Fahrenheit 451 essay

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Fahrenheit 451 essay examples

People no longer attach much importance to books and are not giving them the respect they deserve in this modern age. In Fahrenheit 451, viewers are introduced to a fireman tasked with getting rid of books as a symbolic representation of ideas from his society by burning them. Check out this Fahrenheit 451 essay to learn more about it and find some examples.

People are usually concerned about the strife between different groups when they read books and accept the ideas presented inside them. I believe this book is extraordinary, and I am strongly convinced that Guy Montag’s outlook on life changes by the end of the story, and he defends his values.

Fahrenheit 451 essay examples

Guy Montag sets fire to books and dwellings without considering what he is doing as a job; he was raised in an era where reading no longer occurs. Montag argues for creating an environment where everyone’s the same, rather than being born, as the Constitution decrees, into a state of freedom and equality. He suggests that if everyone looked the same, then everyone would be content as there would be no comparison or judgment of one another.

People of the future predict that books would have been seen as hurtful to someone, regardless of the authors’ objectives in writing them. The writers were compelled to make the books bland and identical. Since no one reads the books, their significance was reduced until they were banned.

The story introduces a seventeen-year-old girl named Clarisse, who broadens Montag’s understanding of life and its potential for beauty, fashion, and opportunities. Clarisse’s unconventional lifestyle makes her an outsider in the community, as she engages in activities such as going for walks in nature, spending time outdoors, and gathering wildflowers.

Later on, Clarisse meets her end in a fatal car accident while engaging in a drag race. Montag is immensely sorrowful and starts taking books to be able to read them later on and safeguard her remembrance. The book Fahrenheit 451 shares many resemblances with the present day, as there are countless instances of people’s opinions and convictions being restrained and stifled.

In the current climate, people are so easily offended that the media needs to be selective about the stories they cover in order to avoid causing upset. Recently, public libraries have been forced to close, and books have been disregarded and discarded without thought.

During their leisure, children devote their attention to video gaming and stay incessantly connected to social media, allowing their peers to shape their opinions and emotions. Similarly, those within the narrative were discouraged from speaking up for themselves and having an opinion different from the norm. Folks are afraid to outwardly express their individual beliefs, preferring to stick with the prevailing viewpoint or what most people think.

To sum up, this was an outstanding book. It provided many pertinent observations and interpretations. It demonstrated that without books, we would be like mindless creatures without knowledge of the past.

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