100+ Fascinating Argumentative Essay Topics Which Would Get You A Guaranteed A+ Grade

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An argumentative essay is a common assignment in schools and colleges. In fact, it is very popular in history, English, political science, and many other classes. This essay assignment is usually given to students to gauge their reasoning and writing skills.

As the name suggests, this essay is about making a solid argument or taking a stand on a particular subject or topic. Although it sounds simple and easy, one must take this essay seriously. This is because writing this type of essay requires the writer to take a firm stand on the arguments they make in the essay and back it up with solid facts and examples.

Thus, picking some random topic and not having a strong hold on it can result in weak essays and, subsequently, poor grades. However, you’ll definitely succeed if you choose an interesting topic and put forward strong arguments.

So, how will you come up with a strong argumentative topic? This article will help you with it! We have presented a list of interesting topics that you can pursue.

Argumentative Essay – Definition

As mentioned above, this essay centers around solid arguments that reflect the writer’s take on the topic. The objective of the essay is to convince the reader to support the views that they have expressed. When writing this essay, just keep in mind that although you are expressing your opinions and stand, it must be backed with logic, facts, and examples.

Thus, you’ll have to strike a balance between expressing your opinion and presenting your research and evidence to back your arguments.

Although this essay can be written in the standard 5-paragraph format, other formats, such as the Toulmin and Rogerian models, are also in use.

Firstly, the Toulmin model consists of an introduction (with a thesis statement) and information (evidence) to back it up. Furthermore, it will also include refutations or counterarguments to assist in strengthening your argument.

In contrast, the Rogerian model examines the two sides of the views or claims. The writer dissects each side of the idea, gauges its positives and negatives, and finally comes to a conclusion based on it.

Choosing A Good Argumentative Essay Topic

The basic guidelines to follow when choosing a topic are as follows:

Go for issues that interest you: Ensure the selected topic interests you so that you can write about it without feeling bored. Also, gather enough information on the subject to express your thoughts confidently.

Analyze the trends: Check out the trends associated with your chosen topic. This helps you narrow down trending issues related to the subject.

Research for credible sources: Once you decide on the topic, browse the web to gather credible sources and information on the subject.

Do not go for generalization: Avoid hasty generalizations and broad themes. It is always better to narrow your focus for better explanations.

Consider your audience’s POV: Always remember that you are writing to persuade your reader, so analyze how your readers are going to view your arguments. Will they welcome your point of view?

Argumentative Essay Topics

Here are some trending essay topic ideas for argumentative essays:

  1. Do you think abortion should be prohibited?
  2. Should the death penalty be banned?
  3. Will you support the ban on animal testing?
  4. Do you think the government must grant residency to illegal immigrants?
  5. Is the #metoo movement beneficial?
  6. What do you support: Equal opportunity or Equity?
  7. Do you support legalizing gay marriage?
  8. Are mobile phones responsible for anti-social behavior?
  9. Do you think religion is harming society?
  10. Does imposing a limit on childbirth help in population control?
  11. Is it possible to achieve gender equality in politics?
  12. What’s your take on graffiti? Is it art or vandalism?
  13. Do you support gun control laws?
  14. Does playing violent video games have a negative impact on children?
  15. Is there any connection between violent video games and mass shootouts?
  16. Does the media go the extra mile to instill fear or hype among the public?
  17. Do you support stricter regulations on non-alcoholic beverages?
  18. Is it alright for the parent to punish their child physically?
  19. Should there be any restrictions on the violence depicted on television?
  20. Is dieting a reliable strategy for losing weight?

Easy Argumentative Essay Topics

  1. Is veganism healthy?
  2. Why are people opting for a gluten-free diet?
  3. How does sugar harm the body?
  4. What is your view on eco-tourism?
  5. How does recycling help the environment?
  6. How can we reduce plastic usage?
  7. What are the harmful effects of hunting?
  8. Does a long-distance relationship affect the partners negatively?
  9. Do you think divorce is increasing in society?
  10. Do you support joint families? Or nuclear families?
  11. Is it true that people are less connected when they use cell phones?
  12. What is your opinion on retirement communities for the elderly?
  13. How much should a person save to have a safe retirement?
  14. Is it a good idea to buy long-term health care insurance?
  15. Are standardized tests a benchmark to determine the skill level of students?
  16. Is hate crime on the rise in high schools?
  17. Should it be legal to get a tattoo for kids younger than 18?
  18. Is art education necessary?
  19. Should all children be required to be vaccinated?
  20. What is your opinion on genetic cloning?

Argumentative Essay Topics For Schools And Colleges

  1. What is the role of homework in kids’ education: Does it stress them? Or help them learn?
  2. What is your view on school uniforms?
  3. Should parents limit the screen time of their kids?
  4. Real school and Homeschool: List the pros and cons
  5. Should kids have art and music classes in their curriculum?
  6. Are Schools Effective in Combating Cyberbullying?
  7. Do Schools Encourage College Students’ Creativity?
  8. Do you think Greek life will be abolished?
  9. Should school go year-round?
  10. Is it appropriate to judge a student’s potential based on their SAT score?
  11. Should college be provided for free?
  12. What is your opinion on distance learning?
  13. Should school begin earlier than eight o’clock in the morning?
  14. Is texting a hindrance to interpersonal communication?
  15. Should physical education affect a student’s grades?
  16. Do you think students should receive comprehensive sex education?
  17. Should there be laws prohibiting the use of electronic devices while driving?
  18. Do violent video games teach or encourage violent behavior?
  19. Should laws prohibit social media sites from collecting user data?
  20. Has the Internet rendered college education obsolete?

Argumentative Essay Topics On Various Categories


  1. How did the American Civil War shape the country? Did it make it better or worse?
  2. Did lower socio-economic classes have opportunities in the past decade?
  3. Naziism and Holocaust: Factors that led to its rise
  4. What is the impact of colonialism on the third world?
  5. US-Mexican War: Its causes and after-effects on today’s world?


  1. Do you support the regulation of the sugar industry?
  2. What is the Relationship between fast food and obesity?
  3. Is obesity rising in the US?
  4. GMO food: Are they bad?
  5. Mental health: What is the stigma around it?

Music, Literature And Art

  1. Is graffiti art?
  2. What constitutes plagiarism in music?
  3. What is your view on displaying art in public places?
  4. Should we ban explicit language in pop song lyrics?
  5. Do you think mythological literature has an impact on art?


  1. Should high school students be rewarded for participating in sports?
  2. Are video games classified as sports?
  3. Do you think animal sports must be prohibited?
  4. Should female athletes get equal pay and opportunities as their male counterparts? 
  5. American football: Is it too dangerous?

Social Media

  1. Social media accounts for children: What is the appropriate age for children to have private accounts?
  2. Pranks and challenges on social media: Are they truly detrimental?
  3. What effect does spending too much time on social media have on family and personal relationships?
  4. Is it necessary to monitor social media platforms?
  5. Can social media platforms change people’s perspectives and biases?

Science And Technology

  1. Is It ethical to delay the aging process with the help of science?
  2. What is your view on online dating?
  3. Does technology stunt creativity in people?
  4. Impact of technology on education
  5. Does cell phone technology harm humans?


  1. Are there any economic policies that Third World countries should adopt to make their status on the world stage better?
  2. Reasons for the recession in 2022.
  3. What role did President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s New Deal policies play in the Great Depression?
  4. Are countries better off adopting protectionist policies or free-trade ones?
  5. Is joining a customs union a good idea?
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Funny Argumentative Essay Topics

  1. What is the reason for people’s obsession with funny cat videos?
  2. Do you think politicians must watch funny memes and videos?
  3. Is animal cuddling a viable profession?
  4. Is it permissible for parents to tell their children that Santa Claus does not exist?
  5. How to make your roommate believe that moving out is the best option?


A strong topic will help you have a bigger impact on your argumentative essay easily. So, when writing this type of essay, always go for an interesting and strong topic that helps you put forth your views with clarity. We hope the argumentative essay ideas given in this article provided plenty of fodder for thought. You can make a note of these topic ideas so that you can use them whenever required.

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