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Profiling Essay Examples

A profiling essay is a type of writing that requires the writer to investigate, research and analyze certain individuals or groups. This can include members of a particular race, ethnicity, gender, religion or any other group. You should also consider interviewing people who know the subject to get a better understanding of their life and experiences. After your research is complete, you can then begin forming an outline for your essay that will help organize your thoughts.

Once you have an outline, it is time to start drafting your profile essay. Begin with providing background information on the subject before delving into more detailed descriptions of their character traits and accomplishments. Be sure to include vivid details such as physical attributes and personality traits that make each person unique.

Avoid using biased language or making generalizations when discussing topics like race or gender in order to remain unbiased throughout the piece. Finally, be sure to cite any sources used in order to give credit where credit is due!

Profile essays can be written about a wide range of topics. It is up to the writer to decide what type of profile they would like to write. For example, a profile essay could be written on an individual, organization or event. When writing a profile essay, it is important that the writer has good knowledge and understanding of their subject matter in order for them to provide accurate information and interesting facts.

Furthermore, researching the topic properly will help ensure that all relevant aspects are covered. When constructing an effective profile essay, it should contain vivid descriptions as well as thoughtful reflections from the writer’s point of view. Additionally, when discussing certain aspects in detail it is essential to keep track of time frames so that all points are discussed within adequate amounts of space and contextually linked together where possible.

Finally, editing constantly throughout every step ensures that typos or mistakes do not slip through which could otherwise lead to confusion for readers who may have difficulty differentiating between facts and opinions at times due to lack of knowledge on the matter being discussed.

Let’s take a look at some examples of profile essays:

Alice Walker was the first black person to attend Spelman College. She graduated in 1965 and went on to pursue a degree at Sarah Lawrence College, where she wrote her first novel The Third Life of Grange Copeland. This book is considered one of the earliest works of African-American feminist literature.

In addition, Alice Walker has written several other novels such as Meridian and The Color Purple, which won her a Pulitzer Prize in 1983.Walker is also known for her activism during the civil rights movement; she co-founded an organization called Women’s Political Council and organized boycotts against businesses that supported racism.

In 1978, she published an essay collection called In Search Of Our Mothers’ Gardens: Womanist Prose which explored issues such as feminism, race relations and identity within African American communities. Her work continues to have an influence on contemporary writers today who draw inspiration from her writing style and ideas about race and gender equality.

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