How To Write A Leadership Essay? Exemplary Tips That Paves Way For Scholarship Excellence

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Are you worried about sounding boastful in your leadership essay? When composing this type of essay, you must follow some tips and tricks to sound balanced and effective. One minor error in the essay can rob you of the good grades you so wanted. So, how do you compose an essay that compels the reader to read it completely? How to structure your essay to make it effective? The answer lies in this article as you go through each of these sections.

Structure Of A Leadership Essay

Firstly, writing a good paper requires planning, and a leadership essay is no exception. Planning an essay composition is nothing but creating an exceptional outline. A good outline can help you organize your ideas and thoughts.

You can use the standard essay template of 5 paragraphs for the leadership essay or add more body paragraphs if necessary. This is how your outline might look:

Introduction – Pique reader’s curiosity by explaining what is good leadership in your chosen words.

Body paragraphs – Provide some context for your content and explain why leadership quality is essential and how you are dedicated to this value.

Conclusion – Finally, write a solid statement about your leadership abilities.

Vital Points To Be Covered In The Essay

Leadership essays can be composed in the expository style and organized in a certain way to incorporate various sub sections, such as: 

  • Crucial leadership theories.
  • Various styles of leadership and how they operate.
  • The personality attributes of some outstanding leaders.
  • Examples of leaders from various walks of life.
  • Core values and leadership principles.
  • People you regard as leaders in your life.
  • Your leadership abilities.

It is critical to demonstrate a unique personal understanding of leadership concepts and provide compelling illustrative examples from today’s real life or history. 

Organizing The Essay In A Logical Order

An essay must be structured logically to put forward the points sensibly. The paragraphs in the composition must highlight a distinct POV. Moreover, you must make sure to maintain same word count across each paragraph.

Remember that the thesis statement of your essay is the central point from which all your other arguments sprout. Thus, every statement or argument you write must adhere to the thesis statement and describe the thesis logically.

Last but not least, the final paragraph must tie up your thoughts in a perfect way. You must mention all of the preceding arguments here. Make your essay credible by including three valid supporting references.

What Qualities Make A Good Leader? How Do You Implement Them In An Essay?

When we look back, we can see countless leadership traits that both good and bad leaders adopted. Thus, when composing an essay about good leadership qualities, focus on positive traits and characteristics of the leader. Elucidate how they use those qualities to create an impact on others and also accomplish their objectives simultaneously.

These are the emotional and behavioral traits that helped well-known leaders succeed:

Vision – Influential leaders have exciting ideas, are often forward-thinking, and have excellent strategic planning skills.

Communication – The leaders communicate ideas clearly and concisely in order to ensure teamwork toward a common goal.

Integrity – They have integrity because they are truthful and can always tell the truth in any situation.

Confidence – They have confidence because they are prepared to take risks to accomplish their objectives and never give up.

Responsiveness – Good leaders value their team, listen to those they lead, and adapt quickly to changing situations.

Determination – Good leaders are enthusiastic about their work and can inspire others by demonstrating their own dedication.

Empathy – Empathy is the most important skill for forming strong trust bonds and successful teams.

How To Write A Leadership Essay?

As discussed above, some tricks are involved in composing a college leadership article. This section will deal with the steps involved in writing a compelling leadership article.

Explain what makes an excellent leader

Consider attributes or traits that make an excellent leader prior to composing your article. For instance, integrity, respect for others, inspiring masses are some qualities that you can contemplate on. Contemplate what outstanding qualities you or the leader you are writing about in the article possess. Next, compile an index of such qualities before commencing your first draft of your article.

After that, go back over your list and select a quality to emphasize in the article. Interpret how the attribute that you have selected creates an amazing leader. It should only be one or two sentences long. This description will be the foundation for your article.

Write the outline

It is known that an outline is a crucial part of essay writing, and as discussed in the above section, create an outline with three sections. Ensure that each of these sections is peppered with sufficient information regarding the topic.

Have an excellent start for your essay

Your introduction must be excellent and draw the reader’s interest. Write in such a way your composition shines among others. You may make use of a real-life incident or anecdote. Consider a time when a particular quality was tested and how you overcame the test.

To pique your reader’s interest, explain what happened in a sentence or two. After that, explain why you believe this attribute is essential to you. This leads to the main body of your article.

Narrate a story in the body section

Highlight your leadership qualities and also how they connect to the anecdote you mentioned in the introduction in the body of your essay.

Return to leadership in the third paragraph

Bring the focus back to leadership in this paragraph. Ensure that you are highlighting that specific quality you possess. The trait you select should be directly related to the incident.

Give a personal touch in the fourth paragraph

It would be best if you add a personal touch in this paragraph. You may add points that explain the importance of leadership qualities according to your POV. Another way to give personal touch is link the qualities with your principles or ethics.

Pen a captivating conclusion

One more crucial component of your essay is the concluding section. Describe how leadership aligns with the concerned principles in one to two sentences. Also, demonstrate the leadership traits that came to the fore in certain situations. In short, give an account of your discovery.

Conclude with a motivating sentence. Explain what you will do differently now that you know more about leadership.

Example For Leadership Essay

Examples are the best way to learn how to compose this type of essay. If you want to look over an essay example, here is a snippet of a leadership essay example you can use.

Can one acquire leadership skills? Or it is in-born in a person?

Is it possible for anyone to become a leader, or does it come naturally? Many researchers have yet to find an answer to this question. One leadership assumption holds that a leader is a person with specific characteristics. Another assumption holds that leaders can develop specific characteristics throughout their lives. As evidenced by the evidence, leaders possess many characteristics that set them apart from others and attract increasing numbers of followers. These could be cognitive abilities, psychological traits, professional qualities, and so on, and they could all be acquired or innate. Based on the significance of leadership qualities such as commitment, stress resistance, and decision-making ability, it is sensible to assert that leaders are created rather than born.


A good leadership essay must feel genuine and relatable, like other personal essays for assignments. It must be focused on its approach and also organized as well. Follow the steps given in this article and continue working on your article until you are satisfied. You’ll end up with a stunning piece of write-up.

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