Choosing a Degree 2023: Is Criminology The Right Career For Me?

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Are you one of the myriads of students who aspire to solve crimes, capture and reform wrongdoers, and help protect your community? Then, a Criminology Course is the ideal fit for you.

We want you to achieve your dreams, so we created this article. Expect to learn the advantages of a degree in Criminology, what skills are essential to the criminology field, and tips for surviving the course.

Get your hands prepared and note the top 5 advantages of a degree in Criminology.

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Top 5 Advantages Of A Degree in Criminology

First, there is a whole spectrum of career prospects after finishing this course. You can select between criminologist, field investigator, forensic psychologist, correctional counselor, paralegal, intelligence analyst, probation/parole officer, and a medley of other law enforcement, academia, psychology, and sociology positions. Having more job opportunities for a single course is both economical and flexible.

Next, you have an opportunity to get paid above-average annual earnings. Although it is a norm for salaries for criminology careers to differ, many professions disburse $50,000 + $70,000 per year. We don’t need to say more.

Third, you can hold stable employment. There is a reasonably high employment rate among Criminology majors for being eligible for various job positions.

The fourth advantage you can have is the unique opportunity to help enhance your community, especially in terms of public peace and security. 

Lastly, you have a chance to do honorable, inspirational, exciting, and meaningful jobs. There is never a dull day for any criminology workplace. Think about Sherlock Holmes but in real life.

What Skills Are Essential To The Criminology Field?

What Are Criminologist Skills?

If you aim to advance or begin your career as a criminologist, you need to develop various skills. Learning these skills will help you perform your duties no matter what type of criminology field you take.

The first skill you need to learn is being attentive to details. There will be a lot of criminology reading and data that you will need to analyze as you start your journey as a criminologist. You will be required to pay attention even to the most minor details surrounding things like crime statistics or criminal profiles.

Second, be techy. Technical requirements may vary depending on the career you want to pursue in criminology. However, you will still be required to have basic knowledge and skills in using a computer for making readable reports and navigating through data gathered. 

Third and most important of all, master the art of communication and observing people. Part of being a criminologist is gathering data through interviews. You will mainly be paired or teamed up to brainstorm or build solutions and monitor cases, behavior, and nature of different types of people, so you will be required to develop the art of communication and attend to people.
Fourth, to successfully perform your tasks, you will need to develop integrity and ethics as you will mainly deal with sensitive pieces of information. You will be keeping the confidentiality of all the data you gathered to maintain peace and order in the community. As a criminologist, you will be dealing with emotional situations involving crime, and it is crucial to remain objective and take additional training in the field you choose to pursue.

How To Improve Criminologist Skills?

Now that you have determined whether you have the right skills to take a Criminology course, here are ways to maintain and improve those skills.

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Tips for criminology students:

  • Number one: Pursue a degree. 
    It is expected for a criminologist to have at least a bachelor’s degree. If you want to make the most of your education, you can have a master’s or doctorate. Pursuing a relevant education will equip you for a successful criminology career.
  • Number two: Accomplish Internships
    Doing internships can help you gain skills and wisdom from experts in your chosen field. This can also resolve your doubts about whether or not your chosen field fits your unique set of preferences and aptitudes.
  • Number three: Enter Criminology Associations
    Interacting with professionals and colleagues from your field and others can secure additional learnings, insights, and connections that you can apply back to your desired position.

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