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My Role Model Essay Example

My father has worked very hard in his life and has made sure that all my dreams and needs are fulfilled. At the same time, he tries to help not only us but also our extended family when we need it.  His main thing was always providing us with whatever we needed at home so that there wasn’t any need for external sources or activities.

I really admire him for having this kind of strong heart and will power despite the harsh reality around him which could easily disappoint anyone else much sooner than it would do to my dad.

Although my father had experienced many difficulties in life, he tries not to show it but instead encouraged me by saying “Everything will get better soon”.

In addition, my father loves sports so much that he often played basketball with us when we were free or went out biking together on weekends. We shared the same passion for sport and so did other family members too.

My dad truly deserves an honorable title of being one of the most influential persons in my life from all aspects as mentioned above—his incredible knowledge, cooking ability, hard work ethic, supportiveness despite hardships, and love for sports activities!

He also has a unique perspective on life. He believes that success is more about hard work than luck. This means he likes to be proactive and take risks in his business, but only when there is an opportunity for a higher return from the effort.

His ability to stay positive even during times of difficulty and uncertainty speaks volumes about how much he values what he does and how devoted he is to his career. Most importantly, my father makes me feel loved and supported no matter what challenges I am facing in my life.

Whether it’s directing homework or teaching me new skills, my dad always finds time for me amidst his busy schedule because creating memories with us as a family matters most to him. Despite being so ambitious and talented, he never fails to make time for those who are important to him – this trait makes him irreplaceable in our lives.

Furthermore, what motivates me to continue achieving my goal is that I want to be the best version of myself and make everyone proud. No matter how hard life gets, I remind myself why I’m here and work harder than ever. That’s why when it comes to success or anything in life; nothing can stop you if you believe in yourself.

Therefore, my father has a huge impact on me because he never gave up and kept going no matter what. He taught me something valuable – just keep following your dreams regardless of any obstacle appears on your path because something great will surely come out soon.

No matter what hardships I had, my father always encouraged me to move forward and believe that I could do it. He taught me with affection, patience and wisdom so I can talk heartily about any issues happened in the family.

My father often motivates me with his words of comfort whenever I encounter a problem. His love gives me strength during those challenging moments. Without him, his guidance and support, my life wouldn’t have been as successful today.

He also supports me with great patience when I make mistakes. He never gets angry and scolds me, but explains to me through the consequences of bad actions. Sometimes he follows my method and lets me make decision on my own, regardless what outcome might be. This whole experience helps me to believe in myself and build up confidence to face challenges that comes along the way.

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