100+ Good Debate Topics You Can Choose From To Win An Argument

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Debates are a part of academic life which help students talk and communicate their views on a topic healthily. However, selecting a topic for debate remains a bone of contention for many.

If you are one of those students who find it difficult to choose a debate topic, read this article to get an idea of some of the popular debate issues. This article has a list of good debate topics that you can browse and select.

Best Debate Topics On Education

Here are some good debate topics on education and schooling:

  1. Should schools prioritize teaching critical thinking skills over memorization of facts and figures?
  2. Homeschooling vs. traditional schooling: Which is better? 
  3. Are standardized tests the primary measure of academic achievement of students?
  4. Should schools include martial arts in their curriculum?
  5. What are the pros and cons of using technology in the classroom? 
  6. Should schools require students to wear uniforms?
  7. Should schools have the authority to discipline students for their behavior outside of school?
  8. Is a college education worth the cost?
  9. Should schools be responsible for providing mental health services to students?
  10. Is the current curriculum in schools adequately preparing students for the workforce?
  11. Should the study of art, music, and literature be a required part of the curriculum?
  12. Should schools teach students financial literacy?
  13. Is it necessary for students to learn a second language in school?
  14. Should the school year be extended to provide students with more instructional time?
  15. Is it appropriate to permit students to possess mobile phones in class?
  16. Should vocational and technical training courses be increased by schools?
  17. Is it reasonable to permit high school students to choose their own courses?
  18. Should schools stress on outdoor activities and physical education for students?
  19. Should schools offer free breakfast and lunch to every student regardless of their financial status?
  20. Do you think private education is superior to public education?
  21. Is it the responsibility of schools to educate students about climate change and environmental sustainability?
  22. Are single-gender schools better for students?
  23. Does free higher education for students sound feasible?
  24. Should every type of religious symbol be abolished in schools?
  25. Should schools ban social media sites like Instagram, Meta, etc., on their premises?

Few Good Debate Topics On Ethics

  1. Is democracy the best form of governance?
  2. Animals in scientific experiments and research: Do you think it is ethical?
  3. Should euthanasia be legalized?
  4. Death penalty: Discuss whether it is morally acceptable. 
  5. Should recreational drug use be decriminalized?
  6. Is it ethical to genetically modify human embryos?
  7. Do you support restrictions on free speech? 
  8. The role of social media platforms in influencing masses.
  9. Should individuals have the right to choose their gender identity?
  10. Is it ethical to have a minimum age requirement for voting?
  11. Should individuals have the right to choose to end their own lives?
  12. Is it ethical for governments to use surveillance technologies to monitor citizens?
  13. Should affirmative action policies be implemented to promote diversity and equality?
  14. Is it ethical to have a wealth tax?
  15. Should governments regulate the production and distribution of meat products?
  16. Should businesses prioritize profits or social responsibility?
  17. Is it ethical to use the death penalty for individuals convicted of non-violent crimes?
  18. Should genetic testing be used to determine predispositions to certain diseases?
  19. Is it ethical for governments to restrict immigration?
  20. Should the use of fossil fuels be banned to combat climate change?
  21. Is it ethical to have a universal basic income?
  22. Should hate speech be protected under the freedom of speech?
  23. Is it ethical for individuals to own and use firearms for self-defense?
  24. Should organ donation be mandatory?
  25. Should people be required to take a driving test every year to renew their licenses?

Best Entertainment And Technology Debate Topics

  1. Has social media had a positive or negative impact on society?
  2. Should online platforms like YouTube and Twitch be regulated like traditional media outlets?
  3. Is the rise of streaming services leading to the death of traditional television?
  4. Is virtual reality the future of entertainment?
  5. Should video games be considered an art form?
  6. Do innovation and technology make people less connected to fellow individuals and surroundings?
  7. Should artificial intelligence be used to create music and art?
  8. Should celebrities and public figures be held accountable for their actions on social media?
  9. Is binge-watching harmful to our mental health?
  10. Should there be age restrictions on certain video games and movies?
  11. Is technology making us more productive or just more distracted?
  12. Should social media platforms be held responsible for moderating hate speech and misinformation?
  13. Is the use of facial recognition technology an invasion of privacy?
  14. Should there be limits on how much personal information companies can collect and use for advertising purposes?
  15. Is technology creating a divide between generations?
  16. Should the government regulate the use of artificial intelligence in entertainment?
  17. Should companies like Netflix and Amazon be required to produce a certain amount of original content?
  18. Should virtual influencers be regulated like human influencers?
  19. Should virtual reality be used as a tool for education?
  20. Is technology transforming the way we consume and create art?
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Excellent Funny Debate Topics

  1. Are cats or dogs the better pet?
  2. Is pineapple on pizza acceptable or a culinary crime?
  3. Is a hot dog a sandwich or its own unique category?
  4. Should adults be allowed to wear onesies in public?
  5. Is the toilet paper roll supposed to go over or under?
  6. Night owl or Morning person: Which is better? 
  7. Is it acceptable to wear socks with sandals?
  8. Is cereal a soup or a breakfast food?
  9. Should ketchup be considered a vegetable?
  10. Is it better to shower in the morning or at night?
  11. Is it appropriate to put milk in the bowl before or after cereal?
  12. Should toilet seat covers be required in public restrooms?
  13. Is it acceptable to eat ice cream for breakfast?
  14. Should emojis be considered a legitimate form of communication?
  15. Is it better to fold or crumple toilet paper?
  16. Is a hotdog a sandwich or its own unique category?
  17. Is it acceptable to wear pajamas in public?
  18. Is it appropriate to put pineapple on a burger?
  19. Should the toilet seat always be left up or down?
  20. Is it better to listen to music with or without lyrics while studying?


Overall, a good debate topic is an excellent way to sharpen your public speaking skills and also put forward your views on a specific subject. You can easily use the topics given in this article for your next debate.

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