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Examples Of Poetry Essays

When writing a poetry essay, it’s essential to first read the poem carefully and take notes. Pay attention to recurring themes or symbols, as well as any literary devices that are used. Consider why the poet has chosen specific words and phrases and how they contribute to the overall message of the poem. Once you have gathered your evidence, begin forming an argument about what you think is being communicated by the poem.


In order to write a successful poetry essay, one must first understand what makes up a successful poem—characteristics such as imagery, symbolism, tone, rhythm, and meter, among others, must be taken into account when interpreting its meaning.


Once these elements have been identified and analyzed in depth, then one can truly begin to dissect whether or not they are working together to create something meaningful or powerful within the text.


By combining both close reading skills with critical thinking techniques, any student can learn how to craft an effective argument about their chosen work of literature.


The purpose of writing a poetry essay is to analyze the multiple artistic, structural, and linguistic aspects of the poem. This type of essay often requires you to investigate deeper into themes, symbols, and other elements that are found in a given piece of poetry. In order to write a successful poetry essay, you should have good knowledge of how to read and interpret different types of literature.


Moreover, it also helps if you have some background knowledge of various poetic forms such as ballads, odes, and sonnets. With this information at hand, you can start your analysis by exploring the form and structure used in the poem, followed by examining its content with respect to theme, style, language, imagery, etc.


Let’s take a poetry essay example and see how to write a poetry essay:


The poem “Harlem” by Langston Hughes is a powerful and thought-provoking exploration of the effects of deferred dreams. Through his use of poetic imagery, Hughes paints a vivid picture of the desperation that can arise when people are unable to fulfill their hopes and aspirations.

The poem begins with an image of a raisin left too long in the sun – symbolizing both time lost and wasted potential – followed by questions about what could have been accomplished had those dreams not been postponed or denied.


The speaker then wonders if such unrealized desires will ever be realized, asking, “What happens to a dream deferred?”. This question sets up the rest of the poem, which provides possible answers as to how these unfulfilled yearnings might manifest themselves in individual lives. These include anger, bitterness, apathy, paralysis, and ultimately explosion as hope is transformed into a rage at having one’s expectations go unmet.


The poem is written in five quatrains. Each stanza begins with a question asking what might happen to the dream if it is put off or delayed. The use of similes and rhetorical questions helps to emphasize Hughes’s point about dreams being deferred. He uses terms such as “fester,” “stink,” and “crust” (lines 4-6) which are all images of rot and decay in order to illustrate how a dream can turn sour when it is not pursued. All this imagery suggests that our ambitions should never be set aside since they can quickly spoil if we wait too long.

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