1000 Word Essay: How To Write In A Short Time Without Errors?

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Have you ever been in those situations where you have yet to start your essay assignment that is due tomorrow? It is one of those stressful situations where you panic and are in a dilemma about how to go about the task. 

While panic is a natural reaction in such situations, you should not overstress yourself. Many students believe that it is not possible to write an essay in a short time. However, it is not true, as it is possible to write an essay such as 1000 word essay in one day. If you are facing a similar situation in your academics, this post is just for you! In this article, we will go over how to deal with such situations in detail.

Is It Possible To Write A 1000 Word Essay In One Day?

Yes, it is absolutely possible to compose a 1000-word essay in one day. However, it does not imply that it is easy to write an essay overnight. For instance, writing an essay in one day can be difficult if the topic is complex. Furthermore, formatting issues can also make it challenging to write an essay effectively.

Nevertheless, with some good preparation and an easy topic, you can do the task without any hitches. As a matter of fact, “preparation” is an essential component of this task. Here are some basic tips that can help you get started:

  • Read the requirements properly: Understand the prompt given to you to write an appropriate essay. 
  • Time management: Divide your time into short intervals and complete specific essay tasks in that period. 
  • Utilize credible sources: Make sure that you refer to authentic sources to make your notes. Also, make a note to add these references to the bibliography.
  • Create an outline: Have an outline before writing your essay, as it helps you organize your essay in logical order.

1000 Word Essay Types To Be Aware Of

Generally, essay types fall into four main categories, and you can choose any of these types to write a 1000-word essay.

  • Persuasive Essay
  • Descriptive Essay
  • Narrative Essay
  • Expository essay

How Many Pages Does A 1000 Word Essay Take?

The length of the essay depends on the essay format, among other things. The formatting style, such as font size, font style, spacing, etc., has a major impact on the length of the essay. Here are some general implications related to the essay length based on font style, font size, and spacing:

Font styleFont sizeSpacing Number of pages
Arial 12Single 2
Calibri 10Double 2
Times New Roman12Double 4

Structure Of A 1000 Word Essay

The structure of 1000 word essay will include three main sections – introduction, body, and conclusion which may be divided into 5-paragraphs. Here’s how you can organize your essay:


Words – 100 to 150

  • Present background information on the topic 
  • Use an intriguing story, evidence, or statistics to write a hooking sentence
  • Write a thesis statement

Body paragraphs

Words – 700 to 750

  • Divide the body section into three paragraphs (this is minimum)
  • Each paragraph should focus on one main argument with supporting details
  • The arguments must favor the thesis statement
  • Make sure the transitions between paragraphs are smooth
  • Each paragraph must include – a topic sentence, supporting points, concluding, and transition sentences
  • Make sure each paragraph is of the same length


Words – 200

  • Restate the thesis statement
  • Tie every argument together in this section
  • Do not add any new argument 
  • State a final point to prove the thesis statement

How To Format A 1000 Word Essay?

Usually, your instructors will provide specific guidelines on how to format your essay. The guidelines will include font, margins, alignment, and citation style that are to be used in the essay. One essential aspect of the essay format is the citation style.

The most common style used in essay writing is APA citation style and MLA citation style. If your instructor has not mentioned which style to use, you can pick any of these two. 

Apart from APA and MLA, there are two other styles, Chicago and Harvard, which are not widely used.

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Tips For Writing 1000 Word Essay

Writing an essay in one day may appear complicated, but it is not the case if you have sufficient preparation. Here are some insightful tips that can help you write a 1000 word essay easily:

  • Select an appropriate environment to write your essay. Ensure there are no distractions so you can completely focus on the task.
  • Choose a familiar topic that you are comfortable with if your professors did not give you any topic. 
  • Have a proper essay plan so that you can organize your paper logically without any errors.
  • Carry out thorough research and read everything in detail before writing. Make notes as you read and jot down references, examples, and other information.
  • Have realistic goals that you can achieve. Do not try to complete your essay within 60 minutes. Doing so can stress you out and make your essay error-prone.
  • Create an outline and include all significant arguments and points that you want to write in your essay.
  • Keep your essay simple and easy to read. Do not add unnecessary information or complex sentences.
  • Start your essay with body paragraphs, as it can take a lot of work to write an introduction. So, begin with the body and write the introduction at the end.
  • Proofread your essay before submitting it. Ensure there are no spelling or grammatical errors in your writing. 

Sample Topics For 1000 Words Essay

Now that you know how to write a 1000 word essay in a day let us guide you through some sample essay topics which you can use:

  1. Can school uniforms be banned?
  2. Do you think humans are the primary reason behind global warming?
  3. Forrest Gump is one of the most outstanding American movies ever made
  4. Reasons behind religious fanaticism
  5. Paternity leave for men
  6. Green technology for sustainable development
  7. Advantages and disadvantages of homeschooling
  8. Impact of social media on teens
  9. Influence of smartphones on communication 
  10. Best digital accessories for gaming
  11. Traditions followed in American families
  12. Advantages of the internet
  13. Should parents monitor the social media accounts of their children?
  14. Are kids prone to depression in today’s time?
  15. How effective is the USA immigration policy?


Writing an essay in a short time can be terrifying aspect to many. However, it need not be the case always. With proper planning and goal setting, one can easily write a 1000 word essay. The tips given in this article can help you write an essay overnight without any errors. Just be patient and remember that your essay plan impacts the effectiveness of your essay.

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