused of violating the Honor Code, they will be held accountable before the Commission, comprising department members or other students.

Note to Students:

We know the challenges that come with being in an academic setting. School may be demanding, leading to kids succumbing to the urge to fraud.

However, you cannot misuse our platform to take part in any type of academic dishonesty or violate any university laws and regulations.

Students are not permitted to pass off assignments written by highly experienced and professional writers as one of their own.

Note to Teachers:

At CheapestEssay, we know how hard you work to keep academic integrity intact within the colleges, study groups, and others. We are rooting for you in your efforts to maintain studying ethically, transparently, and beneficially.

Working in this academic sector for quite a long time, we motivate you to come forward and report any inappropriate activity related to the honor code.

Note to Businesses:

At CheapestEssay, you get an opportunity to get your task done by highly professional and talented writers from your domain. However, remember that you can do this without breaking any organizational rules and regulations if you avail of our services.

Make sure that you are not using our essay writing services to meet any of your illegal demands and needs.

It is definitely forbidden for business professionals to use our writers for any form of fraudulent conduct. ​​If proof is found that an expert has knowingly facilitated any type of illegal activity, they will be immediately removed from our platform.

Note to Freelancers:

Cheapest Essay is a platform that grants you unique opportunities and lets you represent yourself as a writing professional to students, businesses, and universities. As a freelancer working on the CheapestEssay platform, you are obligated to uphold the following guidelines.

  • Freelancers are strictly prohibited from creating or contributing to circumstances that would, in any way, fail to respect / violate college or corporate policies.
  • Freelancers are prohibited from helping students or business representatives to engage in cheating or committing fraud.

Illegal Activity Proposal List

  • Request for writing resume with a fake working experience.
  • The fabrication of fictitious financial statements;
  • Requesting to work on any official paper
  • Ghostwriting academic papers such as thesis, term papers, essays, etc.
  • The imitation of a child's credentials for whatever reason;
  • Bogus data, facts, or referrals; any other activities or duties that contravene college or company standards
If you have come across any unlawful activity against the honor code, ensure to submit it without any delay.

Report Violation

We highly condemn using someone else's work without proper citation.

Showcasing any part of your work completed by someone else as your own.

The writer may not share such content that encourages hatred, enmity, or bullies students.

Select this option if you come across something that doesn't come under the above-mentioned policies.

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