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Legalization of marijuana essay

There are many benefits to legalizing marijuana. It is a renewable resource that can lead to economic growth. We will discuss the same in this why marijuanas should be legal essay.

The use and sale of marijuana can provide an influx of revenue to the state while simultaneously reducing costs associated with preventing illegal drug activity. Additionally, taxing legal marijuana would provide additional income to fund public services.

Furthermore, regulating the production and distribution of cannabis could help keep away dangerous substances like fentanyl from getting into circulation on our streets. Regulating cannabis will also ensure safe access for those who need medical cannabis or therapeutic purposes. Marijuana has been proven to have medical benefits as per various legalization of marijuanas essay, such as treating chronic pain and inflammation without addiction risk compared to opioid products.

This can be especially beneficial for veterans who have PTSD. Trauma-induced pain relief options available for these individuals are limited due to the restrictive nature of current federal laws about cannabis regulation.

When considering all these facts providing evidence supporting legalization, I believe we should look past any stigma surrounding legal marijuana use and focus on how this product could benefit us more than harm us in terms of health, safety, and financial gain.

It also wouldn’t be tough for people to understand the risks associated with the regular use of marijuana, such as cognitive decline or impaired motor skills. With all this being said, medical marijuana has been a blessing for countless lives by offering relief where no other medications have seemed to help.

Marijuana contains over five hundred components that can affect the human body. These can include developmental disorders and even respiratory issues when smoked often or in high doses.

With all these potential risks, why do people continue to romanticize pot? The answer may be found in many popular movies and television shows where characters are frequently seen smoking marijuana with no negative consequences and seemingly having great fun while doing so!

Another thing to point out is the psychological effects of marijuana on the brain. A lot of research has been done to show that marijuana can hurt your mental health, like depression and anxiety.

Scientists believe it may even increase the risk of developing schizophrenia in some way unknown yet. It’s important to remember that marijuana does not affect everyone negatively. Some people suffer from long-term psychiatric issues due to using this drug in an irresponsible manner or with too much frequency.

The primary reason marijuana is so safe is that it does not contain any fatal doses of anything; the most common cannabinoid in marijuana – THC, doesn’t kill you. Lastly, your body can process a finite amount of THC at once.

While there still hasn’t been definitive research conducted on whether or not long-term use poses potential health risks, preliminarily, studies suggest that when taken responsibly by an adult, few worries exist about its use as a recreational substance.

We have all heard that marijuana has been used for various medical conditions, such as nausea and epilepsy. The healing properties it provides would save many lives currently suffering from these afflictions with nothing to counteract them.

Marijuana can also treat depression and anxiety, providing a mood-elevating option for those looking to alleviate the symptoms without pharmaceuticals. Legalizing marijuana could relieve multiple individuals suffering from serious illnesses and open up new avenues of treatment globally.

Also, legalizing marijuana will help the government’s economy. Millions of people smoke marijuana, and many more would if it were legal. Marijuana-related taxes, like those for alcohol or cigarettes, can bring a great deal of money to be utilized by the government in all areas.

These extra funds from sales and taxes would allow the government to fix various issues plaguing society, such as homelessness and education systems. In addition, these extra funds could also be dedicated to harm reduction initiatives which may open doors for better treatments for addiction-related topics that come with drug use and abuse.

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