Graduation 2023: Everyone Gets Through This Phase

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Welcome, folks! Today, we’ll talk about “D-Day” you’ve been waiting for years. With all the tears, rants, tons of deadlines to meet and pass, constant i-give-the-freak-ups, coffee for breakfast, lunch, midnight, and even midnight snacks, and all the call-a-friend moments. Yes! I am talking about your Graduation Day. To start this, let me quote one of the most recent personalities who graduated with her Doctorate.

But wait, do we really need to include the scary part? While it is indeed a good time for celebration, we cannot disregard the fact that it is also the right time to face what awaits you beyond your university’s gates. Truth is, it is not as magical as you imagine it would be. Let’s go down the lane and talk about stuff and things you need to consider after your Graduation Day.

Things In Taylor Swift’s Graduation Speech That Just Make Sense

11-time Grammy winner — who in 2016 stated that she wanted an honorary doctorate because good friend Ed Sheeran already had one — Taylor Swift, stepped up at the lectern at Yankee Stadium last May 18, 2022, to give her commencement speech to New York University’s class of 2022. To all who don’t have their pen and paper to jot down notes at that time and those who are having a hard time narrowing it down, we have made it shorter for you. 

We need to Learn to Catch and Release:  “One toxic relationship can outweigh so many wonderful, simple joys. You get to pick what your life has time and room for. Be discerning.

We are each a patchwork quilt: “We are each a patchwork quilt of those who have loved us,” Taylor said, “those who have believed in our futures, those who showed us empathy and kindness or told us the truth even when it wasn’t easy to hear. Those who told us we could do it when there was absolutely no proof of that.” 

Embracing the Cringe: “Cringe is unavoidable over a lifetime.” She then gave her own experience “For example, I had a phase where, for the entirety of 2012, I dressed like a 1950s housewife. But you know what? I was having fun. Trends and phases are fun. Looking back and laughing is fun.”

Mistakes Do not equal Failure:  “And I’m not gonna lie, these mistakes will cause you to lose things.” She reminded them: “I’m trying to tell you that losing things doesn’t just mean losing. A lot of the time, when we lose things, we gain things too.”

Breathe In, Breathe Through, Breathe Deep, Breathe Out: “We will recover. We will learn from it. We will grow more resilient because of it. As long as we are fortunate enough to be breathing, we will breathe in, breathe through, breathe deep, breathe out.

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5 Graduation Horror Stories That Will Tickle Your Funny Bone

Before the serious talk, let us share a laugh at these laughable mishaps that might be a terrifying memory for some unlucky graduates in the past.

  1. This one celebrated his graduation…too early.

“Boy next to me threw up during commencement. The vomit smelled like alcohol, and there were a few splatters on my shoes. He walked up and what looked to be his mom walked him out of the arena after he got his diploma.” – Andrew

  1. A round of applause for this Master Procrastinator.

“Best I got is that I almost failed. I was a couple of weeks behind on my final essay and if I didn’t turn it in I wouldn’t have graduated. Turned it in after parents got a letter(like literally the next day) and ended up on stage in like the 30th position or so.” -Turkin4tor

  1. Oh, this poor Queen.

“Our school colors were red and white, so the girls wore white graduation gowns and the boys wore red ones. But my uterus totally betrayed me, and my period started a few days before the ceremony. And despite wearing a tampon, a pad, AND a pair of shorts underneath my dress, I still leaked right onto MY WHITE GOWN!” -kccooper2017

  1. Nothing to see here, guys. Just a scene from Tom and Jerry.

“…I stepped off the stage and headed down the middle aisle confidently in front of everyone right as a massive gust of wind blew. My cap and tassel went flying in separate directions. I turned around, grabbed them off the ground, and laughed all the way back to my seat. I felt somewhat embarrassed, but knowing I was done with college helped the embarrassment tons.” — Kayla

  1. This is such a “Dad” moment.

“It was my high school graduation, and the auditorium was so quiet you could hear a pin drop, when all of a sudden, out of the silence, I heard, ‘HEY TIFFANY!’ I looked behind me to see my dad waving with a video camera.” -tiffanyalexandraw

Why Is Education Important?

Undergoing education means gaining more profound knowledge and understanding of various subjects you can use in your daily life. Learning through different channels like reading books, researching, watching documentaries, and educational series is now possible and accessible. So why is education important?

  1. It Provides Life Stability

Being well-educated plus well-mannered opens up your door to different career opportunities, increasing your chance of a stable life. 

  1. Equips you with the Right Manners you will soon need

Although teaching proper manners should start in the comfort of your home, it develops through your personal experiences outside and what you learn and is taught at school. Your teacher serves as your second mother or father that will correct or discipline you when needed. 

  1. Your knowledge will serve as your primary weapon in battling through life.

Your knowledge will be your most potent weapon throughout your school years. It might be tested from time to time, and all you need to do is prove those who belittle your capabilities wrong by actually achieving your goals. 

  1. It Provides Financial Security

A good education increases your chance of landing better jobs and opens many opportunities. 

  1. Creates a Safer, Better World

Education equips you with the knowledge you need to learn about the world. These experiences will trigger your ideas to make the world a better place for all. It teaches you what is right and what is wrong. Education is one of the significant contributors to making you a better citizen.

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Preparation For Career (Resume Making)

A resume is an introduction to who you are. It contains all of your past experiences and the skills you mastered or learned over the past few years. The main goal of a resume is to catch your recruiter’s attention. Although the format for a resume will still vary depending on what type of industry you’ll be applying for, it’s good to familiarize yourself with some specific industry examples. 

First, keep it short but professional. Your recruiter should be able to see and read the full content of your resume, and how do we make them do so? We can start by making it as short as a page or two but filled with basic and catchy information about you. Choose some resume writing service if you find it hard to write one.

Second, Conciseness. Your resume should be pleasing to the recruiter. This tip can save you time while making your resume and your employer’s time in reading it. Being concise is also an excellent way to highlight specific skills or experiences.

Third, mind your font size and font style. Keep in mind that you should maintain the clarity and readability of your resume. For this, you should pick a font style that is easy to read. We suggest “Arial” for the font style, especially when the font size would be as small as 10pt and the most considerable and most acceptable size is 11pt. 

Fourth, use Bold, Italic, and Underline if necessary. This tip also highlights critical information and helps scan your resume adequately by your recruiter.

And lastly, avoid including unnecessary information. Remember that lengthy resumes don’t always mean a good resume, and your recruiter knows that well.

Also, check out our blog for the complete guide on writing a great resume.

Fresh Graduates Of 2023: Career Industries To Look Out For

In the past,  the 2020s had always been predicted to be the era of metallic suits and flying cars. Realistically, we are a bit far from that. But not too far away, either.

Some of the in-demand and top-rising jobs to look out for in 2023 are in the industry of Information Technology, Robotics, and Engineering. Careers in Financial Management, Healthcare, and Business Industries are also at the top of the system.

Unpopular But Essential Interview Tips For 2023

Now that you have an idea of what career industries to look out for in your job hunt, let us proceed to tackle these unpopular interview tips that will make your interview session unforgettable.

  1. Research the Company and be their Customer

An excellent first impression to give your interviewer is by showing you did your research about their company. Even if you are not sincerely interested in them, still check the company’s reputation and online presence. You’ll get a glimpse of how they work and how they treat their employees.

Another thing is to be their customer, too. This sounds unconventional, but this is a checkmate move to ace your interview. Being a customer will also show you insights on how you can improve or innovate for the company in case you were asked about it in the interview or do get hired.

  1. Mind the Social Media Profiles

If you were given the golden opportunity to know your interviewer’s name before the interview, spend a significant amount of time checking out their social media profiles. This will eliminate the initial nervousness about talking to a total stranger. And, who knows? You might find out they are alumni of the same college as yours, or maybe you have a common friend!

Speaking of you, keep your social media profile professional. As much as possible, delete any negative, TMI, and polarizing posts about politics, religion, or gender equality.

  1. The STAR Method

STAR stands for Situation, Task, Action, Result

This is especially useful for questions about your past projects or assignments from your past jobs. This will emphasize your skills that can be valuable to your vying position. 

To use this method, give first a rundown of the Situation (what was your project about?). Second, clarify the Task you took on (what was your role?). Next, pinpoint the course of action you took to achieve your goal. Lastly, talk about the Result of you/your team’s hard work. 

  1. Observe Phone Call Etiquette

You cannot see your interviewer’s facial expressions and body language through a phone interview, so it is wise to learn how to decipher a person’s speaking tone and word choice. Be also mindful of your own voice and style. Study and practice basic phone call manners.

  1. Treat Video Interviews as Important as Face-to-Face

Even though there is a high chance of your interviewer not smelling you, please still groom yourself for a video interview. Wear an outfit as you would in a face-to-face interview, and choose an “office-like” space from your home as this will help your mood settle into a professional one rather than a lazy Thursday noon.

Graduation Day is a complex day. You are happy that you are free from pleasing your professors and the homework you hate. But, you are also now free from your student life memories you know you will never experience again.

But, let’s not end this with a tear. Your Graduation Day is only the celebration of your hardships and explorations that can be useful to your next adventure.

And if you ever need additional assistance in advancing your career and job search, you are always welcome to our content on our social media platforms and website.

Check out our blog on the best graduation speech ideas and examples you can find.

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