Most Classical Method on How to Write an Argumentative Essay Outline

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Are you unsure how to write an argumentative essay? Writing an excellent essay depends on how well you write its outline. Moreover, when writing an argumentative essay, you must understand that it can be written in 3 methods. This article will explain all the 3 methods of writing this essay with its outline.

Structure Of An Argumentative Essay

The structure of an argumentative essay centers around building your argument and includes a strong thesis statement and an interesting conclusion. This type of essay uses logical facts, reasoning, data, and so on to support the arguments or stand presented on the easy topic. 

It must be noted that all types of essays follow the same introduction-body-conclusion structure to write essays. However, the argumentative essay is a little different and more tricky, as it must include data and other factors that help build a solid argument. 

Moreover, there’s no standard way of structuring an argumentative essay as it mainly depends on the essay topic, arguments, viewpoints, context, and so on. In fact, there are three methods to organize your essay:

  • Classical (Aristotelian)
  • Rogerian
  • Toulmin

You can choose any of these formats to write your essay, but whatever you choose, just ensure that you include strong arguments and solid facts to make your essay notable. Furthermore, organize your points and the overall content in a logical way 

How To Create An Argumentative Essay Outline

As previously said, structuring argumentative essays demands a little more effort than usual ones. One must plan extensively in order to write this essay, as it is imperative to put forward the best arguments that support your topic well. Thus, each section you write must make an impact on the reader and present your argument in the best possible way. 

There are three ways to organize your essay, and they are: Classical, Rogerian, and Toulmin. Let us see what each of these formats are and when they can be used.

Classical (Aristotelian)

Best when you include direct and straightforward arguments. This method is very much similar to the standard essay format. When using this approach to persuade your readers, first, you have to present your stance or argument and next illustrate your opposition’s arguments. Once both arguments are defined, produce the supporting facts and evidence that backs your stance. 


Best when valid points are raised from you and your opponent. This method respects opposing views or stances, and as a writer, you take a ‘middle ground’ approach. This approach is often used in situations where there is a high degree of disagreement or conflict, and where traditional methods of argumentation may not be effective. It is a collaborative approach that seeks to build understanding and empathy between opposing views, rather than simply trying to win an argument.


Best when complex arguments are involved. The Toulmin method can be used to analyze and structure arguments in a variety of contexts, from academic papers to public speeches. It emphasizes the importance of using evidence and reasoning to support claims, while also recognizing the importance of acknowledging and addressing potential counterarguments.

Classical Argumentative Essay Outline Template

Here’s the classical argumentative essay outline template that you can refer to:


  • Hook sentence
  • Background information
  • Thesis statement

First Reason 

  • A least controversial reason (that backs argument and gives an overview)
  • First evidential support 
  • Second evidential support
  • Summary of reason and evidential support

Second Reason

  • A least controversial reason (that backs argument and gives an overview)
  • First evidential support 
  • Second evidential support
  • Summary of reason and evidential support

First Opposing Point Of View

  • Reasoning of the opposing POV in addition to your defense
  • List out the weakness or loopholes in the opponent’s argument
  • Discredit the opposing views with evidential support
  • Highlight your views as credible

Second Opposing Point Of View

  • Reasoning of the opposing POV in addition to your defense
  • List out the weakness or loopholes in the opponent’s argument
  • Discredit the opposing views with evidential support
  • Highlight your views as credible


  • Restate thesis statement and back it with the evidence
  • Summarize everything and conclude with a call-to-action statement

Rogerian Argumentative Essay Outline Template


  • Write the problem statement
  • Propose your solutions to the problem along with solutions given by opponents
  • Include a thesis statement

Summary Of Opposing Side’s Stance

  • Give a summary of the opponent’s point of view with their reasoning respectfully
  • Present evidential support for the opposing position
  • Invalidate their stance
  • Repeat the same process for other opposing arguments as well

Corroborate The Opposing Stance

  • Demonstrate your understanding of the opposing stand
  • Describe the context behind the opposing stance
  • Explain the evidence and facts that support the opposing stance
  • Highlight the areas or points where you support the opposing viewpoints

State Your Stance

  • Give a summary of your first reason
  • Produce your first evidential support
  • Produce your second evidential support and so on
  • Give a summary of your second reason
  • Repeat the same step as above

Combine The Opposing Views Together

  • Discuss which are reasonable arguments from both views 
  • Determine a middle-ground or a compromise solution that has the best elements from each position


  • Reiterate the respect you have for the contrary viewpoint.
  • Emphasize the areas in which your argument can help the adversary and vice versa.
  • Recap the previous compromise and, if feasible, end on a positive one.
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Toulmin Argumentative Essay Outline Template


  • Add a hook
  • Provide context to the topic
  • Write a thesis statement

Furnish Evidence To Back The Thesis Statement

  • Present your first evidential support 
  • Present your second evidential support 

Justify Your Thesis Statement With Your First Justification

  • Describe how your justification corresponds to the thesis statement
  • Furnish evidence to support your justification

Provide Your Second Justification

  • Repeat the steps as above

Discuss Opposing Viewpoints

  • State the first opposing viewpoint
  • Explain what the opposing viewpoint is in detail in a neutral tone
  • Present your rebuttals for the viewpoints
  • State the second opposing viewpoint
  • Repeat the process as above


  • Tie up your justifications and other information together
  • Emphasize the opposing viewpoints and your rebuttals
  • Derive a conclusion and restate your thesis statement strongly


Writing an argumentative essay need not be challenging if you follow the proper essay structure. Overall, the argumentative essay outline serves as an indispensable tool for structuring and organizing persuasive arguments effectively. By providing a clear and logical framework, it enables writers to present their ideas coherently, engage readers, and ultimately, strengthen their overall argument. The outline acts as a roadmap, guiding the writer through each stage of the essay-writing process and ensuring that no vital points are overlooked.

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