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Argumentative essays on Black Lives Matter Movement

Minority groups often experience more prejudice and discrimination than their majority counterparts due to lack of understanding or historical biases in certain societies.

Without these fundamental liberties, citizens would be unable to exercise their right to self-expression, vote in elections, and fight for equal representation.

By ensuring that all citizens have access to basic civil liberties does not only shape an idealistic worldview but it is also necessary for democracy. This is particularly pertinent given the unequal distributions of power among various race and ethnic groups in society.

Progressive social reform calls on all people regardless of their background or status to embrace diversity without any discrimination; this includes fostering understanding between races so that each person can equally contribute towards a just and tolerant nation through open dialogue rather than one-sided views leading only towards bigotry or hate speech.

Police misconduct by excessive force continues to be a huge issue in black and minority communities, particularly when coupled with systemic racism. Many believe this disproportionate racial profiling stems from the historic mistreatment of African Americans and other disenfranchised groups during law enforcement’s earliest days.

This also reflects a pattern of biases embedded deep within the criminal justice system itself—institutional racism, which involves unequal treatment, practices, and policies among people based on their race or ethnicity.

The problem of racial inequality and the constant discrimination that black people face led to a realization among many, not just members of the African American community, but people of all walks of life.

The world is learning that black lives should matter just as much as any other person’s life or color. Change must occur to create an equal society where colors are no longer a disadvantage. Racial injustice must be put to an end– silence is no longer acceptable.

People will come together in support for true equality if they want to overcome this fight against racism together—for justice and change would finally have one voice proclaiming loud and clear: BLACK LIVES MATTER!

This shooting led to mass protests and demonstrations in the city of Ferguson where thousands of people, mainly African Americans, came out to protest. However, despite claims by some protesters that they were peaceful demonstrators advocating for justice from their government and police leadership, other groups managed to replicate what happened in November 2012 when protests turned violent (Garza, 2014).

The impact on the black community was far-reaching; the negative publicity prompted a Federal Investigation into Police Practices. This investigation caused police reform all across America leading to improved treatment of African Americans by police officers.

The Black Lives Matter movement also serves as a platform to engage in dialogues in order to create solutions that would prevent unnecessary deaths within the black communities (Roopalis, 2019).

Moreover, it provides space for blacks where they can share stories that represent an accurate representation of their experiences. Through discussion forums such as these, BLM have begun the process of bringing awareness so people are aware of what actually happens when the lives of African American citizens are taken away due to racial profiling or bias by law enforcement.

In conclusion, it is important to recognize that the crimes and brutality that police officers have committed against Black people should be addressed. This can involve reviewing training standards and disciplining those who engage in such behavior.

The movement has presented an opportunity for people of color to voice their grievances and call for changes in how law enforcement agencies handle crime-related matters involving minorities.

There needs to be more accountability for those who participate or carry out policing activities which use excessive force when dealing with citizens within the communities. It is essential that sweeping reforms are implemented which ensure that justice is served regardless of race, gender or economic background.

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