Environmental Issues Essay

This short essay engages with the different environmental issues we face today. Learn how these issues affect us and our lifestyles.

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Environmental Issues Essay Example

Environmental issues are the effect of human activities. It refers to the deterioration of the environment when the resources are immensely depleted. In return, it causes minimal to massive impacts on our environment, such as air and water pollution, extinction of wildlife, destruction of natural habitats, and development of infectious diseases. 

One known environmental issue we are facing right now is Climate Change. Back in April 2022, Scientists all around the globe called for action towards the rapid progress of climate change. These Scientists, together with some researchers, warned us that the time to reach the world’s climate growth is swiftly approaching. 

With this, It is safe to say that we must follow what the experts tell us. Our world is slowly dying and crying for help for a long time. It’s time to give it proper care.

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