A Perfect Guide On How To Write A Good Persuasive Speech

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Don’t know the way to write a persuasive speech but suddenly got the task of delivering one? Do you have enough knowledge to write an excellent persuasive speech? Not an issue.

The first thing required for writing a persuasive speech and delivering the same is good public speaking skills. Without adequate public speaking skills, you won’t be able to present your views in the form of a persuasive speech in front of your audience. Moreover, you shouldn’t write it like an essay.

If you have adequate public speaking skills, then you can deliver a persuasive speech effortlessly. But, you should also know about writing a persuasive speech. When writing a persuasive speech, remember that it should be concise, clear, and argumentative. 

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It will help in passing on the statement that you want to communicate with the audience. You should convey your messages clearly and in an appealing manner.

You can write persuasive speeches on several topics or issues in which you have your own opinion and would like to share. You should aim to let the audience know a social issue or matter that you are trying to say through your persuasive speech. 

If you want to make your persuasive speech powerful, then you are on the right track. This article will assist you in how to write a persuasive speech, along with some tips. Let’s start with what’s a persuasive speech exactly. 

What is a Persuasive Speech? – Meaning, Definition, and Example

Meaning: Persuasive speech refers to a compelling and appealing or inspiring talk that you give in front of an audience to give out your views on a specific matter or issue and with what you praise and criticize. 

A persuasive speech comes with a simple structure where you have to state a thesis that can highlight your central text thesis and confirm what you want to convey. Moreover, through a persuasive speech, your work isn’t merely to inform, but you also focus on persuading people about the topic you have written the speech.

Definition: A persuasive speech is a type of speech in which the speaker has to deliver the speech keeping in mind that they have to convince the audience to accept the point of view they are trying to convey. The speech gets arranged to influence the audience to accept the concept or the expressed opinion. 

Example: We can take a sales pitch as an example of a persuasive speech. When a person delivers a persuasive speech, their motive is to persuade the audience to buy the subject product. Many people need extensive knowledge of the product and loads of persuasion to accept the person’s view of delivering the speech.

What’s The Purpose Of A Persuasive Speech?

You must be thinking about the purpose of a persuasive speech. Hence, we will discuss that as well. Let’s get to the reasons behind a persuasive speech.

  • Providing the audience with an idea and information about a specific issue.
  • Making the audience understand why your topic is crucial and how they can relate to it.
  • Make your audiences accept some intellectual thoughts, solutions, problems, and critiques. 
  • Getting feedback from the speech to understand what others think about a specific topic or issue to understand the world from a newer perspective. 

What Are The Three Types Of Persuasive Speeches?

Now that you know what a persuasive speech is and its purpose, you should also know its type before writing one. Learning about the type of persuasive speech you want to write before writing it can significantly impact your speech. 

Hence, if you’re going to write a good persuasive speech, ensure the type you will write and work. There are three types of persuasive speeches, which are:

Factual Persuasive Speech

It’s a speech that is usually based on whether the topic is true and contains concrete evidence. When writing such a speech, you have to persuade your audience as to whether something exists or not, whether it happened or not.  

Value Persuasive Speech

It’s a type of speech about something, whether it’s right or wrong. Such a speech questions the ethical or moral aspect of a specific issue. 

Policy Persuasive Speech

The third type of persuasive speech is a persuasive policy speech through which you have to convince your audience to either reject or support a policy, rule, or candidate. 

How Do You Structure (Format) A Persuasive Speech?

The most vital part of writing a persuasive speech is its outline. It means that you have to properly implement an effective persuasive speech format to make it perfect. 

Let’s start with how you can structure your persuasive speech, whether it’s for college, high school, or other important occasions. 

Opening Of The Speech:

The most important part of a persuasive speech is the opening of the speech. You have to consider it carefully while outlining your persuasive speech. 

In the opening sentence of your persuasive speech, you have to add something attention-grabbing so that you can gain the full attention of your audience. 

It can be the statistics of the fact that you are presenting in your persuasive speech. You can also start with storytelling, where you can start by telling the facts as a story that your audience can visualize easily.

State Your Argument: 

When presenting your views to the audience in a persuasive speech, you have to ensure that you can cover your entire viewpoint within a specific time so that it doesn’t get too dull. While outlining your persuasive speech, you can pick 2-4 themes you will cover during the speech.

Prepare For Counter-Arguments:

When you are writing a persuasive speech, ensure that you are preparing for any counterarguments. Suppose you can address any counter-arguments that may arise when you are delivering a persuasive speech. 

In that case, you will strengthen your persuasive speech since you will answer your audience’s objections and become more knowledgeable to the readers.

The Closing Part Of Your Speech: 

The last part of your persuasive speech format would be the closing line. In this line, you have to convince your audience about what you are saying, and it’s the last part where you will be convincing. 

You should prepare it to be memorable to the audience and leave a lasting impression on you.

Hence, remember to add the following things to your persuasive speech outline to make it a good and convincing speech:

  • Add a specific purpose for persuading your client.
  • Give out a central idea regarding your topic or the issue that you are discussing.
  • Introduce the topic effectively and go on with your main points to convince your audience.
  • End the persuasive speech with a call to action.

Steps For Writing A Good Persuasive Speech

Writing a persuasive speech that is good and convincing will be feasible if you prepare a proper plan. Following a good outline will show you the best result in writing a persuasive speech. 

Apart from following the persuasive speech structure like outlines and formats, you also have to follow some effective steps, which are as follows:

Learn More About Your Topic

The most crucial thing about creating an excellent persuasive speech is gaining knowledge of the topic or issue you cover. Since a persuasive speech is to convince your audience, there will be questions coming your way. 

Hence, you have to be notified about the topic to explain your concept to the audience better. You can look for the topic’s information, prepare notes and get access to all the available information before you are ready to write the speech. 

Find Reliable And Credible Sources

When you are writing a persuasive speech, remember that you have to pick out suitable sources. You would find loads of information from any sources; however, there’s no way of knowing whether they are reliable or not. 

You should ensure that you use relevant sources such as journals, official documents, certified sources, etc. It will increase the value of your persuasive speech.

Have A Strong Start

After you have found good sources, you can start writing a persuasive speech. Ensure that you are beginning your speech with a blast. It should have a compelling introduction with an attention-grabbing quote, fact, or statistics. 

You can start with anything relevant to the topic as long as it’s worth attracting the audience to know more about your topic. 

Prove Your Points

Through your persuasive speech, you will be trying to persuade and convince the audience. Hence adding whatever you feel is correct won’t be a good idea. In such cases, you have to prove your points with logical evidence. 

Therefore, ensure that whatever topic you discuss, add details to it so that the audience can understand your concept better.

Get Knowledge Of Your Purpose

When you are preparing a persuasive speech, ask yourself why you are doing it. What’s your purpose behind the persuasive speech? The audience should understand what you are trying to convey from the beginning of your speech. 

So, it’s essential to add a purpose when drafting your persuasive speech. It will keep the audience interested in your words.

End The Speech With A Call To Action:

In any persuasive speech, adding a call to action is a must. You have to conclude your speech with something that can keep the audience thinking about your speech. 

You would want your audience to make a move after listening to your speech. It should persuade you to think or do what you want to. Hence, stop your speech on a compelling line. 

You can summarise your main points with some logical evidence that you have provided and restate your purpose statement.

Tips For Writing A Good Persuasive Speech

One best ways to write a good persuasive speech is to read the persuasive speeches of some significant figures. However, if you want to know some of the quick persuasive speech tips to improve your persuasive speech, which includes:

Write The Way You Talk

  1. Remember that you will be reading that persuasive speech that you are writing.
  2. Hence, write it while keeping in mind that you will be saying it, which means writing as you talk.
  3. Write short sentences, and they should be easy to understand so that your audience can understand your points quickly.
  4. Don’t just use fancy words.

First, understand your audience, and then write the way you talk.

Tell A Story

You have to tell your persuasive speech in the form of a story so that the audience can get excited and pay more attention to your speech. 

You can start with a slow warm-up and then slowly move to a substantive middle and an inspirational ending to be beneficial in persuading the audience. 

Add Conciseness

Saying loads of words is easier than faying a few but compelling words. It’s because concise speeches can be more exciting and attractive than long speeches. 

You might have noticed people falling asleep if the speech continues for hours. Hence, try to be concise and on point. 

Don’t Just Write – Say It

When you have to speak a speech, don’t just write it. You have to say it and mean what you say. Thus, write it from your heart and don’t write it for the very purpose of writing. 


When you are preparing a persuasive speech, ensure that you create a proper setup for its outline along with reliable sources. It should look professional whether the speech is for high school, college, or a university assignment.

Hence, you can follow the outline or format of a persuasive speech which helps you organize your persuasive speech effectively. The tips mentioned above will also be beneficial for you to get an idea of how to write a compelling, persuasive speech. You can follow those ideas along with the outlining methods in your speech.

Now that you know the steps and structure for writing a persuasive speech, it will be easier to write one. Thus, while delivering a speech, give a brief introduction of yourself and get into your written speech. Or if you find it difficult, then persuade a professional speech writing service for your grievances and get your speech delivered.

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