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Did you just write a strong research paper introduction and write an insightful body section? Then, it’s time to write an effective conclusion. But is it as simple as it sounds? A conclusion is a small paragraph that has the potential to pack a punch and make the reader think about your topic.

However, if you want to create maximum impact on the reader, you cannot write a simple conclusion. In other words, you must not neglect this section by writing something incomplete or inappropriate. Have you ever thought about how to give a substantial research paper conclusion? No worries if you haven’t thought about it because this article will help you in writing a successful conclusion for your research paper.

What Is A Research Paper Conclusion? Why Is It Necessary?

The conclusion is basically the final or the concluding section of any research paper, essay, or article. While the introduction section introduces the topic to the readers, body paragraphs form the core of the write-up. 

Both sections explain the research topic in detail and provide enough scope for the reader to understand the subject better. However, it is in conclusion that the writer can make one last impression by making the readers understand the significance of the topic. 

Why Is A Conclusion Essential In A Research Paper?

Although most students do not give much attention to the conclusion, one must not forget that it is equally important as the introduction or body section. This is because a compelling or firm conclusion makes one introspect about the points or arguments made in the paper. In fact, a reasonable conclusion conveys a strong message to the reader and highlights the strength of the arguments made in the paper.

Furthermore, an effective conclusion makes the reader contemplate the arguments, evidence, and main points made in the body. Additionally, one can use the conclusion section as a basis for further research and provide new ways to resolve any issues presented in the paper.

Major Components Of A Research Paper Conclusion:

When writing a conclusion, the student should remember to include the following aspects:

  • A call to action statement or a statement on future research avenues on the topic.
  • Importance of the topic
  • Thesis statement/major argument (you must restate them).
  • Contradicting arguments or POVs along with your views that express why your opinions/arguments are valid.

Overall, a solid research paper conclusion:

  • Gives the best final impression 
  • Lends completeness to the research paper 
  • Emphasizes the significance of the research paper thesis statement

Research Paper Conclusion Types

One can conclude a research paper in a number of ways based on the type and style of the research paper topic. However, there are three major types of conclusions:

Editorial Conclusion: This type of conclusion includes your thoughts or ideas about the topic. In other words, you must add your opinions or experiences that give a comprehensive idea about the topic and your stand on it. Moreover, when including this type of conclusion, you cannot give a conclusive statement that supports your argument. 

For instance, you may have proposed a specific diet or method for a particular age group; however, you can conclude your paper by voicing your doubts about its effectiveness. Moreover, the conclusion is the right place to voice your opinion if you haven’t expressed your doubts in other sections of the paper.

Externalizing Conclusion: This type of conclusion is a bit different from the standard conclusion, where you cannot add new information. In other words, if you want to include further information that was not added in the different sections of the paper, you can do so in this type of conclusion. The new information may not be directly related to the main topic, or it can be some additional data that you want to share.

For instance, if you are writing a research paper on past events or history, you can include some pointers on current events that are not directly related to the topic. This type of conclusion gives a different outlook and makes the reader think something different.

Summarizing Conclusion: This is a standard conclusion type that one usually writes at the end of a research paper or an essay. As the name implies, all you must do is summarize the significant arguments and pointers in conclusion. One must remember not just to repeat things again and again but instead just concisely highlight the essential points.

How To Write A Conclusion For A Research Paper?

Writing a conclusion is easy if you follow the steps given in this section:

  • Rewrite the research paper topic: The foremost step in writing a conclusion starts with rewriting the research paper topic. Usually, you can just use one sentence to write the topic and then explain its significance. This is the first sentence; you must be clear and concise when writing about this. Moreover, omit unnecessary or additional details here as it does not serve any purpose.
  • Rewrite your paper’s thesis statement: Once you rewrite your research paper topic and its significance in 1 – 2 sentences, you must rewrite the thesis statement. However, do not copy and paste the thesis statement you have already written when writing this part. Instead, rephrase the thesis statement using different words in a single sentence.
  • Summarize all the major arguments: You must go through all the major arguments and evidence discussed in the paper so you can add them here. Remember not to explain but just present them concisely to remind your audience about significant points mentioned in the paper. Moreover, the objective here is to provide a summary of the major points.
  • State the importance or outcomes of your arguments: You’ll have to explain the importance of your findings once you summarize the major pointers included in your paper. For instance, you can discuss how a certain argument creates an impact on the research topic and how it leads to a certain result. Furthermore, you may add some additional outcomes or results that highlight the importance of your topic.

Note: Do not add new information or outcomes that have no significance to your research topic.

  • Write a concluding statement: Finally, you must add a concluding sentence that may be a call-to-action phrase/sentence that pushes the reader to take some action. Or, you can end the section with a thought-provoking sentence or question that makes your audience think. You can also include a sentence that answers some questions you discussed in the paper. 

Note: Ensure to leave your readers with a good lasting impression in this section. 

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Example For Research Paper Conclusion

Abortion: Who can make the decision?

In conclusion, abortion is a highly debated and provocative topic that garners all types of reactions. One can find numerous for and against perspectives on this topic. Even though it is a medical procedure performed in many developed countries, some still view it negatively and seek to prohibit it. However, it is important to recognize that women can make decisions about their bodies and pregnancies. 

Furthermore, one must also note that there are numerous reasons why a woman may choose to terminate a pregnancy. Ultimately, the question of whether society should take control of a female body and decide her and her child’s fate is complicated, with no easy answers. However, it is essential to have a healthy conversation in this regard and work towards solutions that prioritize the health and well-being of women and their families.


Although writing a conclusion is a simple process, it requires you to plan it carefully and consider all the major points you made to decide how to add to the conclusion. Fortunately, this article provides the steps that one must follow to write an impactful conclusion. You can also have a look at the example given in this post to get an idea about the conclusion.

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