Women’s Day Special: We Got That Girl Power!

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International Women’s Day is celebrated worldwide in honor of women’s accomplishments in the social, economic, cultural, and political spheres and raises awareness of the ongoing fight for gender equality and women’s rights. 

Women are amazing, period. From their strength and resilience to their intelligence and creativity, women have always been a force to be reckoned with. They have shattered glass ceilings, fought for their rights, and made significant contributions to society in every field imaginable.

Whether it’s in business, politics, arts, sports, or science, women have proven time and time again that they can excel in any domain they choose. They are mothers, daughters, sisters, friends, and leaders, and their impact on the world is immeasurable

So, let’s celebrate the amazing women in our lives and the incredible things they do every day!

Why I Am Proud To Be A Woman

As a woman, we have a fair share of good ideas and power moves too! But that’s not the only reason we are proud to be one.

  1. We are intuitive!

Reading one’s emotions and present feelings is as easy as reading a book. Although the origin of this ability is unclear, it is proven by science that women have this particular skill of knowing one’s emotions at a glance. 

In a recent study by the University of Cambridge, 90,000 people were shown a set of different photographs of people’s eyes and were asked the same question: “Say what the person’s mood was.” The result? Women aced this one. 

  1. We are more than just pretty faces:

Aside from being the largest consumer of skincare products, women are known to be innovative and know their way through almost everything! Did you know that two of the highest IQ ever recorded belong to women? So, the next time you hear them say you’re just a pretty face, tell them about this fun fact. 

  1. We are sensitive—but that’s okay!

While others see our sensitivity negatively, let me tell you that it is also our strength. Although it brings an overwhelming surge of emotions, sensitivity teaches us to be more empathetic, compassionate, thoughtful, observant, loyal, and creative. And hey! It also helps us build ourselves more robust and wiser, so sensitivity is okay.

  1. We are excellent communicators.

One thing most of us share: WE ARE EXPRESSIVE! A literal representation of the statement: “Loud and proud!”. This makes us excellent at conversing with others in business or everyday life. 

  1. Study shows that we live longer!

Research shows that women live 2-5 years longer than men. It’s not because we stress men more than they fear us but because of our body’s biological differences. Our body which produces estrogen, helps us combat life-threatening diseases such as heart disease by reducing the circulation of harmful cholesterol. 

  1. We always make sure to leave an impression.

Women as we are, we always leave an imprint wherever we go—even without trying. Be it in social gatherings, business meetings, reunions, or everyday life. Whether it’s because of a lovely dress or make-up, a signature smile we give, or the kindness we show, we will undoubtedly leave a remarkable and lasting impression.

  1. We are empathetic.

We relate to anyone, even to our furry friends! We easily link and empathize with others despite cultural, traditions, ethnicity, religious belief, or race differences. Since we are emotional and sentimental, we quickly understand things, events, or happenings. 

  1. We are fearless!

Throughout history, we have been known to be risk-takers. We stand up for what is right and fight for our role in the community. We are known to lead with courage and empathy and are known to finish what we started. When respect is no longer being served, we know our way out and never look back. 

  1. We carry and bring life to the world.

Being a mom is the most demanding and fulfilling job in the world. The number of sacrifices and adjustments we make are beyond measure to make sure our precious ones are safe and loved. Our duty as a mom doesn’t stop after nine months. It’s just the start of it all. 

  1. We are all beautiful!

 Do not let anyone tell you otherwise! We are beautiful no matter what. We are all gorgeous in all sizes, shapes, marks, and scars! Beauty lies beyond our appearance and past our mistakes. No matter how cheesy this might sound, Beauty resides in our hearts and radiates through our personalities. 

Women Are Human

The world is changing, and we are adapting to those changes. We are slowly letting the traditional way of how society views us go, and it is something that has yet to be widely accepted. With this, I hope you know that these things mentioned are okay for us, and these does not define nor lessen our capabilities as humans and as a woman.

  1. Not to be married or Divorced.

We learned throughout the years that love is not for all. We cannot push something when it’s crushing us; this goes the same with we cannot stay in a relationship when it’s physically and emotionally abusing us. Our love for ourselves is one of the many things that should always remain.

  1. Not Wanting A Child

For ages, women are constantly seen as someone who must continue the family’s lineage. Someone whose responsibility includes conceiving a possible heir for the throne. In many accounts written from history, women who failed to do their “duties” are either beheaded or locked away in prison. 

Being a mom is a lifelong responsibility, and it’s okay not wanting one rather than be less than a “mom” when you have one. Whatever your reasons, always remember that not having or wanting a child will not make you less of a woman.

  1. Be Leaders and Business Owners

Even today, we need help to set foot in the fields that require leadership. The reason? We are women. From generation to generation, we are viewed as obedient and submissive individuals—always kneeling, always a follower. However, many of the women from our history proved that we could be excellent leaders too. We can make an empire flourish, we can defend our borders, we can be a good ally, and we can build our kingdom.

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To end this, we would like to dedicate this article to the strong ladies out there. We want you to know that no border, continent, religion, ethnicity, race, or tradition separates us as women of this world. We are defined not by what we are asked to do but by what we do. Happy International Women’s Day, my pretty, brave, and confident ladies!

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