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Wondering how to come up with a strong topic for a definition essay? It is often seen that choosing a term or word (as a essay topic) to explain is not easier as it is said. One can see that although it is not challenging, writing this type of essay can be tricky. Moreover, selecting an apt topic for this type of essay is crucial, and a minor mistake here can make an essay weak.

This article will solve this problem by providing you with excellent definition essay topics and also some tips on how to select a topic.

What Is A Definition Essay?

This is a common academic essay that students get as an assignment in schools and colleges. It falls under the expository essay category and follows a regular essay structure. This type of essay basically explains or defines a term, word, or simply a notion. Usually, one can observe that there are some terms that have direct or literal meanings which are easy to define.

However, there are other terms that do not have a straightforward definition or meaning; these types of terms are complex and difficult to define. For instance, words like love, honesty, care, etc., are hard to explain and can be selected to write the essay.

Overall the main objective of this essay is to define or explain something (term, word, concept, etc.) in detail.

What Is The Structure Of A Definition Essay?

The structure of a definition essay is similar to that of other essay types and consists of these parts – introduction, thesis statement, body paragraphs, and conclusion. It is essential to follow this structure when writing the definition essay as it helps one present their view in a coherent manner. 

In fact, the essay guidelines highlight the importance of structure and stress that one must be aware of its structure before writing the essay. 

Introduction: This is the foremost section where the topic of your definition essay is introduced and is defined using a dictionary definition. The introduction acts as a beginning point of your essay.

Thesis statement: The thesis section can be used to write a little more elaborate definition of the chosen term based on the writer’s research, point of view, or understanding.

Body section: This section will consist of numerous paragraphs where each of which handles various aspects of a word that is selected for the essay. For instance, one can start the first body paragraph with the history or origin of the essay topic, followed by a detailed definition of the term. Next, the writer can define their take on the topic (personal definition) based on their understanding of the term or topic.

Conclusion: This is the final section of the essay, where the writer ties up all major points and gives a good summary of the topic. One must note that the conclusion section must not provide any new information on the topic.

Tips On Structuring A Definition Essay

  • Conduct in-depth research before planning or structuring your essay.
  • Include a ‘hook’ or an engaging sentence in the introduction to attract the readers.
  • Cover numerous explanations or definitions of the word (essay topic) in the body of the essay.
  • Explore the literal meaning of the word in the body section and also write your point of view on the subject.

How To Choose A Definition Essay?

Selecting a solid topic is the foremost step in composing a good definition essay. Professors typically present a list of topics that students can attempt as part of their essay assignments. However, sometimes students will be given the freedom to pick any topic they wish. And in such circumstances, one must know how to select the right topic to write an impeccable essay.

Usually, choosing the right essay topic can be complicated; there are numerous aspects that one must consider when selecting a topic. For instance, you must ensure that the topic piques the interest of readers and contain enough information for you to research and write about it. Furthermore, it must have enough scope for you to explain it.

Here are some tips and rules that you should follow when choosing a topic for your essay:

  • The word or term you choose to write about must have multiple meanings or aspects that you can explain. This is because a single-meaning term will not have enough scope to write about.
  • Ensure to choose a topic that interests you and your readers equally. Selecting a topic that your readers dislike or are not interested in can make them lose interest in your topic.
  • Try to choose a topic that is new to the readers so that they can invest their time in reading about it. Avoid common or routine topics that bore the audience.
  • The topic must be specific and not too broad so that you can narrow it down and explain it in detail.
  • Conduct research on the topic, and explore its origin or history and other related information.
  • Try to analyze the various meanings and definitions of the word (topic).
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Most Common Definition Essay Topics Written About

Here are some of the common definition essay topics that you can choose to write about:

  • How to define love? Explain.
  • What is honesty?
  • Explain the difference between intelligence and wisdom.
  • How do you define emotions and feelings?
  • What is hatred? How does it affect the human mind?
  • What is beauty? Does it have a standard definition?
  • Explain the meaning of respect.
  • What is willpower? How does it help an individual?
  • Explain the meaning of humor.
  • Write a note on destructive feelings.
  • How do you define peace of mind?
  • What is faith? How is it different from belief? 
  • Define courage and bravery with suitable examples.
  • What is maturity? Does it evolve with age?
  • What is male chauvinism?
  • What is cyberbullying? Is it really dangerous?
  • What is the meaning of determination and dedication?
  • Elaborate on self-esteem.
  • What do you mean by self-respect?
  • Explain what privacy is in your words.
  • What is the meaning of fame?
  • What is magnetism, and what defines a magnetic personality?
  • Elaborate on health and fitness.
  • What is attitude? Is it a negative attribute?
  • Describe lethargy in your words.
  • What is a brand name?
  • How do you define friendship, and what role does it play in your life?
  • Explain the phenomenon of racism.
  • How do you define time management?
  • What are human rights?
  • Explain the meaning of responsibility.
  • What do you mean by freedom? Is it different from independence?
  • What is the meaning of the term’ Science?’
  • Explain the meaning of ownership.
  • Who is called a hero?
  • Elaborate on the class system. 
  • Explain what evolution is.
  • Explain feminism in your words.
  • What is E-learning? What are its effects on students?
  • Explain the phenomenon called multiculturalism.
  • What is diversity?
  • Can you define social responsibility?
  • Power of money: What is its meaning?
  • What is colonization?
  • What is the meaning of creativity?
  • Elaborate on generosity and selfishness.
  • Explain intelligence.
  • What is trust? Explain.
  • Explain what success is with examples.
  • What is the meaning of frenemy?
  • Explain the meaning of fun in your own words.
  • What is Wi-Fi? How does it help the general public?
  • Explain the term’ kindness.’
  • What is the meaning of sincerity?
  • Who can be called a strong leader? What makes a person strong?
  • Elaborate on teamwork and team leadership.
  • Explain the meaning of blessing and curse.
  • What is ego? How does it help an individual evolve?
  • Explain the meaning of ideal.
  • What is patriotism? How is it different from nationalism?
  • What is misogyny? Explain in your own words.
  • Can you explain the term ‘common sense?’
  • What is the meaning of character? Is it different from personality?
  • What constitutes a balanced diet?
  • Ritual: What does it mean?
  • Masculine and feminine personality traits: Explain the meaning in your own words.
  • Elaborate on gender quality.
  • What does it mean to be selfless?
  • Explain the term’ empathy.’
  • Explain the difference between attitude and ego.

Popular Category Definition Essay Ideas Written About

Here are some popular categories for definition essay topics that you can try out:

Philosophy Definition Essay Topics

  • Elaborate on ethics.
  • What is the meaning of devotion?
  • Justice: how do you explain this term?
  • Explain the term ‘humanity.’
  • Define justice in your own words.

Definition Essay Ideas On Science And Technology

  • Explain the notion of ‘green marketing.’
  • Energy: Explain this term with examples in your own words.
  • Explain the term’ relativity’ in your own words.
  • What is the meaning of automation?
  • Artificial intelligence: Explain this term and its impact on the world.
  • Explain the term’ time’ in your own words.
  • What are ‘Bitcoin’ and ‘Blockchain?’
  • Smart technology: Explain this term in detail.
  • Explain sustainable development with examples.
  • Elaborate on cryptocurrency.
  • Robotic Process Automation (RPA): Explain with examples
  • Define SDLC (software development life cycle) with relevant examples.

Definition Essay Topics On Culture And Society

  • Define women’s empowerment with examples from global history.
  • Explain the term’ globalization.’
  • What is the meaning of white privilege?
  • Communalism and secularism: Explain both terms with examples.
  • Explain the term’ Global village.’
  • What are the characteristics of a diverse culture?
  • Explain the term ‘stereotype.’
  • Explain civilization with reference to evolution.
  • Define patriarchy in your words.
  • What makes up a modern society?

Definition Essay Topics On Love And Friendship

  • Explain love and friendship in your words.
  • What is ‘self-love?’
  • What are the similarities between love and friendship?
  • What role does friendship play in one’s life?
  • What is platonic friendship?


Overall, a definition essay is all about defining a term or word in a detailed way. Although this is a simple concept, most of them find it hard to come up with a good definition essay topic. Fortunately, in this article, we have compiled a list of topics that can help you get started. Follow the tips provided in this post before choosing a topic for the essay. 

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