Discrimination Essay

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Equality And Discrimination Essay

Equality and discrimination is an important topic because it affects everyone. Equality means everyone is equal regardless of gender, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, or other characteristics. Conversely, discrimination happens when someone is treated differently due to these characteristics. This discrimination essay will focus more on racism, power, and discrimination.

Most sources of racism and discrimination come from fear of the unfamiliar, lack of knowledge, and the need to demonstrate power. The current forms of segregation stem from when European settlers intruded and altered newly independent societies and ethnicities.

Equality and Discrimination Essay

The most extreme forms of biased behavior include slavery, mass killing, and regulations that discriminate against immigrants. Other, less extreme forms of favoritism and segregation that are unavoidably pervasive and burdensome involve social exclusion at institutional levels (in educational institutions and medical centers) and subtler patterns propagated by the media.

Some communities appear to suffer from more extreme forms of discrimination, regardless of the era or location, such as those experienced by Jews (i.e., anti-Semitism) and the Roma (also known as Gypsies). Discrimination and prejudice can become established when there is no communication, listening to one another, or accepting that it is all right to be different.

Prejudice is rooted in a lack of knowledge and trepidation. It is motivated by the unfamiliar and is quickly transformed by apprehension. None of us enjoy not being aware of something, which can often result in us feeling disquieted, tense, or uneasy.

Prejudice and discrimination are not the results of external factors. Negative emotions are generated by how we view a situation and the internal dialogue that we use to talk to ourselves, often referred to as self-talk, thoughts, or convictions.

Allowing ourselves to be irritated, uneasy, or enraged because we are unaware of something or misunderstand something about someone else creates a mentality that promotes division or bias. Prejudice can also be attributed to the influence of the media and innovative advancements in technology on modern culture.

Generally speaking, individuals are apprehensive of anything unfamiliar to them. Prejudice is an aversion to another individual created by having a biased opinion formed without any proof or experience. This opinion is based on the generalizations of others due to their affiliation with a specific group. Occasionally, people’s beliefs about members of a different group become so distorted and misunderstood that they become almost comical.

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