The Pro’s And Con’s Of AI Writing Tools – A Target For CopyCats

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Will content writing tools replace human writers?

This has been a buzzing question for writers since the introduction of ChatGPT. Although there were numerous simple AI writing tools (for grammar checking, etc.) in the market long before ChatGPT came into the picture, the question is gaining momentum now.

This is because the tool has generated impeccable essays and speeches and produced codes, poems, queries, and much more. With so much frenzy going on, many favor the use of AI writing tools, while others oppose it.

This article will explore both pros and cons of AI text-generating tools and give you a comprehensive picture.

The Pros Of AI Content Writing Tools

Numerous organizations, whether big, medium, or small, have shown interest in employing AI tools for various reasons. However, as mentioned above, the sentiment around this tool is mixed, and in this section, we will see what the benefits are:

Speed and efficiency

One of the significant advantages of a content writing tool is its speed and efficiency in producing content. In fact, the latest ChatGPT tool can deliver essays and speeches in minutes (depending on the complexity of the prompt), which is way faster than human writers. 

Writers usually take time to research, plan, and write an article, and it may take anywhere from 30 minutes to hours. Thus, the AI tool is a clear winner when it comes to speed and scalability. 

Grammatically correct sentence

AI tools, in general, are good at generating grammatically correct content. Unlike human writers who miss out on punctuation marks or words, tools do not make mistakes with respect to sentence formation or punctuation. In fact, they generate complete sentences with appropriate verb tenses and prepositions.

Structured and organized content

AI tools can crawl through search engines and other sources to extract the required information for a given prompt. Furthermore, they imitate top-ranking pages’ information and content organization while extracting the data. Thus, in this way, the tool produces high-ranking content.

Bulk content

One can use AI content tools to produce content or articles in bulk. As mentioned above (in the first point), content writing tools can generate text in minutes, so it can be used to create an ‘n’ number of essays or copies. Usually, some websites or organizations can have problems concerning website traffic. Thus, in such cases, this tool can help you publish more articles and, in turn, generate more traffic.

Generate content ideas

AI tools can be beneficial in providing content-generation ideas, as writers can sometimes run out of ideas. With an advanced AI writing tool, one can get numerous suggestions on various topics, content outlines, titles, questions, and much more. 

Furthermore, experts opine that content writing apps based on machine learning improve with time using the feedback that it gets.

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Cons Of Using AI Writing Tools

Although there are numerous advantages of using an AI tool for content writing, such as speed, efficiency, and much more, can it really replace physical writers? No, machines cannot replace humans just like. Speed and accuracy may be significant benefits, but there are certain cons related to AI writing tools.

Lack of emotions or depth

The biggest disadvantage of AI writing is that it lacks personality or emotions. Content produced by an AI tool cannot incorporate personal anecdotes. It cannot add feeling to the content and may sound robotic. Consider an AI-generated text on a mountain or river. The description will include great adjectives and comprehensive explanations. However, it will be essential and nothing more.

The same is true for AI-generated poems, wherein the poems will be technically sound but emotionally weak. In other words, you cannot find creativity or humor in AI content.

Outdated information

Another major con of AI tools is that they can provide inaccurate or outdated information. This is generally because tools are trained through trial and error, so the accuracy of news depends on the provided data. For instance, if a new investigation is not recorded online, it will not be available for the tool, and hence any question on that particular invention will yield wrong results.

Biased content

Elaborating on the above point, the tools are prone to generate biased answers. This is because humans are responsible for AI training, and they may feed partial information. So, getting a neutral perspective on certain topics may not be possible. 

Plagiarised content

Another serious concern with AI-generated content is plagiarism. Usually, AI tools depend on search engines and other third parties for information and use them to give answers. And this information is generally rephrased by the tool, making it essentially plagiarized. Moreover, such content will not credit the source, potentially creating an issue. 

Although the latest tools are working on reducing plagiarism, getting answers from a tool simply means the content lacks originality. 

Lack of trustworthiness

The AI-generated text essentially lacks trustworthiness, authoritativeness, and expertise. When you read content written by writers, you can also see their academic qualifications, years of experience, and expertise in writing that piece of content. However, AI content lacks all these credentials leading to a lack of trust in such information. 


These are some of the pros and cons of AI writing tools. One can use the tool to write content, but it is foolish to use it as a replacement for human writers. However, a writer can productively use tools to supplement their writing whenever it is necessary. In other words, AI writing tools can be used as an assistant tool to create useful content.

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