What Is A Precis? How To Write A Precis? Best Guides and Examples

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Before you even start writing your precis, make sure you have a thorough understanding of the material. This means completely reading through the article and taking notes if helpful for comprehension. It also helps to break down different parts of the text, like its structure, main ideas or arguments, and any evidence cited that supports those points. After getting all this information together, it’s essential to decide on which bits are most important—the key points in other words—to be included in your precis so that readers get an accurate summary without too much detail. 

What Is A Precis? What Is The Purpose Of A Precis?

A precis follows a structure to ensure that the main points of an original text source are covered. It should include the author’s name, the title or subject of the text, and a summary paragraph introducing its main ideas. 

Finally, a good precis should be able to stand on its own without relying upon lengthy explanations from another source. It must capture all of the essential ideas without going into too much detail. The goal is for readers to quickly grasp core concepts without having to spend excessive time reading through extraneous content and documents.

When you’re writing your first draft, make sure to stay true to the tone and language of the original work as much as possible—remember that this is not simply a paraphrased retelling. There are various techniques for precising, each with its own unique benefits and considerations. For example, writers might utilize graphic organizers such as mind maps or storyboards in order to organize their thoughts and break down complicated material into more easily digestible chunks.

For readers, precis can be a valuable tool for deciding whether or not to read a particular piece; if the precis provides enough information and interest, the reader may be motivated to track down and read the original work.

There are no hard-and-fast rules for writing a precis, but some general guidelines can be useful. Make sure you identify the main topic, purpose, and arguments of the original piece. Read it through at least once and then carefully analyze each part of the content using questions such as “What is the author’s point?” or “What evidence does he provide to support his argument?” 

Start by reading the work you want to summarize carefully, taking notes on the main points. Next, determine what information is most important for conveying the overall argument or purpose of the work. Finally, write your precis, ensuring it is clear and free of errors.

A precis should give the reader a clear understanding of the original piece without including too much detail. When it comes to precis writing, attention to detail is paramount. Every sentence should be structured in a manner that clearly conveys the subject matter without leaving anything out. To ensure accuracy, it’s important to include all of the relevant facts and figures from the original article or text so readers can gain a comprehensive understanding of what you’re discussing.

What Is The Format For A Precis?

The format for a precis is typically a shortened, condensed version of the original text. It should include the original work’s main points and key ideas, while omitting any superfluous or non-essential information. Although a precis should be concise, brevity doesn’t necessarily mean the elimination of important information. 

The primary goal is to convey all relevant ideas while avoiding superfluous detail and unnecessary elaboration. It’s important to keep in mind that a precis isn’t simply an abridged version of the original text; it must still have structure and coherence as if it were a complete essay.

What Style Of Writing Should You Follow?

Try to summarize the main idea of the piece and omit any minor points. You should also be sure to include facts from the text that help support your summary. And make sure you provide an overall impression or assessment of what you read, as well as reflect on why it is important. When writing a precis, it is important to remember to maintain an objective tone and avoid using personal opinions or analysis whenever possible. It should give the reader a clear understanding of the main points of the original text without going into too much detail. Second, it should be written in your own words as much as possible. Quoting from the original text sparingly and only when necessary. Finally, proofread your precis carefully before publishing it to catch any errors or typos.

How To Write A Precis? Short And Crisp Explanation

A precis is an extremely concise summary of a text. It should be written in your own words and should not exceed one third the length of the original text.

Underline or highlight important points as you go. Then, write a brief outline of the main ideas and arguments in the text. Finally, summarize these ideas in your own words.

Keep your precis short and to the point. Use simple, concise language. And make sure your precis accurately represents the original text.

If you prefer to learn by example, the internet provides numerous resources where you can get precis examples. Examine different articles and analyze how they are written and see if they fit the style requirements of a precis.

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What Is The Precis Template? With example

A precis should also include a brief account of the writer’s opinion on the matter, if any was expressed. In most cases, it is not necessary to go into great detail – just enough information to paint a picture of what is being discussed in the text. A good precis should be clear and concise, without adding new information or opinions. 

The Precis template is a tool that can be used to summarize a text quickly. It includes space for the text’s title, the author’s name, the main ideas of the text, and the author’s argument or purpose. There is also space to add your thoughts or reactions to the text.


Title: The Great Gatsby

Author: F. Scott Fitzgerald

Main Ideas: The novel explores themes of wealth, class, and obsession in Jazz Age America. It follows the story of Jay Gatsby, a wealthy man who obsesses over Daisy Buchanan.

Author’s Argument/Purpose: Fitzgerald uses Gatsby’s story to illustrate how chasing the American Dream can become twisted and corrupted.

Thoughts/Reactions: This novel is a timeless classic that captures the complexity of human ambition and desire.

How To Cite A Precis?

When you write a precis, you condense the text’s main points into a shorter form. This can be useful when you need to provide an overview of a text for an assignment or when you want to share the main ideas with someone who doesn’t have time to read the whole thing. 

Next, narrow down the main points, eliminating any unnecessary details and summarizing them into short sentences. Then, write a concise summary of the text in your own words. Be sure to include the author’s name and the work’s title in your precis. Finally, proofread your precis for any errors and make sure it accurately reflects the original text.

Tips For Writing A Precis

Good writing is also important when creating a precis. 

  • Using proper grammar, punctuation, and formatting can make your summary much easier to read for both yourself and others. 
  • Additionally, using transition words such as “furthermore” or “however” can help keep things coherent. 
  • Also consider adding your own opinion on certain points expressed in the text. 

If you include quotes from the original text, be sure to cite them correctly. With these tips in mind, writing high-quality precis should come easily and quickly!

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