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Short Essay On Federalism

The Constitution established the American federal system and has undergone 27 modifications since then. Get to know more about the Federalism essay.

The founding document of the United States, the Constitution, did not outline the powers of the states’ governments. According to the Tenth Amendment of the Constitution, all powers that have not been specifically given to the federal government or forbidden to the states are reserved to the states.

The Federal Government must be the only entity authorized to promulgate and implement laws, as numerous states do not share the same views on matters such as the legalization of marijuana, abortion, and same-sex marriages, which are currently faced by our legal system.

Short essay on Federalism

If the central government had total control, the states would not have as much disagreement on policy matters. The results could have been much more detrimental if the decision-making process had depended on all states reaching a consensus.

We must establish a governing body that is competent in making decisions quickly. Giving authority to the federal government encourages the sensible utilization of national assets, necessitates political involvement, and safeguards liberties.

The highest court in the United States has declared that same-sex couples have the right to marry, even though many states have laws in place to prohibit it. These contentious issues have sparked much debate among legislators, social media users, families, and companies.

The national government should be the one to make decisions in order to reduce the number of individuals and opinions involved. As each state chooses the members of the federal government, they are meant to be representatives who can make the soundest choices for the benefit of the whole nation.

It is suggested that power should be held primarily by the states since they are closest to the population, more knowledgeable on local matters, and better placed to utilize control on behalf of their citizens.

Given that all the states compose the national government, citizens would be given improved representation if a great portion of the authority was delegated to the states. When the central government is primarily responsible for enforcing laws, citizens in individual areas are not directly involved in decision-making. Consequently, the federal government is not able to handle problems that are specific to a single locality.

We would not have an adequate number of people. For smaller matters, we need a more limited administrative body. This would allow more individuals to express their opinions on different topics. The United States’ constitution has been modified throughout the years due to numerous historical occurrences and Supreme Court decisions. Nevertheless, it still largely succeeds in ensuring the country remains unified and powerful.

Following their emancipation from Great Britain, the colonists desired an arrangement of government that would serve the population rather than the other way around. The outcome was establishing a federal system where the federal and state governments were given certain authorities.

The outcome was establishing a federal system where the federal and state governments were given certain authorities. O’Connor and Sabato stated that the states’ powers were not outlined in the Constitution because the states already had authority when the document was drafted.

People held state and federal governments responsible, and the US Constitution granted the national government more power than before under the Articles of Confederation.

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