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Capital Punishment Examples

The method of punishment also differs from country to country, with some hanging the suspects until death and others shooting them or injecting them with lethal chemicals. Various methods of punishment are used in different countries, and we will discuss them in this topic.

There are many records from ancient civilizations and primitive tribes that indicate the death penalty was part of their justice system. Prisons were made to house people who have been guilty of wrongdoing and to harm society.

In prison, criminals are given a chance to reform and change. This is especially useful for people who have committed minor crimes like theft or robbery.

To begin with, let’s talk about the capital punishments that were used in the past. They used to torture and punish the body of the perpetrator to the extent that he/she died from the pain and fear of torture before capital punishment became the death penalty. In addition, modern methods are easier and more painless than traditional ones.

  •       Criminals are often electrocuted by tying them to chairs and passing a high voltage current through their bodies. This can kill them easily, as well as cause organ failure (especially the heart).
  •       As the criminal is injected with toxin injections into his body, this method gives him a slow and painless death, requiring several hours for him to die.
  •       This method is generally used by Arab and Gulf countries where they determine a person’s death sentence based on their crime. Additionally, in this method, the head is simply removed from the body.
  •       The most painful method of execution is stoning, where the criminal is beaten until death.
  •       In this method, the criminal is either shot in the head or in the chest.
  •       In this method, the culprit is simply hung until he or she dies.

Many countries still practice capital punishment despite the Human Rights Commission strongly opposing it. As a result of capital punishment, people have an idea of what the law is capable of doing, and the criminal cannot escape the punishment.

A person who thinks about committing a crime will think twice about it. Additionally, a criminal who is in prison cannot harm anyone outside of prison. A disadvantage of this approach is that we do not give people a second chance to change. Moreover, many criminals escape trials and the innocent soul of the prosecution is falsely accused of guilt. Furthermore, many punishments are painful and ruin the criminal’s body.

It becomes more complex when grievous crimes such as rape, murder, mass murder, etc., are involved. In that case, the grimness of the crime is the deciding factor, which determines whether a person should be executed.

As a conclusion, it can be said that capital punishment is the harsh reality of our world. It decreases the crime rate, but also violates a number of human rights.

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