50+ Philosophy Essay Topics & Ideas For Roaring Success

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    By Jac Jo.
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    February 28, 2023
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Is your philosophy essay falling flat even after tremendous research and planning? Writing these types of essays requires thorough preparation, critical analysis skills, and solid knowledge. However, even before the planning stage, selecting the right philosophy essay topic is crucial. In fact, it is one of the pillars on which you can build a solid essay.

Although it sounds easy when someone says you pick a good topic, it is not a simple task. There are instances where students end up choosing a topic that has no value or relevance. So, one must be careful when selecting an essay topic.

This article will guide you through the essay topic selection process and provide some topics for your reference.

How To Select The Best Philosophy Essay Topic?

Writing an effective philosophical essay starts with choosing a solid philosophy essay topic. Usually, students may be assigned a topic by their instructors, but that is not always the case. Thus, it is essential to know how to select a topic. 

Generally, selecting a topic may seem easy, but it is not the case. One must consider various things before zeroing in on a topic. Additionally, one must spend lots of time and put in lots of effort to make a pick. Here are some factors that help you in choosing an excellent topic for your philosophy essay:

Interest: Always choose a topic that you are fascinated by. In other words, select that topic or issue if it catches your interest or you have an opinion.

Problem: The topic you pick must address a certain problem. It may be about a small society or a large nation. Just remember that you will have to understand both sides of the problem. Also, ensure that your question has an answer to it,

Note: The question must be argumentative.

Scope: The topic must not be too narrow or too broad. In other words, the topic must have enough scope to cover various angles and opinions.

Resource: The topic must have various sources or references so that you get enough information, facts, or evidence to support your case.

Common Philosophy Essay Topics

  • What happens after a person dies?
  • Does one get matured with age?
  • When did racial bias originate?
  • Is it necessary to understand one’s religion?
  • Which human quality is pretty dangerous to humanity?
  • Does politics or politicians have moral values?
  • How good is it to revisit memories?
  • What happens to life on earth if there is no death?
  • How different is Western philosophy from eastern philosophy?
  • Gandhism: What does it tell us about moral values?

Essay Topics On The Philosophy Of Science

  • Is abortion a personal decision of a woman?
  • Effects of the internet on children
  • Intuition: how do you define it?
  • Social media: Is it making us depressed?
  • Languages and evolution of dialects
  • Propaganda and its global effect on various countries
  • How do you differentiate between thinking and overthinking?
  • What is the impact of filtered photos on one’s self-confidence and image?
  • Are we relying too much on the internet?
  • What is the impact of the internet on our communication and thinking?

Best Philosophy Essay Ideas

  • Free will: Explain the concept
  • Does science contradict religion? 
  • Does feminism put the male population at a disadvantage?
  • What is the role of philosophers in shaping society?
  • Is it correct to remove or delete offensive content from the internet? Does it restrict freedom of expression?
  • Does having moral values and ethics uplift the human mind?
  • Is there any relationship between morality and education level?
  • How important is it to teach moral values and ethics to children at a young age?
  • Is cloning ethical? Does it sound morally wrong?
  • Animal right: Is it wrong to use animal skin and fur?
  • What are the moral implications of using drugs?
  • Should we have zoos? How ethical is it?
  • Is it morally wrong to have an abortion?
  • How can one tackle religious fanaticism? 
  • Is it morally correct to use embryos in scientific and genetic experiments?
  • What is the progress of feminism in today’s time?
  • Is it a moral obligation to care for the environment?
  • Do people at the higher end of the spectrum have a moral responsibility towards the lower rungs of society?
  • Does having moral values go out of fashion in today’s world? 
  • How ethical is animal testing?


An impressive philosophical essay can be easily achieved by choosing a strong topic. Most students falter at selecting a topic, but fortunately, this article provides tips on how to pick a topic for your essay. Furthermore, you can also refer to the philosophy paper topics in this guide for your practice.

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