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9/11 Essays

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Lastly, it is undeniable that the tragedy brought us together like never before. We all emerged united behind one common objective: To make sure nothing similar would be allowed to happen again on American soil ever again. Our ties toward each other are committed today – both as individuals, groups of communities, and countries at large — which gives hope for sustained unity within America’s culture even during trying times ahead in history.

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Essay About 9/11 Attack

While most people still remember the events of 9/11 vividly, they also know that every foreigner isn’t to blame for what happened on that day; understanding was just something missing very soon after it occurred. Despite everything, I believe Americans are more accepting now than ever; we have learned from our mistakes in the past and are looking towards an increasingly more unified country.

Clearly, the government wouldn’t rest until justice was served for all those hurt in this tragic attack on American soil. To ensure that happened, our nation spent millions of dollars and invested countless hours into fighting terror groups worldwide. This has helped create global awareness about terrorism and has decreased acts of terror drastically since 2001.

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Not only did Americans care about each other during this tragic event, but our international allies also stepped in to provide whatever they could. As difficult as it was moving forward from such a traumatic day, it gave us the strength to know that anything is possible if we work together to reach a goal and fight for what’s right.

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