How To Write An Effective Speech?

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Are you aiming to provide a good speech? Are you in search of ideas to write a good quality speech? 

Speech writing is quite a complex task. You have to consider several things before writing a speech. But, if you follow specific guidelines and tips from professionals, you can write an exceptional speech.

When writing a speech, you have to develop a proper plan and execute writing the speech. You have to pay attention to crucial details and write an appealing speech. Before writing one, you should also consider the occasion and who the audience is. 

The key to writing a good quality speech lies in ensuring its length, purpose, and audience. You can motivate, persuade, or entertain your audience through your speech, depending on its type. 

You may think that writing a speech is difficult. But it’s the other way around, the big idea here is to follow some tips and stick to a specific outline so that you can deliver a memorable and influential speech similar to that of a professional speechwriter.

If you want to know about speech writing and how to write it effectively, then it’s the right place.

What Does Speech Writing Mean?

Speech writing is conveying your message in front of a specific amount of audience through your words. It lets you share your thoughts on a particular topic and is similar to essays. 

But, compared to essays, it has a more attention-grabbing tone and is written keeping the audience in mind. Always start writing a speech keeping in mind that it should leave lingering thoughts in the audience’s mind. 

Let’s talk about different types of speech that you can write:

Types Of Speeches

There are different types of speeches that you can write based on occasions, events, and audiences. You have to be well prepared to communicate with your audience when delivering your speech. So, selecting the type of speech matters when writing a speech. The five main types of speeches include:

  • Informative Speech

Through an informative speech, you would aim to inform your audience about a specific topic. Here, you have to share information on a particular issue, place, person, or occasion by explaining it in your words. It helps you to provide knowledge and information to your audience and convey your message to them.

  • Persuasive Speech

You would aim to persuade your audiences to reinforce or change their thinking, beliefs, feelings, or values regarding a specific topic through persuasive speech. Persuasive speech topics may include some points that require convincing people.  

It is quite a challenging type of speech since convincing people can be difficult. Moreover, it would convey a message that they should think against what they believe. Thus, it’s the most challenging task to deliver a persuasive speech.

  • Entertaining Speech

The purpose of delivering an entertainment speech is to entertain the audience by providing them enjoyment and pleasure and making them laugh. It adds a lighter moment when delivering the speech, and you can make your audience laugh and enjoy the occasion or event.

  • Demonstrative Speech

Then comes the demonstrative speech, which describes how one needs to perform a particular action. It is guiding your audiences about how they should do something. You can use visuals to show your feelings and words to the audience. 

  • Special Occasion Speech

Such a speech takes place on a particular occasion. Here, you deliver the speech based on that occasion. It can be wedding speeches, graduation speeches, commencement speeches, or any other special occasion.

How To Write A Speech? (The format)

Speech writing is something that you should learn for future use, and it’s not tough either. But, the format of a speech is something that may confuse the one writing it.

A speech format is similar to an essay, so you would have no difficulties preparing a speech writing format if familiar with essay writing. But, if you are unfamiliar with essay writing, then no worries. Correctly formatting your speech is crucial, and below, we will discuss it, which ought to help you.

The basic format of any speech is:

  • The introduction: Here, you usually introduce yourself and the topic to the audience.
  • The body (central part): Here, you have to elaborate on the topic and present it to the audience.
  • The conclusion usually summarizes your whole speech and influences you, leaving a solid impression on your audience.

The above points are the basic format of writing a speech, and you have to ensure that each part gets written in collaboration with the other so that no part seems out of place. Take a look at the format in a detailed way below:

The Introduction:

An introduction is the beginning of your speech. You should start your speech in a way that interests your audience. A speech’s beginning also depends on what type of speech you are writing. It also emphasizes the reason behind your speech.

To begin with, you can focus on introducing yourself and then stating the purpose of the speech. Then you can start to convey the basic idea of your speech to the audience. Eventually, you can add some additional information on the topic smoothly.

Ensure to start your speech with a blast, i.e., write a compelling and good introduction that can encourage your audience to listen to the entire speech with interest. 

Add points and information to give a more extensive idea of your speech and make your audience eager. In short, to write a practical introduction, you can include:

  • A brief preview of the topic.
  • Focus on the sentence structure as well when writing the introduction.
  • A powerful and attention-grabbing statement to impress your audience.
  • Defining the outline of your topic about how and what points you will be covering.
  • Write your thesis statement in a precise and refined manner.
  • You can begin your speech by using a quote, fact, or joke. It will come off as a perfect start to your speech.

The Body:

The body is an essential part of speech writing. Here, you have to include all the details of your topic. You can elaborately depict your topic to make it understandable. 

You can systematically tell the pieces and arrange sub-paragraphs as well. Then the body of your speech will turn out to be perfect. 

Even though there are no rules to writing the body of your speech, you can still ensure specific points. Firstly, present your points systematically not to mix up information. Secondly, plan the body in chronological order according to the topic.

Ensure that you don’t confuse your audience by repeating points or mixing some points. Other things to consider while writing the body include:

  • Include the main idea of your topic, along with some supporting statements.
  • Provide examples and details if required.
  • Add advantages, disadvantages, effects, and solutions (if applicable).

The Conclusion:

You have to end the speech in a way that leaves a good impression on the audience’s mind. When writing a conclusion, you have to restate and summarize the main parts of your speech. The last part is significant since it will remain in the audience’s mind. 

You can wrap up your entire topic in the concluding part. Then you can add a call to action and a powerful closing statement to help the audience remember the main idea of your topic. 

Ensure that you don’t add a robotic or book-ish tone to your concluding paragraph. You can solve it if you read out your speech aloud to yourself. 

It will assist you in understanding if it sounds good or not. It will also come in handy to practice your speech. Some points to remember before writing a conclusion include:

  • Summarize all the essential points of your topic.
  • Add a call to action.
  • Provide a strong closing statement.
  • Be clear about what you are saying,

How To Develop An Effective Speech Outline?

Speech writing requires a proper plan, or you can call it a blueprint. You can write a speech like a professional if you create an outline for it. Hence, you can write an outline for a speech to ensure an effective speech as a result. 

It can assist you in structuring your speech correctly. It also helps the information fall into place perfectly. You can thus proceed with your speech effectively. Let’s get to how you can write a speech outline:

  1. Provide a specific purpose: The purpose of your speech matters a lot. You have to start with a purpose statement for your speech. You can start by saying, “The purpose of my speech is” or “To inform my audience.” It needs to be narrow yet informative so that it can effectively cover your topic.
  2. Give the main idea: You have to give the main idea of your speech to the audience. Hence, use a central statement to define what will be covered in the topic. You can state the leading opinion in the introductory part of your speech by saying what the topic would contain.
  3. Label the format of your speech: It’s crucial to label your speech’s introduction, body, and conclusion. It helps you to remember the parts of your speech and know what you will be speaking about. It also ensures that you deliver the correct point at the right time.
  4. Be consistent with the speech pattern: When preparing a draft for the speech, consistency is crucial to keep it organized. After all., listing out certain points in your speech randomly can create a mess. Thus, be consistent with what you write and pen it down in an orderly manner.
  5. State main points and sub-points: Merely adding labels won’t be sufficient when it comes to speeches. To make it better, you can add main points or sub-points in the form of entire sentences. It will help your audiences to understand better what you will be talking about. It will also assist you in knowing the vital points regarding the subject.
  6. Attach references: Adding references shows that you have done your research correctly. Hence, if you want, you can add some sources from where you have learned about your speech topic. It can include books, newspapers, magazines, etc., that you took help from while researching the speech’s topic. 

You can use this outline idea for any speech as it’s the perfect guideline for creating an outline of your speech. You can develop an informative, entertaining, or persuasive speech outline following the above points. 

Tips For Writing The Best Speech

Below, you can find some vital speech writing tips directly from professionals.

  • Make your speech conversational. Writing your speech similar to that of an essay won’t be a good idea. The audience members would be listening to you. 
  • Hence, a conversational tone rather than a plain tone would provide an interactive and impressive speech. You can also engage with the audience to make your speech more interesting.
  • Focus on the main point of your speech and don’t add additional main points since it can confuse your audience.
  • Start by doing a good research on your speech’s subject. It will assist you in getting knowledge of what you are talking about and increase the audience’s interest.
  • Tailor your speech as per your audience’s knowledge and interest.
  • Grab the audience’s attention at the beginning by asking a question, stating a surprising fact about your topic, or stating a cute quote.
  • Once your speech writing is over, practice it by reading it out. That way, you will get knowledge of some points of your speech that need alterations. You will also get knowledge about the points that need modifications and whatnot.


The confusion about how to write an effective speech can be stressful for you. However, you do need to worry. If you know how to plan the format and outline your speech, then you are halfway there. 

Once you research your topic and pen down your ideas, your masterpiece will be ready. You only have to focus on your main points and be confident. You can practice delivering the speech by reading it, and it will also help you know if the speech sounds good. 

You can also get help online to research your topic, and once done, this article can guide you on the proper way of speech writing. You can also see some tips which will be beneficial for you. You can prepare an adequate speech writing format and work as per the speech writing tips to write the best speech.

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