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Citing a webpage in APA (American Psychological Association) format may appear complicated at first, but it is really a simple process. Citing references is essential in academic writing because it allows users to identify and confirm the material you give while also giving acknowledgment to the writers who wrote the material you are utilizing. This article will take you through the process of how to cite a website in APA format.

How Can You Cite An Entire Website?

It is a seamless process to cite a full website in APA style. You do not require any citation. All you require to do is to put the URL in parentheses after including the website’s title in your write-up. As you have already included the link in your text in a similar location, you no longer require to curate a more extensive reference. Let’s check out the examples of how you can cite an entire website in an APA paper:

When celebs engage in something crazy, they frequently turn into popular subjects on Twitter.

However, the ease of use only applies when quoting a complete webpage from scratch. When referring to a specific webpage on a website, APA style demands additional details. You’ll need the following information:

  • Writer’s name
  • Website’s name
  • Publication date
  • Website’s URL

Similar to other APA citations, you begin with the author’s last name and add their initial letter, followed by a comma.

Then, in this order, provide the website’s release date: year, month, and day.

The website’s title appears in italics. The name of the website continues since it is the domain name of the server, not the web page you visited. Let’s have a look at the example:

If the site does not mention the author’s name, you might start with the name of the firm or publisher. However, there is some page that doesn’t include any publication name also. In such a scenario, you can use “n.d.” to showcase the date.

How To Cite Online Articles?

There are many different types of articles available on the internet, and the process to reference them varies based on where the content exists.

Online Articles from Magazines, Blogs, and Newspapers:

Articles published in digital editions of print periodicals (such as newspapers and magazines) are referenced similarly to their print counterparts but with an additional URL.

APA FormatLast name, Initials. (Year, Month Day). Article title. Publication Name. URL
APA Reference EntryMouly, F. (2023, May 05). Bruce McCall’s “Safe Travels.” The New Yorker.
APA In-Text Citation(Mouly, 2023)

Blog postings follow the same pattern. Simply enter your blog’s name where the magazine or newspaper’s title normally appears.

APA FormatLast name, Initials. (Year, Month Day). Article title. Blog Name. URL
APA Reference EntryAdams, A. (2023, Jan 23). Welcome to 2023, APA Stylers! APA Style Blog.
APA In-Text Citation(Adams, 2023)
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How To Cite Web Pages Without An Author?

Citing a webpage without an author, date, or page number might be complex. However, it is simpler than you would think! For instance, if the author’s name is not specified in the article, a user may use the company’s name in place of the author’s name. However,  writers can include the content’s title as the author where both are missing,.

Let’s check out the example:

APA FormatOrganization Name. (Year, Month Day). Page title. Site Name. URL
APA Reference EntryCheapestEssay. (n.d.). The Best Source Material On How to Cite a Website in MLA, APA & Chicago Formats With Examples.
App In-Text Citation(CheapestEssay n.d.)

How Can You Cite From Social Media?

It is well-known that social media posts do not come with titles. Hence, it is advisable to utilize the initial 20 words of your post. Use italics font to write it as a title. Apart from this, try adding any add-on information related to the post or any multimedia aspects.

APA format:

Last name, Initials. (Year, Month Day). First 20 words of post [Description of multimedia aspects] [Type of post]. Site Name. URL


Citing a website in APA format in academic writing is crucial. To guarantee precision and uniformity, it is vital to follow all the rules and regulations stated by the American Psychological Association. Thus, when citing a website in APA format, make sure to include the writer’s name, publication date, etc., per the guidelines.

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