A Thorough Guide On What Is A Credible Sources & How To Find Them

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Writing research papers and other types of academic work requires the use of credible sources. It is important to find reliable sources when performing any type of research or writing an essay. This guide will provide information on what constitutes a credible source, as well as how to locate them.

When researching a topic, it is important to seek out credible sources. These include journal articles, books, websites from reputable organizations such as universities and government agencies, newspaper articles from respected reporters or outlets, videos from established filmmakers or networks, and interviews with professionals who are knowledgeable about the topic at hand.

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What Is A Credible Source, And What Are The Types Of Sources That Generally Make Good Essays

Credibility is the quality of being believable or trustworthy. A credible source provides reliable information and has been fact-checked by an expert in the field. Generally, a credible source should be unbiased and written or produced by a professional or authoritative individual.

Examples of credible sources include peer-reviewed journals, textbooks, scholarly articles from academic publishers, government reports, court rulings, scientific studies from accredited organizations and websites created by professional organizations with credentials in their fields such as medical associations and universities.

Additionally, reputable news sources such as The New York Times are considered to be credible sources when reporting on current events. Although blogs may contain informative content on topics related to personal experiences or opinions that can provide valuable insight into certain issues, they generally do not meet the criteria for credibility due to lack of credentials or expertise in their authors’ backgrounds.

How To Identify A Reliable Source (And Why You Should Trust It)?

These are important questions to consider when conducting research. Credible sources should be written by experts in the field or have been published in peer-reviewed journals. Sources such as government websites, reputable newspapers, professional organizations and academic institutions can often be trusted for accurate information.

Additionally, it is important to look at the author’s qualifications of any given source; if they are not an expert in their field then this could indicate a lack of credibility. Furthermore, it is also worth examining whether or not the content has been revised recently – if there have been no updates then this may suggest outdated information or data which cannot always be relied upon.

Ultimately, understanding how to identify credible sources can help ensure that your research yields only accurate results.

How To Find A Credible Source?

It is important to make sure the information you are using for research or other purposes is reliable and accurate. One way to do this it to look for sources that have been published by established institutions, such as universities, government agencies, or non-profits. These sources often require rigorous peer review before publication and offer more reliable information than some internet sources.

Another tip is to look for authors who are experts on the topic they’re writing about, either through their credentials or experience in the field. Finally, be aware of bias – both positive and negative – in a source when evaluating its credibility.

List Of Credible Sources

Credible sources come from a variety of places, including peer-reviewed journals, professional or governmental websites, and books written by recognized experts in the field. A credible source is one that provides accurate and trustworthy information from experts in the field of study. Here is a list of potential credible sources list:

1. Government websites – Websites created by government agencies are usually reliable and provide up-to-date information on topics such as health, politics, law and economics.

2. Academic journals – Academic journals contain peer-reviewed scholarly articles written by experts in their field of research. These articles are evidence based and can be used to back up your argument with facts and figures.

3. Books – Quality books published by reputable publishers also offer valuable insights into any given topic or issue you may be researching on. They often include comprehensive bibliographies at the end which will lead you to more quality sources for your paper or project.  

4. News outlets – Reputable news outlets such as The New York Times, Washington Post, Wall Street Journal etc., have been providing quality content for decades now and can still serve as reliable resources for those seeking timely updates about world events. 

5 Online databases – There are various online databases available that allow access to millions of documents including all credible sources to complete your essay.

Are .gov Websites Reliable?

The answer to this question is a resounding yes. .gov websites are some of the most reliable sources for credible information available on the internet. This is because they are run by government organizations, which ensures that all of their content has been thoroughly vetted and verified before it goes public. Additionally, these sites have strict guidelines in place regarding copyright issues, plagiarism and other forms of intellectual property infringement. Therefore, you can feel confident that any information you find on a .gov website will be accurate and up-to-date.


In conclusion, finding credible sources for your research paper is an important step in the process of writing a successful academic paper. It requires careful consideration and research to find reliable sources of information that are relevant to your topic.

Taking the time to review different sources and evaluate them based on their credibility can help you ensure that you have access to accurate information when formulating your argument or conducting further research.

Additionally, utilizing resources like library databases and websites dedicated to providing peer-reviewed materials can be invaluable in helping you locate secondary sources with which you can support your own findings.

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