How To Write An Article? Simply Made Easy For College Goers

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Do you want to write an article, that resonates with the pulse of your audience? Are you wondering if your writing can reach the intended audience?

Questions like these can cloud your mind, especially if you are new to article writing. However, let us assure you that writing an article can seem terrifying only if you do not know to write it. 

And to assist you in writing an article, we will present you with some excellent article writing tips.

But, let us first cover some basic concepts regarding an article.

What Is An Article?

An article is a piece of writing that is published in print or electronic medium. It is written for a large audience. Articles are everywhere – school magazines, newspapers, online journals, websites, research papers, blogs, etc.

What Is The Purpose Of Article Writing?

As a student, you may receive article writing assignments to improve your writing skills. However, the purpose of writing an article is to inform or entertain the readers. The article is written to guide people on a particular subject or a topic.

One of the main objectives of writing an article is to present stats, facts, or views. Article writing can include various topics or issues. The article can be about anything – product information, societal issues, technical developments, famous personalities, current affairs, etc.

Nowadays, it is much easier to publish blog articles online. Digital media is potent and easy to access through good outreach. But remember, only valuable items see the light while mediocre are banished to the background with barely any views and reading.

With these basics, let us walk you through the format of writing an article. And then follow up with steps to write an article, and article writing ideas to get you started.

Article Writing Format

It is imperative to know how to write, and to attempt any kind of writing. Knowing the format or structure of writing forms the base for any type of writing.

However, there is no standard format that is common across all types of articles. Nonetheless, a basic structure is followed by all authors that consist of three essential sections. And they are the same regardless of the length of the article.

The three fundamental sections are:

  • Title
  • Introduction
  • Body
  • Conclusion

Steps To Writing A Good Article

Writing an article involves many steps, before writing, while writing, and after writing. All these stages are critical and involve essential steps to writing a good article.

Before Writing: Planning Phase

1. Find Out Your Target Audience

Before you start anything, ask three basic questions to yourself – who the article is for? What do you want to convey to the audience? And why do you want to tell them? The answers to these queries will get you going on what you want to write.

After all, your audiences are essential. If your article does not cater to their needs, there is no point in writing at all. So, think from your audience’s point of view to kick-start your article writing.

2. Select Your Topic And Define Your Objectives

List your ideas and thoughts that can be expanded into articles. Once written, select the important ones, and narrow down your thoughts. Finalize one topic and some excellent topics to write about.  The topic must easily connect with your intended audience and one that is readily researchable.

Once you have chosen the topic, define the boundaries and determine the scope of the topic. List the objectives your content should have because it is easier to compose an article with a specific topic.

3. Collect All Information And Resources

After selecting your main topic and target audience, research the existing works. Find articles that resonate with your thoughts and have an excellent content flow. Try picking up great ideas to structure your piece.

Remember that you will have to back up your article with solid facts and evidence. You cannot bluff, therefore, make sure you refer only to credible resources. It is also necessary that you cite your resources appropriately wherever it is needed.

While Writing: Start Penning Down Your Ideas

4. Create A Rough Draft

Right after collecting enough information, you can start creating a rough draft. But before you start writing, decide on the style of writing you want to adopt. Knowing the objectives you want to achieve beforehand can help you set the right tone for your article.

For example, if you want to narrate a particular experience, then you may adopt a narrative style of writing. Use a persuasive writing style. if you’re going to persuade your audience to see your point of view.

Once you are clear about your writing style, gather your thoughts and start outlining your article. Having an outline helps to let your ideas flow coherently as they act as a road map for your content.

Write down the concepts and create section breaks. Pen down every thought that appears in your mind and forget about grammar and punctuation in this step. Structure your article well using bullets and keywords. Give suitable headings and sub-headings.

5. Edit The Draft

After writing a rough draft, the next step is to polish your content. Make sure the grammar and punctuation are used in the right way and check spelling and sentence structure.

Fine-tune your content according to your audience’s taste. Ensure the article has a smooth transition from one paragraph to another. Avoid abrupt changes and uneven flow of ideas as it causes confusion and makes your readers turn away from your article.

6. Add Images, Infographics, And Related Visuals

The last step in writing an article is to add an infographic or visuals to make it more informative. It is no exaggeration that visuals have a great potential to attract and engage the audience than plain text. However, make sure that the visuals you add bring value to the content.

After Writing: Proofread

7. Revise Your Content

Finally, when you are done writing an article, proofread your content before publishing it. Revising content, at last, can uncover many mistakes that went unnoticed in the editing phase of your writing. However, when you start revising with a fresh mind, you have a chance to spot errors. And thus you can polish your content to a great extent.

Article Writing Tips

Once you master how to write an article, the next challenge is getting readers to read your article.

Whether you publish your article in a newspaper or online, some helpful tips can assist you in reaching your goal.

Let us now walk you through some great article writing tips.

1. Research topics online if you cannot narrow them down to a particular topic. Take the help of search engines and tools to see which topic is most searched.

2. Examine popular topics and queries that are most searched. The more the search volume, the greater the topic’s popularity.

3. Optimize your article’s content with the help of SEO in case you are publishing your article online.

4. The title you choose must be clear and catchy.

5. Always remember to read and research thoroughly before writing an article.

6. Break your article into sections and add relevant headings to each section.

7. Ensure your article is concise and direct. Eliminate fluff and unnecessary information. Make sure you drive your points home by staying relevant to your topic.

8. Monitor the word count while you write. It is better to fix the number of words you are going to write beforehand.

9. You must not neglect grammar and punctuation. Use good vocabulary to write the article.

10. Use simple language and avoid jargon if it is not required.

Article Writing Ideas

Sometimes you may have the slightest idea of writing an article. Most of the topics you want to write about may have been written already. Therefore, you may find it challenging to come up with new ideas. However, with the help of some article writing ideas that we list, you can come up with a fantastic piece.

1. Select the topics that you are passionate about. You can write about sports, movies, art, technology, or other topics.

2. Writing personal stories beyond everyday news articles can stir interest among the public.

3. Consider writing a travel article piece—a detailed account of your recent travel entailing the local culture, travel options, and other information.

4. Think and compose a fabulous ‘How-to’ article. Topics like ‘how to create a web page in easy steps’ can evoke interest in readers.

5. Composing a self-help article is a good point to begin writing. 

6. Write a review article based on your personal opinion regarding the latest movie, book, or latest happenings in the world.

7. Go through social media for the most happening news and take ideas from it to compose an entertaining article.

These are some of the article ideas and tips to write a perfect article. You can follow the steps given in this guide to come up with your article. We hope that your doubts about writing an article have been cleared to a great extent. And you are now ready to pen down your article.

There is no standard formula to write. However, your article’s success will depend on how well you articulate your thoughts and put forth your ideas. Any article can succeed highly when the reader can connect with the article. So, strive for meaningful connections.

One vital point to keep in mind is to keep your article informative, engaging, and effective. Whatever may be your niche or topic, remember these three keywords while writing. The article must be organized and descriptive as well. Make sure you provide citations and references if required.

Writing an excellent article is not hard. However, it is not so easy as well. It takes practice and patience. So start writing, and you will surely deliver a great piece in time.

FAQ’s about

What is the main goal of writing an article?

The main goal of writing an article is to convey information in a clear, concise, and engaging manner. It could be to educate, inform, persuade, or entertain, depending on the context and the target audience.

How can I improve my writing skills?

Improving your writing skills is a matter of practice and patience. Read widely and frequently, write regularly, seek feedback, and don’t be afraid to revise and edit your work.

What makes an article compelling?

A compelling article is one that engages the reader from start to finish. It’s clear, concise, and well-structured, with a compelling introduction, a solid body, and a satisfying conclusion. It speaks to the reader’s interests, needs, and emotions and leaves a lasting impression.

How important is grammar in writing?

Grammar is the skeleton of language. It gives structure to your words and clarity to your ideas. While creativity and voice are important, a solid understanding of grammar is essential to effective communication.

What role does creativity play in writing?

Creativity is the lifeblood of writing. It’s what makes your work unique, engaging, and memorable. It allows you to explore new ideas, express complex emotions, and paint vivid pictures with your words.

How can I make my article more engaging?

To make your article more engaging, start with a compelling introduction, use clear and concise language, include interesting facts or anecdotes, and end with a strong conclusion. Make sure your content is relevant to your audience, and try to include a personal touch or unique perspective.


The art of writing is a journey of discovery, a pilgrimage into the heart of human experience. It’s an exploration of thoughts, emotions, ideas, and stories, a voyage into the uncharted waters of the human psyche. The journey may be challenging, but with the right tools and guidance, anyone can master the art of writing. Take the first step today with the wisdom from and set off on your writing adventure.

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