Utopia essay

The perfect place for me doesn't have flying spaceships or robots making drinks. In fact, it'd be a calm, and peaceful place where people are able to share their views without fear of judgment. No, I wouldn't be living on Earth. My Utopia is the perfect place I always look at.

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Utopia Thesis Statements

The contrast in Le Guin’s imagining of a town without omelas is the complete opposite of an idyllic utopia like the ones we see. The people living there are living an oppressed life where there’s no fun, joy, or music. A simple look at their faces shows the difference between how their lives are different from moment to moment. There’s little joy in their everyday lives. I think my utopia would be a place where there is no harm. 

There’d be a fair economy and social justice as well as tolerance. Furthermore, there would also be plenty of opportunities to do what you love (including taking care of your children). That is what my vision of utopia would look like. Younger adults will still be compensated at a decent amount of salary. Plus, we’ll make sure the schools can provide the necessary education and care for their children so they can get a great start in life. The elderly would live off the savings they have accumulated and everyone would be paid well to keep them comfortable until they are pensioned off.

I find it difficult to imagine a world without peace. To me, this state of peace is my ‘utopia.’ However, I don’t think that peace would be the norm in other scenarios. I’d rather live peacefully and have time to relax with my thoughts than have something else take precedence. This is how I think the world would be if we had a utopia. 

The economy is up, people are employed and the future looks bright because there’s less fighting and more success. Meanwhile, social media is focused on the most important topics including saving the environment. My ideal world is one where people can be themselves without limitations, discrimination, or persecution of any kind. 

I want my Utopia to be a kind of world where the weather changes every few hours, and I can go from gorgeous sunny days to chilly rains, never experiencing any extreme temperatures. My utopian society will treat everyone with respect.

Everyone will have equal opportunities in getting a job, and the jobs themselves are not limited to resources because we’re treating them equally. I want to build up my career and make it special so I can be happy. There is no such thing as pain or suffering, so I want people to be social and not shy in order to start creating societies that are going great places. 

The education system in my utopia world is going to be good enough – every graduate of college will still be able to get a job after they’ve finished. The expenses of things won’t fluctuate depending on what product you’re buying because our citizens have the money from their jobs that allow them to buy anything they need within their budget. My personal utopian society sounds perfect – no problems aside from the problem of humans being everchanging, But I’m guessing as perfect as my world sounds there may be an instance where something isn’t perfect!

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