Top 10 Essay Writing Tools & Apps For Students/Grads To Know About

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Writing an essay doesn’t have to be difficult or intimidating. From grammar checkers and citation generators to mind mapping resources and virtual whiteboards, these free online resources are ideal for every student looking for a competitive edge when writing their next essay or research paper. Keep reading on as we dive into each tool in more detail!

Top Essay Writing Tools

Essay Map

This particular tool shows you the overall structure of your paper and how to develop each section. It takes you through a sequence that prompts questions about your essay topic. As you answer these, it automatically creates for you an outline with main points and subpoints well organized accordingly. This allows you to focus on only key elements in developing your article or research paper quickly.

You can also use this tool when formulating your thesis statement or conclusion. It helps guide readers through the process of arriving at a specific point or standing by showing them exactly what evidence is present at every stage so that they understand where the argument is going from start to finish. As such, it serves as an invaluable organizational resource with which students can shape their thoughts into essays written with clarity and precision in mind.


It has bullet points and other list modes, outlining tools to create hierarchical structures, making it easier to map out ideas visually. There are far more valuable features than what I can include here, but some of them help you save time by suggesting relevant phrases when used as part of a text entry. It is also possible to get creative with adding images or drawings as your thoughts emerge into tangible form whilst using the app.

The ability for users to add tags to an idea helps filter down topics and makes it easy to revisit notes later for refinement or expansion. Overall, this app provides a powerful solution for creativity and organization of the thinking process.

It allows you to set deadlines and tag tasks according to urgency. Moreover, they offer handy reminders that can be set up, which then display the due dates in your calendar. This will help in tracking all major assignments and projects without any fuss. Combined with their focus mode option, students can ensure nothing ever gets forgotten or pushed down the priority list!


EverNote also has collaboration features, making it easier to work with others on projects. It allows for document sharing and real-time editing, which can be useful for students working together on a paper or presentation. EverNote is great because you can use it anywhere, including online through its website or the app on any device. You can even access your notes in offline mode! This makes Evernote the perfect tool to help people stay organized and prepared all the time.

Finally, Evernote has strong security features, which could prove invaluable if someone wants to store sensitive material. It encrypts any data that passes through its servers and protects your notes with password protection as well as other types of encryption, such as two-factor authentication.

Voice Dictation

Voice recognition software is allowing disabled people to express themselves more easily. This technology helps those with conditions like cerebral palsy or Parkinson’s disease make their thoughts known, even if physical speech is difficult for them.

With such capability, these professionals are able to save time and money when it comes to keeping records of each visit from a patient’s perspective. As such, more efficient diagnoses may become possible as well since transcriptionists will be able to offer more detailed reports than ever before provided by manual recordings made by hand.


Grammarly is a great resource to help you craft well-written essays, research papers, and other writing assignments. It can improve your overall understanding of written communication and will help hone your managerial skills. Consequently, it’s essential that when using Grammarly, you should make sure to utilize all the grammar tools available to you so as to perfect each of your works!


In addition to its stylistic analysis, Hemingway checks your content for readability. The app rates the complexity of sentences—the simpler and easier to understand, the higher score it will get. You can easily see which of your sentences may be too complicated or hard to understand by using the clear report that shows you how many words per sentence average you have. This feature can help in simplifying complex thoughts without sacrificing their essential meaning and beauty.

Overall, Hemingway is an invaluable tool for any writer as it has features that help with editing, proofreading, and creating concise pieces of writing every time. No matter what style or form your writing takes on – being able to clearly convey a message is paramount when expressing yourself through language in today’s digital world.

Cliché Finder

You can use Cliché Finder to review your written works before submitting them for publication or posting them online. With its help, you can move away from rhymes, sayings, expressions, and other forms of cliché that can often bore the reader.

Cliché Finder helps authors give their work a fresh spin while maintaining their original message; many have found it invaluable in editing lengthy passages of text without forsaking essential meaning or tone of voice. The extensive database ensures that even the most complex pastiches are identified with pinpoint accuracy, which keeps readers engaged with novel ideas rather than mundane language they’ve heard before.

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A thesaurus is a reference work that lists words related to and often synonymous with another word. You can quickly find different subsets of definitions, pronunciations, synonyms, and even antonyms. This can help you easily identify words you need when writing essays or any other kind of written activity.

Plus, it will give you more variety in sentence construction which makes your paper sound better overall. Other than just finding the perfect word for your essay writing needs, good craftsmanship also demands diversity of language usage—in terms of geographical points of view as well as modern slang colloquialisms.

By using resources such as online dictionaries; one can familiarize oneself with vocabulary from around the world—which could be quite helpful for academic purposes too!

Citation Machine

Citation Machine helps you to save time and also takes away the anxiety of having to go through multiple style manuals. Whether you’re writing a term paper or an essay, this tool is sure to help you with your citation needs!

Paper Rater

It examines your grammar and punctuation, as well as sentence structure. It will also check for plagiarism and offer recommendations to improve the writing. With this tool, you can review your essay before submitting it to ensure there are no issues.

You can even compare it to another piece of work, such as a sample essay from online sources or previous papers that you wrote. In addition, Paper Rater offers various resources such as root word searches, part-of-speech analysis, paper organization checker, and citation helpers.


No matter what kind of essays you are writing, the tools and apps mentioned in this article can help make the process faster, simpler, and more enjoyable than ever before. It’s important to remember that these won’t do all of your work for you; they will just be used as helpful resources, along with having an understanding of good essay basics. With a combination of these tools and applications, students can find ways to write strong papers quickly and efficiently.

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