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Essay On Global Warming

Global warming is occurring, and humans are responsible for it, as the data clearly shows.

Global temperatures are rising, sea levels are rising, record-breaking heatwaves and storms are occurring, food sources are depleting, and habitats (including ours) are being destroyed as a result of anthropogenic greenhouse gas emissions.

Skeptics have challenged scientific arguments supporting global warming because of the complexity of global warming, which is a key factor of climate change.

Since science is not a set of facts, it is a study (Mesarovic S260), scientists cannot challenge these critics in a clear manner. These critics rely on their own beliefs, experiences, and ignorance. Researchers are unable to answer this question because they do not have all the information. We present causes, effects, and evidence of global warming in this paper.

In addition to human-caused (anthropogenic) factors, natural factors also influence global warming. There are two major components to this warming. In addition to greenhouse gas emissions, anthropogenic sources, such as coal burning and vehicle traffic, also contribute to the warming of the earth’s surface.

Despite this fact alone, other natural processes, such as volcanic eruptions, decomposition, and geysers, may have contributed to the warming observed in recent decades.

In spite of the fact that these two categories differ greatly from one another, both contribute equally to global warming. To understand how these climate contributors are formed, we must provide further explanation.

Climate is governed by rudimentary principles, such as energy balance, energy flow, and energy conservation, which are all related to the greenhouse effect.

The concept is based on the flow of energy through the solar system, which is generated by the sun, intercepted by the planets, and then emitted into space by the planets.

In order to control the climate, the Earth increases the concentration of greenhouse gases in various places in the atmosphere. These gases absorb solar rays and then release them again, trapping them all and increasing air temperature. As a result of the current climate and the claims that global warming has occurred, scientists are revisiting the past to better understand it.

There is no myth about global warming, and if it is not stopped, it will lead to the destruction of everything humanity has created to survive. Weather, rising temperatures, droughts, and diseases can all cause irreversible damage to sustainability. Scientists have known for decades that greenhouse gas concentrations of methane, water vapor, and carbon dioxide have a significant influence on atmospheric temperature.

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