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Did you ever get lost when composing a synthesis essay? We understand that writing a synthesis essay involves interweaving ideas from various sources and summarizing them. This elaborate process can make a student falter at times. So, how do students bypass this obstacle and complete the essay synthesis on time?

The answer to the question is straightforward: create a synthesis essay outline first. As students, practice the art of writing an outline first to avoid mishaps later. That’s because an outline gives you the much-needed direction to develop the complete essay. This post will shed light on the synthesis essay outline and how to write it with an example.

What Is A Synthesis Essay?

A synthesis essay is a thesis-driven composition that combines two or more unique perspectives to form a thesis. It is a type of academic essay assignment that is given to students as part of their curriculum. 

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You have to gather credible information from various sources and support your point of view with adequate evidence. Please remember that writing a synthesis essay outline is nothing but summing up the ideas from different sources. 

As the writer, you must assess the data and identify common themes or characteristics among the many narratives. The most crucial component of the synthesis essay is to convey facts to your readers. To accomplish this, you’ll need to have a thorough understanding of the topics.

Consequently, substantial research is required for a well-written synthesis essay along with reflection which is a crucial part of the synthesis process. The author must not only rewrite and summarize the information but also explain what he has learned from them.

Things Needed To Develop A Synthesis Paper Outline

Writing an excellent synthesis outline involves several aspects that a student must know. These elements not only help you to develop a perfect outline but also cover significant points.

  1. Innate understanding: Familiarize with the topic; this is especially important for topics that you do know of. This step helps identify all main points that must be covered and discussed in the paper. All you have to do is conduct an evaluation of the subject and select all the relevant points required for your essay.
  1. Thorough research: You must conduct comprehensive research on the topic. Doing so can assist you in expanding the synthesis essay plot and diversifying your expertise, giving you a more rounded perspective.
  1. Arranging topics: Link your thoughts consistently and coherently so that readers do not lose track of your arguments. Since the complete analysis of the essay will be fairly complex, it is better to organize the information in a comprehensive format so that the reader is clear about the main argument.
  1. Keep track of sources: Since synthesis essay writing involves extensive research, ensure to include authentic facts with sources which may include books, research articles, journals, etc., Providing citations ensures that your work is not plagiarized. 

How To Compose A Synthesis Essay Outline With An Example?

Creating an outline implies designing the essay structure before writing. An outline helps the student develop a logical flow in the essay and acts as a map that provides the right direction. The basic outline structure has 3 major components – the introduction, the body, and the conclusion.

A typical outline begins with an introduction where you write your thesis statement and include an attention-grabbing line or a hook statement. Then comes the body section, which includes specifics and many information points supporting the thesis. Finally, it concludes with a conclusion that sums up everything written in the introduction and body.


The introduction is the first part of the paper where you commence your topic. So, begin with a ‘hook’ statement or phrase to capture the reader’s attention. Please provide a brief history of the essay subject and clarify its objective and your stand on it.

Persuade the reader to read your work by emphasizing the significance of your point of view. Finally, state the thesis statement, which encapsulates the entire agenda of your essay.

Consider that you are given a topic on “Ineffectiveness of the organizational order on immigration policy.” Let us create a synthesis essay thesis outline using this topic:

I. Introduction

  • Add a ‘Hook’ to pull the reader
  • Provide brief background information on the topic 
  • Explain why the prohibition is so divisive in America
  • Submit the thesis statement. For example – Despite the executive order’s urgency, it is insufficient and should not be enacted 


The body section usually commences with a topic sentence that supports the thesis statement. You must employ relevant statistics and facts that support the main arguments and statements in this section. Further, strengthen your point of view and provide supporting evidence by connecting all the facts and target points. 

You may also include concessions and refutations to analyze the subject thoroughly. 

II. Body paragraphs

  • Give a summary of your point of view as well as any counter-arguments

Based on previous events, there has been a need for the United States federal government to act to provide immigration rules in the country. Still, the actions they have implemented are insufficient. However, some argue that this order is long overdue since (continue).

Refutation (topic sentence)

  • Provide a rationale that contradicts your thesis statement
  • Provide evidence to back up your claim
  • State why it is invalid
  • Provide counter-arguments and explain why your argument is weak
  • Provide a conclusion and closing remarks about the subject

Support 1

  • Mention the minor reason that supports your thesis
  • Build a topic statement that leads up to your concept
  • Quote one of the sources
  • Provide evidence to back up your claim
  • Explain why the evidence is crucial to the reader
  • Finish your paragraph by encapsulating all of the essential concepts from your topic statement.

Support 2

  • In support of your argument, write down the second most crucial reason
  • Choose an appropriate topic sentence
  • Include facts and comment on concepts that support your narrative aptly
  • Provide a conclusion while keeping the topic statement and evidence in mind

Support 3

  • Describe your primary rationale for informing your thesis
  • Make the most of the topic statement to make a compelling point
  • Remark on several of your sources
  • Offer sufficient evidence to back up your claim and explain why it is relevant
  • Provide a conclusion that recapitulates all of the facts


Condense the information you gathered before in the conclusion section. Reinforce the message of your synthesis essay by restating the thesis sentence (i.e., paraphrase the statement). Reiterate the main points of your essay, offer a call to action(if required), and neatly close the essay.

III. Conclusion 

  • Make a list of all the facts and significant concepts you wish to present.
  • Restate the thesis statement paraphrased or in new words without affecting its meaning.
  • Sum up your point and provide an example.
  • From an ethical stance, provide a call to action. Persuade the readers of the importance of your point of view.

Synthesis Writing Template

A synthesis essay requires several components. A decent synthesis essay should look like this:

  1. Introduction
  • Attention-grabbing statement/hook
  • Brief mention of main arguments/points
  • State thesis statement
  1. Body paragraph 1
  • Main ideas
  • Evidence
  • Explanation/analysis
  1. Body paragraph 2
  • Main ideas
  • Evidence
  • Explanation/analysis
  1. Body paragraph 3
  • Main ideas
  • Evidence
  • Explanation/analysis
  1. Conclusion
  • Reiterate/summarize main points
  • Restate thesis statement

Tips For Writing An Effective Synthesis Essay Outline

Now that you have understood how to create an outline, here are some simple tips to bear in mind when constructing a synthesis essay outline:

  1. Go through the resources in detail. Never create an outline if you haven’t thoroughly read the references. Make a point of noting essential topics and themes discussed by the author, as this is the foremost step toward creating a successful synthesis paper.
  2. The introduction must be one paragraph long. Keep it to roughly 10% of the total word count. So, if you have a word count of 2000, your introduction should be roughly 200 words long.
  3. Pick an intriguing and appropriate topic. A captivating synthesis paper topic is usually the first choice of writers, so consider a broad issue that interests you. Don’t just choose a topic because it comes to mind. Instead, choose something that you can readily argue for or against. Choose a big topic and focus it on something specific.
  4. When you introduce your thesis statement in your essay outline, concentrate on presenting one of your three primary ideas. Avoid revealing all the points here, as the reader might think there’s no sense in reading the body of your essay.
  5. Each paragraph of the body must focus mainly on one thought or idea alone.
  6. All supporting evidence should originate from trustworthy sources and be referenced correctly in accordance with the acceptable writing style.
  7. The conclusion should likewise be roughly 10% of your word count, similar to the introduction. It should be apparent to the reader that they’re reading the conclusion and not just another major body paragraph. You should not bring in any new information here. Rather just finish up what you talked about in the body and introduction.
  8. Make a list of all technical phrases and notions that you want to include in your essay. Use standard language without being very casual in your address.
  9. Organize the information so that it is really easy to see the important points discussed.
  10. Be clear about the citation format and use it as per the guidelines. 


To conclude, an excellent synthesis essay depends on comprehending the topic, being diligent in research, and organizing the essay properly. Furthermore, it is critical to use standard language to connect your thoughts and ideas. A well-defined outline for a synthesis essay is the final blueprint for an adequately prepared assignment, so plan well.

Follow the tips and refer to the synthesis outline template to compose a perfect essay that is engaging and informative for the audience.

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