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Essay On Macbeth

The characters of Macbeth and Lady Macbeth showcase their ambition through the pursuit of the throne of Scotland. She pushes him forward and more vigorous into regimes actions. For example, she frequently suggests murder for candidacy for the throne instead of waiting for it rightfully to be given to them one day.

Having two characters with an unquenchable thirst and overly ambitious goals brings forth chaos that has uncanny consequences due to their obliviousness in understanding morality.

We see how much darkness comes out when one has too much craving thirst after being consumed by ambitious desires can lead you down a rather dark path filled with chaotic results had people just learned to act righteously

This being said, his power becomes his own demise as well as those around him. When a human’s ambition gets out of control and not regulated enough it leads to unpredictability and irrational behaviour toward people. 

The consequence of ambition is something common throughout literature, as it a theme seen in many works such as The Great Gatsby and Julius Caesar. In F. Scott Fitzgerald’s novel, The Great Gatsby, the protagonist Jay Gatsby experiences sudden wealth which leads to him destroying his own life; learning that money can’t buy one’s happiness.

Marcus Brutus from Julius Caesar realizes too late the consequences brought on by ambition when he learns that trying to do what was right may have been wrong after all; dramatizing how even noble intentions can lead to disastrous results.

The more he was convinced that becoming a king was possible, the more he began plotting with his wife Lady Macbeth to have King Duncan – who currently sits on the throne of Scotland – overthrown and killed in order for them to assume power.

As their plan proceeds forward, events culminate leading up to a point where Macbeth oneself kills Duncan and finally takes over as King of Scotland. However, this journey is covered with much bloodshed.

Macbeth knows that a heinous crime has been committed but he believes that if they do it fast enough, maybe no one will notice or figure out what happened. This shows how Macbeth starts to grow impatient and possessiveness towards whatever he sets his mind on.

By using vivid imagery, Shakespeare truly conveys this theme in order to evoke fear and horror from its audience. It serves as a warning that if we are too ambitious and give into our dark desires, it can be detrimental for us in the long run. Despite Macbeth’s tragic downfall, his story still reminds us today that unchecked ambition without moral considerations can lead to disaster.

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