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Assisted suicide paper samples

The right to assisted suicide is not just a moral or ethical decision, it also requires practical care for terminally ill people. These people are suffering and seeing no end in sight to their pain or disability. 

The doctors have done all that they can do, and the patient has decided that nothing more can be done without causing them further harm than what they are already going through. This makes assisted suicide a logical choice for those individuals who decide that this is an option best suited for them personally and medically. 

We must recognize the fact that death is inevitable, so why should we deny someone from making a personal decision about how to manage their own end-of-life experience? Those individuals should be granted this freedom because it may grant them with some peace of mind before departing.

In addition to morality and religious reasons, some view assisted suicide as a way of gaining control over one’s death. They think that the right to die will bring more dignified end of life with fewer medical bills to pay. This aspect is often seen in elderly people who prefer an assisted suicide rather than prolonged medical care or expensive treatments that could keep them alive for slightly longer amount of time but also increase their suffering at the same time. 

Others oppose this idea arguing that allowing an individual such power undermines society’s respect for human life and threatens against its core value like sanctity of life. 

Thus, it would be wrong to go ahead with assisted suicides even if the person in question wants it because when we legalize something like this there is always potential for misusing this kind of power by people who take advantage from a vulnerable patient which can be morally contradictory towards our moral principles and beliefs about preservation of human life . 

To sum up, most people are still divided on whether or not assisted suicide should be legalised due to ethical considerations in both sides arguments; but there is no denying that this debate has been ongoing for decades and may continue indefinitely until a consensus is reached between all involved parties and stakeholders.

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