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College Election Essay

America became independent in 1785 when it won its independence war against Britain. Founders drafted government guidelines here. In the Three-Fifths Compromise, for example, a specific state would receive three representatives for five enslaved people.

Electoral College essay debates have been a focus of recent debates illustrating this idea. Electoral colleges are being abolished with every election, and the movement is growing.

The following arguments strongly support Electoral College removal: it is outdated, swing states determine elections’ outcomes, and house votes if there is a tie.

In addition to losing the famous vote, winning the electoral college removes the winner’s legitimacy. American democracy would be improved by abolishing the electoral college completely. Understanding how the Electoral College works are important before engaging in any debate. Five hundred thirty-eight voters voted for the United States President and Vice President.

States elect senators, and populations elect representatives. When the Electoral College awards presidential votes, its senators and other representatives are combined.

North Dakota, for example, gets three electoral votes, while California, despite having a much larger population, gets 55. There are several reasons why the Founding Fathers created this system. The first goal was a fair chance for each state to elect its president. Additionally, it was designed to keep uninformed voters from voting for someone who could be dangerous.

Two hundred seventy votes are needed to be elected president, or a majority. Recent elections have seen more cases of candidates receiving 270 electoral votes but receiving fewer votes overall.

Candidates can lose elections because of the Electoral College. For this reason, the Electoral College has been questioned in recent years. An argument should be thoroughly examined, and each should be examined separately to determine whether it is fair.

The Electoral College is outdated, which is among the tough arguments in support of its elimination. 1787 marked the establishment of Electoral Colleges. Over the past 230 years, the world has undergone a great change. An official census was conducted in 1790 to determine the number of citizens in the United States.

Approximately four million people were counted in that census. The American history of that era was very different from today’s times. Certainly, the Founding Fathers were intelligent men.

Both for and against the Electoral College, there are many arguments. Nowadays, everyone has so strong opinions that it is difficult to objectively analyze both sides’ arguments. It can be very challenging to see things from all angles when you step back.

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