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Writing a college application essay is perhaps the most daunting part of applying to college. It can be intimidating, but with proper planning and guidance, it can be a cakewalk. Once you’ve come up with some potential topics, do some research on each one so that you can explain them in greater detail within your essay. 

Once you have the basics of your essay written, go back over it several times and edit for grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors. You can also get feedback from family or friends who might offer helpful suggestions on what areas need improvement.

Why Is A College Application Essay Important?

It is often seen as the make-or-break factor when it comes to whether or not a college will admit you. A well-crafted essay is the main difference between acceptance, submission, and rejection, so students should take their time to craft an impressive piece. This essay gives an admissions board insight into your goals, personality, and character traits that are not revealed in grades or test scores alone. It also allows you to explain why there may have been circumstances beyond your control that caused lower grades or test scores than normal.

How Long Should A College Application Essay Be Written?

The length of a college application essay should depend on the prompt and the student’s individual preferences. All the essays you submit for the applications should be about 250 to 700 words. However, some schools may require essays in other sizes- such as those that are longer or shorter than average. It is essential to read through any guidelines provided by the school before beginning an essay so that it can be tailored to their expectations.

Common College Application Essay Prompts Available

There are a variety of college admission essay prompts available to students today. Many colleges need an essay for admission purposes, so it is essential for applicants to have some idea of which topics may be relevant in order to prepare accordingly.

Common college application essay topics include discussing a personal experience or event that has shaped who you are, describing your career goals and how they align with the institution’s mission statement, or highlighting something unique about yourself that sets you apart from other applicants.

Other prompts may ask applicants why they chose their major or particular school and what makes them qualified for admission. No matter what prompt is chosen, it is essential for students to take the time necessary to craft an engaging piece that speaks directly toward their academic qualifications and potential within the university setting.

Ultimately, these essay topics give prospective students a chance to showcase their writing abilities and provide insight into who they are as people – giving admissions committees a better idea of whether this particular application is suitable for the school.

Good College Application Essay Topic Examples

Describe a significant challenge you’ve faced and how it shaped who you are today. Discuss an experience that has had a lasting impact on your life; Explain why the college or university is the right fit for you. Make sure to be honest, and authentic in your essay, no matter what topic you choose. Your reader will appreciate your true story more than any embellished one.  

1) Explain a time that you overcame an obstacle or adversity and how it shaped who you are today.

2) Reflect on an experience of overcoming adversity or challenging circumstances.

3) Share what makes your culture unique compared to others around the world, including its traditions, language, cuisine, etc. 

4) Describe how working on a project helped build skills that have been beneficial throughout your life.

5) Describe how your heritage has shaped or influenced your life choices.

The Process Of Writing A Quality College Application Essay

The essay requires you to express yourself in an honest, clear, and meaningful way that will make your essay stand out from the rest of the applicants. A well-written essay can be the difference between getting accepted into the school of your dreams or being rejected. Some tips to know:

First and foremost, think about what makes you unique as an applicant and why colleges should consider admitting you. You need to demonstrate that you have something unique to offer their community –whether it’s leadership skills, academic excellence, or creativity.

Once you have identified what sets you apart from other applicants, start writing your essay by introducing yourself and sharing those qualities with admissions officers in an interesting way. Be sure to keep your writing concise yet vivid enough so that admissions officers can get a sense of who you are as both an individual and scholar-in-the-making.

Organize your thoughts into an outline before getting started on the actual writing process; this will give structure and direction to your overall piece, which makes it easier for readers (i.e., admissions officers) to follow along with what is being said without having too many tangents or unorganized points thrown together at once!

Avoid clichés at all costs; use authentic examples instead when trying to explain certain aspects about yourself, such as hardships experienced growing up or any extracurricular activities/interests which influenced who you are today.

What Not To Be Written In College Application Essay?

College application essays are an important element of the process for admissions. Students should avoid writing about college application essay topics such as religion, politics, or any personal opinions that could be seen as controversial.

Students should also refrain from using slang or too much humor in their essays since this can come off as immature and unprofessional. Lastly, students should never copy someone else’s work in their essays since plagiarism is taken very seriously by universities and colleges alike.

To make sure your college application essay stands out among others, it is best to focus on the unique qualities that make you a great candidate for that particular university or college. Share a story about yourself that showcases your character traits and experiences that have shaped who you are today; this will give the admissions board a better sense of who you are beyond just grades and test scores.

Do not resort to colloquialisms or slang words unless they are necessary for making a point. Furthermore, do not use cliches or platitudes, as admissions officers can see these as generic and unoriginal. Lastly, never lie on your college application essay; if you attempt to deceive the admissions board about your qualifications or experience in any way, then chances are that you will be caught out and have severe consequences for doing so.

Furthermore, be sure to proofread all essays before submitting them, as grammatical errors can show carelessness on behalf of the applicant, which may lead to an unfavorable outcome for admission decisions.

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The Best Example Of College Application Essay Topics

By finding a good example essay, you can get ideas for the overall structure, tone, and content. It’s important to remember that no two college essays will be exactly the same; however, an example essay can help you understand how to organize your thoughts in order to create a solid and effective piece of writing.

Once you have identified some good examples of application essays, take time to analyze them carefully. Understand how each sentence is constructed and what it contributes to the overall meaning of the essay.

When I think of a good college application essay, one example that stands out to me is an essay my friend wrote for her application to Cornell University. She opened up with a vivid story about the day she decided to pursue her dream of becoming a doctor—a decision that changed the course of her life forever.

She described how she felt standing in front of an auditorium full of people, realizing she was taking charge and pursuing something much bigger than herself. Her words filled the room with hope and courage as she declared her ambition aloud.

Then, transitioning from this powerful opening anecdote, my friend went on to discuss why Cornell was the perfect school for her goals: its renowned medical program and expansive network offered unparalleled resources and opportunities for growth.

By emphasizing both personal anecdotes and tangible reasons why Cornell was ideal for achieving success in medicine, my friend crafted a compelling argument on why she should be considered for admission into their university. In doing so, she set an excellent example for all aspiring college applicants looking to write meaningful essays about who they are and what they can bring to their future academic pursuits!


Writing your college application essay can be an intimidating task. However, by following the advice of this guide, you can make the process easier and ensure you produce a quality essay that will impress admissions counselors. Start by choosing a relevant topic or prompt that showcases your unique qualities and experiences.

Make sure to brainstorm ideas, create an outline, write multiple drafts, and proofread before submitting your final copy. Additionally, seek guidance from friends or family members if needed to help provide constructive feedback. Finally, take time to reflect on how far you’ve come since beginning this journey, as it will likely shape your future successes in college!

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