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Personal Experience Narrative Essay Example

Taking risks allows me to push myself out of my comfort zone revealing potential outcomes which can either make or break my abilities. My experiences from the past gave me courage to trust my instinct more often than before and this eventually allowed me reach goals and become closer towards achieving success. With that, it also encouraged me to take risks in order gain more knowledge about different topics.

When I started to play soccer, it provided me with an outlet for my emotions and a way of expressing myself. It also changed my outlook on life. The coaches that were over the team were always encouraging us to try our best and never give up even when we would make mistakes out on the field. They made sure that they taught us life lessons so that no matter what happened in the future we would be able to learn from them.

Outside of Soccer, when I am not working on my school assignments or practicing soccer, I enjoy spending time with friends. Whether it is going to the movies, playing video games or just simply hanging out and talking about our days makes me feel relaxed and joyful.

Also being physically active by playing sports like Pickleball has also been fun since it has gotten me involved with the community around me. Having friend that support your goals in life is something that can change your outlook in life for the better.

My father was not pleased and I got a whoppin’ for my troubles. It wasn’t fun but it taught me that there are consequences to your actions, no matter how young you are. I learned from this experience and still think back on it as an important lesson. Even if something seems like a joke at the time, there could be serious ramifications that you wouldn’t expect or intend.

At Magee I met all sorts of different people, some that were nice, sweet and kind and others who you wanted to stay away from. At first it was hard for me because at Simpson Academy I had my own crowd and the kids would do things according to me but at Magee nothing was the same. I got accustomed to how other people did things.

It took some getting used to but overall making the move made a huge positive impact on my life; now I don’t want fights or argue as much because I am able see two sides of every story. Moving helped me learn about so many different cultures around where we live here in Mississippi. Overall its been a great experience!

I feel like soccer is more than just a sport to me. It has become a lifestyle, and it encompasses more than just the action of running around on the pitch. It’s taught me how to work with people and make trustworthy relationships that could last forever.

What I also got out of playing Soccer was understanding how important fair play truly is in order for everyone involved to have a great time and enjoy themselves not only during games but off the field as well. Being part of a team creates memories that can never be taken away from you; which makes sports an integral part in my life so far!

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