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Are you worried about writing an extended essay? Composing an IB extended essay can be tiring and complicated for many students. This is a type of essay that is independent or a self-directed piece of work that lets students analyze a topic of their preference in-depth. Writing this essay requires one to engage in independent research and develop critical thinking and writing skills.

This article will guide you through the steps of writing it and provide the outline and topics you can refer to.

What Is An IB Extended Essay?

The International Baccalaureate (IB) Extended Essay is an independent research project integral to the IB Diploma Programme. It is a self-directed research paper of 4,000 words that allows students to investigate a topic of their choosing in depth with the guidance of a supervisor. This type of essay helps students to develop critical thinking, research, and writing skills that are essential for success in higher education.

Furthermore, this essay is designed to encourage students to engage in independent research, allowing them to explore a topic of personal interest in depth. Students are expected to demonstrate research skills, critical thinking, and creativity while also adhering to the academic standards of the IB program. The Extended Essay process involves several stages, including topic selection, research, and writing, culminating in the submission of a final paper.

Overall, one can say that it is a challenging but rewarding project that provides students with valuable experience and prepares them for university-level research and writing demands.

What Is An IB Extended Essay Outline?

This essay outline generally consists of the following sections:

Introduction: This is the first section of the essay and it provides an overview of the research question, the context, and the scope of the essay.

Background information: This section provides history or some background information on the chosen topic and establishes its importance.

Literature review: This section gives a summary and simultaneously analyzes the relevant literature. It consists of major theories and concepts related to the research question.

Methodology: This section outlines the research methods and data sources that will be employed to answer the research question.

Results: This section highlights the research results, including any data or evidence supporting the argument.

Analysis: This section elucidates the results and explains how they support the argument.

Conclusion: This is the final section of the essay that summarizes the major findings, draws conclusions, and offers suggestions for future research.

References: This part consists of a list of all the sources that are cited in the essay in a appropriate citation style (APA or MLA).

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Best topics For IB Extended Essay

Here are some potential topic areas to consider:

World religion

  • Comparative studies of Christianity and Islam.
  • The notion of righteousness and duty in various religions.
  • Comparative studies on Monotheistic and Polytheistic religions.
  • Differences between Islam and Hinduism.
  • Goals of Buddhism and Judaism.


  • Relationship between mental wellness and happiness.
  • Comparative studies between mindfulness and GAD (General Anxiety Disorder).
  • How does cognitive behavioral therapy helps life routine?
  • Correlation between depression and suicide among children.
  • Relationship between violence shown in media and violent acts in the real world.


  • Covid-19 and its consequences across the world.
  • Suitable age for voting and marriage.
  • The usage of smartphones among kids and its effects on them.
  • Discuss the association between feminism and gender equality.
  • Should colleges offer free education?


  • The effects of the Katrina hurricane on New Orleans.
  • History and origin of feminism.
  • Discuss the events reading to the unification of Germany.
  • The consequences of the pearl harbor attack.
  • Comparative studies between Hitler and Mussolini’s Rise to Power.


  • The characterization of Severus Snape in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.
  • Compare the female protagonists in Jane Austen’s novels.
  • Analysis of Wuthering Heights.
  • Analyze the theme of To Kill A Mockingbird.
  • Gothic literature: A summary of its history and origin.

How To Write An IB Extended Essay?

Writing an IB extended essay involves a structured process that includes several key steps. Here is an overview of the process:

Choose a research question: Select an interesting, relevant, and manageable research question. The research question should be clearly stated and specific enough to allow for in-depth analysis.

Perform research: Collect information from various sources, such as books, articles, interviews, journals, internet, and other sources. Keep detailed notes and organize your research to help you stay focused and on track.

Develop an outline: Create a detailed outline that includes the main sections of your essay, such as the introduction, background information, methodology, results, analysis, and conclusion. The outline should help you to structure your ideas and ensure that you meet the requirements of the IB program.

Write the essay: Use outline and write the essay by covering all the major aspects. Use clear and concise language, and cite your sources correctly using the appropriate citation style.

Revise and edit: After you have finished the essay, carefully revise and edit it to make sure that it is structured well and meets the specifications of the essay. Ensure that the spelling, grammar, and punctuation are correct. Review every section and check if it carries all the required arguments. 

Submit the essay: Submit your final essay according to the requirements of the IB program. Ensure you have followed all the formatting and citation guidelines and that your essay is properly structured and meets the required word count.

Writing an IB extended essay can be a challenging but rewarding experience. By following a structured process and working closely with your supervisor, you can produce a high-quality essay demonstrating your research, critical thinking, and analysis skills.


Writing an IB extended essay is not an easy process; it requires hard work, planning, dedication, and so on. One must know how to write this essay properly to write it effectively. The key to producing an outstanding IB extended essay is to select a relevant and intriguing topic, undertake thorough research, and back arguments with critical thinking and analytical skills. 

Students can compose an amazing IB extended essay that satisfies the standards of the IB program and showcases their academic ability by following the guidelines indicated in this guide.

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