Dress Codes Essay

Is it a good idea for universities to implement a dress code? Know the advantages of having a dress code throughout this short essay.

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Dress Code Essay Thesis

Dress code laws were established in 1969 and implemented throughout schools and universities. The idea of dress code came from European royalties and nobilities to make themselves different from other people. 

Nowadays, the dress code is used not only by universities but also at different workplaces. Dress codes convey two essential things at workplaces: professionalism and credibility. 

The dress code also eliminates attires that can distract you from reaching your goal. It promotes a comfortable and cooperative environment and builds constant equality among all the students. The study says that students perform better when wearing their assigned dress code. 

In conclusion, far from being inappropriate, dress codes are helpful and essential as they play a vital role for students and professional people.

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