Top Best 100+ Proposal Essay Topics, Ideas and Prompts Of All Time

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Proposal essay topics are one of the most popular types of essays assigned to students today. They involve a wide range of subjects and can be written on almost any topic imaginable. Proposal essay topics offer students an opportunity to demonstrate their knowledge, research skills, writing abilities, and creativity. These essays should also have clear objectives and must be well-structured in order for them to be successful.

Great Proposal Essay Topics To Choose

Proposal essays offer an excellent opportunity for students to present their original ideas on topics that are relevant and important. In a proposal essay, students must be able to explain their stance on the issue, provide evidence to support it and anticipate potential objections to their argument. They should also be prepared to discuss alternative solutions and strategies for addressing the problem. Proposal essays require research to back up their claims with evidence. Here are the best topics:

1. Should universal basic income be implemented?

2. Is there a way to reduce poverty in developing countries?

3. Should national healthcare systems be improved?

4. What impact do plastics have on our environment?

5. How can renewable energy sources be better utilized?

6. Is there an effective way to combat global warming?

7. What is the most effective method of reducing air pollution levels in cities worldwide? 

8. What measures should governments take against cybercrime and terrorism? 

9. How can advancements in artificial intelligence help humanity progress faster?

10. Can technology help us overcome world hunger?

11) Should college athletes be paid?

12) Is standardized testing a fair measure of student performance?

13) Are video games bad for children’s health?

14) Should abortion be legal in all cases?

15) What steps can we take to reduce poverty?

16) Is there too much emphasis on winning in sports today?

17) How can technology help us protect endangered species?

18) Does social media have a positive impact on society?

19) Should genetically modified food products be labeled differently than non-genetically modified foods?

20) Are organic foods better for our health than conventional foods?

21. Should universal basic income be implemented?

22. Is there a way to reduce poverty in developing countries?

23. Should national healthcare systems be improved?

24. What impact do plastics have on our environment?

25. How can renewable energy sources be better utilized?

26. Is there an effective way to combat global warming?

27. What is the most effective method of reducing air pollution levels in cities worldwide?

28. What measures should governments take against cybercrime and terrorism?

29. How can advancements in artificial intelligence help humanity progress faster?

30. Can technology help us overcome world hunger?

Good Research Proposal Ideas

Research ideas are essential to the success of any research project. A good proposal should provide clear and concise information on the research objectives, methods, results, and potential applications of the proposed study. It should also contain a detailed budget outlining expected costs for conducting the proposed studies and a timeline indicating when each stage will take place.

Ultimately, it is essential that researchers have realistic expectations about what they can accomplish with their available resources while still providing high-quality results. In addition to these core elements, there are several other components that need to be included in order to make an effective Research Proposal Ideas:

1) An introduction that outlines the purpose of your research;

2) A literature review that examines existing work relevant to your topic;

3) A methodology section detailing how you plan on carrying out your study;

4) Results or findings from related studies or experiments;

5) Discussion of how data collected may impact future studies or projects; 

6) Potential ethical considerations associated with conducting this type of research; and 

8) Research the effectiveness of renewable energy sources versus traditional forms of energy production around the world today and compare their impact on air quality and overall environmental well-being within cities or townships over periods ranging from one year to ten years or more, depending upon the availability of data.

7) Conclusions or recommendations based on findings presented within the proposal.

By taking into account all critical factors during the planning stages, proposals become far more likely for approval by reviewers.

Intelligent Proposal Ideas

In today’s business environment, it is essential to have the right proposal ideas. Companies need to be creative and intelligent when coming up with their proposals in order to stand out from the competition. Proposals should focus on solving a problem or creating an opportunity for the company that will bring positive results both financially and socially.

Some potential proposal ideas include introducing new products or services, forming strategic partnerships with other companies, expanding into new markets, offering innovative customer service programs, or launching a marketing campaign. All of these options require careful research and planning but can lead to significant success for businesses if done correctly.

Ultimately, smart proposal ideas are about identifying opportunities where your company can make an impact and presenting it in such a way that it catches the attention of decision-makers. IPIs also provide an opportunity to rapidly identify critical areas for improvement without having to invest significant resources into research and development processes.

As such, they can be used as part of broader business strategies which utilize data-driven decisions in combination with human insight in order to create comprehensive solutions that consider both present and future goals.

In addition to increasing sales, intelligent proposal ideas also help organizations become more efficient by reducing operating costs while still meeting customer needs.

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Tips For Writing Proposal Essays

Proposal essays are a great way to make your argument and present an idea. Whether you’re writing for a class, organization, or publication, crafting compelling proposals can be the difference between success and failure. Here is a list of tips to help you write effective proposal essays:

1) Research Thoroughly: Before beginning your essay, it is important to do some research on the topic that you are proposing. Look into past successful proposals and analyze why they worked. This will give you the knowledge needed to craft convincing arguments in support of your proposal.

2) Consider Your Audience: When structuring your essay, keep in mind who will be reading it and what their interests might be. Tailor the language used throughout the essay towards those readers; this will show them that not only have you thought through all aspects of this matter but also understand their perspective as well.

3) Create an Outline: Putting together an outline for each section of a persuasive essay allows for more focused thinking about how each point should be presented within the overall structure of an essay.

4) Carefully outline all aspects of your proposed solution, including methods that could potentially be employed, as well as any potential risks involved with the implementation of the plan. This additional level of detail further demonstrates competency in understanding the issue at hand and provides valuable insight into its various facets, which could prove invaluable when deciding upon a course of action or implementing viable changes based on results from research conducted during this project’s execution phase.


Overall, these 100+ proposal essay topics, ideas, and prompts provide students with a variety of options to explore in their writing assignments. Students can choose from many angles to approach the same topic – they may take an informative or persuasive approach; they might also look at different historical perspectives or analyze situational factors.

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