100+ Personal Essay Topics, Ideas and Prompts That Add Values To Your Essay

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Personal essays can be written about any topic. They allow us to share personal stories, challenges faced, the accomplishments we have achieved, the struggles we have overcome, or any other significant event in our lives.

What Do You Understand By A Personal Essay?

The primary intent of this type of essay is to provide the readers with a chance to know more about the writer. It allows for the exploration of an idea or theme, as well as encourages creativity and imagination.

Writing such an essay doesn’t have any set rules but there are some tips to keep in mind when crafting such masterpiece. First of all, decide what aspect(s) of the topic you would like to explore in your essay – it might be something you know very little about but wish to gain more insight into; alternatively, it may bring up recollections over fond memories and experiences.

Secondly, research any relevant topics if required so that your essay remains both accurate and informed on its subject matter. Make sure to read up on related articles as well for further reference material!

Why To Select The Best Persuasive Essay Topics?

After reading a persuasive essay, the reader might believe something they did not think was possible or be more open-minded about an issue they previously thought was black and white.

Choosing personal essay topics for college can be tricky as there are so many potential subjects out there. It is important to choose one that is interesting, relevant, and meaningful to you as the writer. It should also appeal to your target audience and provoke them into thinking more deeply about the subject matter.

The chosen topic should also have enough evidence backing it up for readers who may disagree with your opinion or point of view on any particular subject. Last but not least, make sure that you feel comfortable writing about this topic – if what you’re saying feels forced, then it will come across that way when read by others too!

What Are Personal Essay Topics About?

Personal essay topics range from the mundane to the extraordinary. For instance, you may write about your favorite hobby or pastime, a trip you took, an experience that changed your life, or even a challenge that you faced and overcame.

You could also explore some of your unique traits, such as leadership skills or creativity. Whatever topic you select for your personal essay should allow readers to gain insight into who you are as an individual, what drives and motivates you in life, and how these qualities have contributed to where you are today.

What Are The Best Topics For A Personal Narrative Essay?

The essay may focus on topics such as life experiences, relationships, family dynamics, values, faith, career aspirations, and goals. Personal essays can be written in any style, from narrative to persuasive, depending on the writer’s purpose for writing it. It is important for the writer to select topics that are meaningful and relevant to their own life, as this will ensure the essay has genuine emotion and personal resonance with the reader.

For example, if someone were writing about their experience learning how to ride a bike, they would want to focus on emotions such as fear or joy instead of technical details like the size of tires or gear ratios. Other popular topics include relationships, family history, travel stories, accomplishments, or even struggles that have been overcome.

By drawing upon experiences in one’s own life, they can use these narratives not only as entertainment but also as an opportunity to reflect on what has happened in their life and how it shaped them into who they are today.

What Are The Best Topics For A Personal Experience Essay?

The best topics for a personal experience essay are those that allow the writer to share their own unique experiences and reflections. For example, some students may choose to write about a memorable moment in their life that has shaped who they are today. Additionally, someone might select an experience that taught them an important lesson about themselves or society as a whole.

Other topics for personal experience essays may include writing about moments of joy or sorrow, success or failure, challenges overcome, and objectives achieved. A great way to narrow down possible essay ideas is by reflecting on moments when you have been deeply moved by something meaningful – whether it be a book, poem, event, or person.

Finally, don’t forget to add your unique perspective and insights into the story you tell to make your essay stand out from others!

Personal Argumentative Essay Topics

These essays are a great way to experiment with different writing styles and practice persuasive skills. You can choose topics that pertain to current events, such as the legality of same-sex marriage or whether the death penalty should be abolished.

Alternatively, you could focus on a particular issue in your life—for instance, debating whether to pursue a college education or make an argument about an experience that has shaped who you are today.

No matter what personal argumentative essay topic you choose, it’s essential to clearly state your opinion and provide evidence from reliable sources (including yourself) to support it. The goal is for readers to understand why they should care about this issue and then take action either by changing their behavior or engaging in some activism. Good luck!

College Personal Essay Topics

Once you have identified a few potential topics, take some time to research and narrow your list down. The admissions committee wants to gain insight into your personality, character, and values; ensure that the topics you select reflect who you are and what makes you stand out from other applicants.

As you develop your essay topic, consider different angles and approaches that could be used to craft an interesting story or narrative arc for the reader. The body of the personal essay should include details such as anecdotes or stories to further engage the reader in understanding who you are as an individual. Be mindful not to overshare – keep it relevant and focused on how this experience has shaped your life outlooks or core beliefs.

You could also write about how certain books, films, people, or places have influenced your beliefs and values. Consider using anecdotes from personal experience to illustrate larger themes in your essay.

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What Are The Best Topics For A Personal Persuasive Essay?

These essays can include issues related to family, relationships, education, health, personal beliefs or values, and professional development. For example, a persuasive essay on the topic of adoption might focus on advocating for young children in foster care who lack permanent families or outlining how parenting style affects child behavior.

In addition, other persuasive essay topics could address how technology can be used to improve mental health, such as discussing the benefits of online therapy or exploring why it is essential to stay off social media when feeling anxious.

Finally, a persuasive essay could address the importance of self-advocacy in relation to mental health, such as discussing strategies for seeking help and support from professional counselors or exploring ways to confront negative thoughts and feelings. Each of these topics would provide an opportunity for students to explore various aspects of mental health while developing their skills in research, argumentation, writing, and critical thinking.

Personal Cause And Effect Essay Topics

When writing a personal cause-and-effect essay, it is essential to choose a topic that resonates with the reader and has some relevance to their life. For example, if someone loves sports, they may write about how increased funding for youth athletics can help improve overall physical health in children.

Or, if someone cares deeply about immigration reform, they may want to focus on the effects of new policies on immigrant families. By writing an essay on these topics of personal interest, individuals can think deeply about what drives them and how their actions result in specific outcomes.

There is also room for creativity as each individual’s response will be unique; no two essays will be alike if written from different perspectives. Moreover, authors can look into broader issues by considering both causes and effects of the issue being discussed—providing even greater depth to their perspective or argument.


It is clear that personal essay topics have a wide range of applications. As long as the student has an interesting angle to approach them from, they can be used for creative pieces, school assignments, and even job interviews.

The key is to choose one that adds value – an aspect of your life or personality that could prove beneficial in some way. Whether it’s exploring a hobby or skill you possess, discussing a challenge you overcame, or detailing what makes you unique among other applicants, choosing the right personal essay topic can open up many doors and give insight into who you are as a person.

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