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Example Of Argumentative Essay

When gathering evidence to support your point, you should look for sources from experts in the field that give facts and statistics as well as theories. When you do research, it’s important to take notes and include references so that you can later go back and double-check what you’ve included in your paper. You should also use reliable sources and present counter arguments, or opposing views, citing why they are incorrect.

A strong conclusion reiterates the main points of your thesis without being repetitive or simply summarizing them again. Finally, following an outline will help keep track of where each part of the essay goes and ensure that all major points are addressed properly. Outlining helps ensure logical progression from beginning to middle to end — something essential for any good argumentative essay!

When writing an argumentative essay, it is important to remember that your goal is to present a strong argument and support it with evidence.

Make sure that each piece of evidence helps back up your claim, rather than detracting from or conflicting with other points made in previous paragraphs. It’s also essential to consider not only whether evidence backs up your argument but also how credible the source material is.

Generally speaking, sources considered more reliable (such as academic journals) carry more weight than those which are less trusted (like online message boards). Finally, be sure to counter opposing arguments without ignoring them or failing to give due credit—every point deserves its own rebuttal!

Good argumentative essays also anticipate counterarguments, which can be just as powerful when done right. This requires a comprehensive understanding of the issue being discussed and a healthy respect for different points of view and perspectives. 

All good arguments take into account opposing opinions and explore both sides fairly without bias — this is a much better strategy than simply stating your opinion loudly and expecting everyone else to agree with it. In addition, an effective argumentative essay should have clear structure that follows logically from beginning to end. They examine both sides of the argument and look for compromises or solutions that could benefit everyone involved.

To write an effective argumentative essay, one must gather solid evidence from reliable sources relevant to the topic being discussed. This means doing research both online and off to get a wide range of perspectives and opinions about the subject matter at hand.

The writer should not simply take one side over another without exploring why other people may have different points of view about it as well. Once this type of research is done, an outline can then be created which will allow for easy organization when writing out your arguments within the body of your essay.

For example, you can include books about Charleston’s culture, newspaper articles about the area, interviews with tourists who visited Charleston with their family and surveys of families who took a vacation there. This will help make your essay more convincing by showing that it’s based on facts from multiple sources — not just one single opinion or story.

Research is key when writing an argumentative paper; if you don’t have enough evidence to back up your statements, then they won’t be very persuasive. With research and evidence however, you can create a powerful and persuasive piece of work that stands out among other essays in the same field!

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