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Wondering how to attract the reader’s attention through your essay introduction? In an essay, your introduction will decide the fate of your essay, i.e., whether it will be attention-grabbing or not. Hence, try to make the most of your efforts and write a compelling essay. 

Here comes the tricky part. People often get confused regarding how to write an essay introduction. But, don’t take stress over it. 

Writing an essay introduction isn’t that complicated. The first thing you have to focus on is writing something impressive. And if you have researched well on your essay topic, then you have aced this part.

First off, you need to know about writing an essay introduction and what its purpose is. An introduction lets the readers know what your essay is all about. Thus, you should introduce your topic briefly and then point out the main ideas of your essay.

The introduction paragraph should be good since it’s a crucial part of any academic essay. It should catch the reader’s attention, understand the essay, and present your thesis. 

This article will assist you in knowing all about ways and tips for writing an essay introduction. Stick along if you aim to write the perfect essay introduction paragraph.

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Essay Introduction Definition

When writing an essay for school, college, or any purpose, there should be an opening that can help provide information regarding the essay topic to the readers. An introduction acts as that opening paragraph. It allows you to introduce your topic and state your purpose and opinion on the essay topic.

An introduction is a crucial paragraph within an essay. It can create the first impression of your essay on the readers. It can increase or decrease the audience’s interest in reading your essay, depending on whether it is catchy or not.

Let’s discuss how you can structure your essay introduction properly now.

Introduction Structure

Creating a proper framework for your essay introduction is the first step in writing the introduction. It helps you create an idea of what, when, and where to write in the introduction paragraph. 

It should have a structure that helps the readers to follow your argument and what the essay’s idea is all about. It should have a smooth flow to it. Thus, create a strong structure for your introduction. 

The best way to structure your essay introduction outline is to include three parts in it. You can add three parts: the opening statement, supporting sentences, and introductory topic sentence. These help in creating a basic idea of your essay topic in the reader’s mind. No matter in what way you write your introduction, ensure to include this structure to attain perfection:

  • Opening statement: Add an opening statement or a question that can attract the eyes and minds of the readers. It’s also called “the hook.” 
  • Supporting sentences: Supporting sentences act as the link between the opening statement and your thesis. These sentences enhance the value of your introduction.
  • Thesis statement: The thesis statement helps the readers in understanding your essay’s purpose. You can thus demonstrate your entire essay’s plan in this section of the essay introduction.

Purpose Of An Introduction

We don’t write introductions for an essay out of the blue. It comes with some purpose, and it’s essential to know the same. The primary purpose of an essay introduction is to give a clear idea of what the essay will cover. 

Hence, your introduction should include some background information on the specific topic, issue, or problem. Then you can outline your answer or point of view depending on what you are writing. What you write depends on the research that you have undertaken and the research topic. 

The essay introduction’s purpose is to state the crucial information directly rather than reveal it slowly. After all, it’s not a mystery novel. You can use the ‘general to specific’ structure while writing an introduction. It means you should start by mentioning the problem or topic of your essay, then provide some related content and end it with your argument.

The introduction has five vital purposes or responsibilities, which include:

  • Grabbing attention: The purpose of an introduction includes grabbing the attention of the audience. It is possible if you properly focus on your introductory lines and make them worth the reader’s time. It should be eye-catchy. You can start with a compelling opening statement or a question or a fact to make it enjoyable.
  • Topic introduction: As the name itself explains, the introduction is used to introduce the topic entirely. In the introduction paragraph, you have to present the key ideas, your point of view, and the matter in question.
  • Explaining relevance: The introduction paragraph can help you explain the topic to the audience and show them how relevant it is. It helps explain why your readers should take an interest in the essay since it is relevant to them.
  • Stating a purpose or thesis: An introduction is written so that the audience can understand the purpose of your essay, what message you want to convey, and your thesis. 
  • Outlining the main idea: The introduction is written so that the readers can understand the main points of your essay. 

What Are The Three Parts Of An Essay Introduction?

As you have read in the introduction structure section, the essay introduction format consists of three parts. Let’s discuss those three parts in detail:

The Hook Statement

The most crucial portion of your essay is the opening statement, or you can also call it a hook. In an essay, it’s the best way to start the introduction. The hook comes with two main objectives, which are:

  • Drawing in the reader: The hook part is the only chance through which you can grab your audience’s attention so that they want to read your essay. You may find difficulties in guessing which words would draw in your readers. You can draw the reader’s attention by
    • Using a thought-provoking quote.
    • Sharing a personal experience.
    • Asking a thought-provoking question.
  • Gives context to your essay’s topic: Hook also helps in providing context to the essay topic. It helps add enough context to your introduction to help the readers understand your thesis of the essay. It enables the readers to adjust to your essay topic to find and understand your thesis statement. 

The Connection Statement

After the hook comes to the supporting sentences, i.e., the connections and some key ideas of the topic, it can help you give your readers a better insight into the overall essay topic. 

You should mention your essay topic’s key ideas in chronological order (similar to how you present them in your essay’s body). Eventually, you have to lead your readers to the thesis statement of your introduction with the help of the connection sentences.

In this essay introduction, you can answer the 5 Ws(who, what, when, where, and why) and 1 H(How) questions. You can answer these questions in 2-3 sentences to provide proper knowledge to the readers and once they have enough idea of the topic, throw a powerful thesis statement. 

Your supporting sentences should focus on moving from general information to specific info, which is the thesis statement.

The Thesis Statement

You should pay real attention to the thesis statement, the last part of your essay introduction, and the core statement. It’s the most important statement in your introduction.

What’s your essay all about, and what are its key points? What will you be discussing in the essay? These are the questions that you have to answer in your thesis statement. For, it formulates the core of your essay. Here, you have to let the readers know what you will discuss, reveal, or argue in the entire essay. 

It’s like a brief summary of your essay topic that needs to be compelling enough to attract the readers to the body part of your essay. There is a rule that your thesis statement should be concise, specific, focused, accurate, and clear to be good. The thesis statement is the last part of your essay introduction paragraph. 

Hooks For Writing An Essay Introduction

Hooks are the opening sentences of your easy introduction. As the name suggests, it hooks your readers to your essay. Hence, a compelling hook means enhanced interest of the audience in your essay. 

You may find writing essay hooks tricky, but it’s not that complicated. While writing a hook, focus on the following questions:

  • What is your essay type?
  • What type of writing tone and style do you require?
  • Who’s your audience?

Let’s discuss different types of hooks with which you can start your introduction with a blast.

Literary Quotes

If you write an essay on something literary such as literary phenomena, writers, books, etc., then you can start with a literary quote. It can be quotes written by the writer of the book on which you are writing the essay. 

Quotes By Prominent People

Another way to start your essay is with a quote from a famous person to create a powerful impact on your readers. But ensure that it’s relevant to the topic. It can be a quote that has the power to hook the readers into reading more and more. 

Ensure that you take the quote from a credible source. You should also explain it in the following line so that you don’t confuse your audience.

Common Misconception

You can also add a statement regarding a commonly accepted truth that’s false at the beginning of the introduction. It’s a great trick you can use to hook your audience since it states that what they believe is not true in reality. In this way, your readers would want to know more about how and why it’s not true. 


Anecdotes are short stories related to your essay topic that you can use to gain the audience’s attention. You can illustrate what points you want to convey to the readers through such a short story or your imagination’s pigmentation. Ensure that your anecdote is precise, concise, and to the point.

Personal Stories

You can also add personal stories to your essay introduction as a hook sometimes. But, ensure that they fit into the context of your essay so that it’s relatable to the essay topic as well. It will only be appropriate if it fits into a few brief sentences, such as narrative sentences.


You may also add statistical data as your hook statement in the essay introduction so that you can hook your readers with the data that they haven’t known. But, it’s also essential to add the source of that data since you don’t want to go off providing data information without any evidence of its existence. 


A question hook can be a great idea with which you can open up your essay introduction. You can start by asking a question to readers that also somehow connects to your essay topic. It will keep them thinking and visualizing what would be the answer in their minds. Then, you can add the answers too. Think of adding a question that can keep the readers thinking until they read the following lines.


You can also begin your introduction with a fact that can surprise your readers. Exciting facts will do the work of arousing curiosity in the audience’s mind. It will result in the reader reading more since they would want to learn more from your essay.

Mistakes To Avoid While Writing An Essay Introduction

While writing an essay introduction, there are specific points that you should ensure, which include:

  • Avoid including extensive background information.
  • Avoid giving all the information. Leave some info hidden so that you can keep your readers engaged and reveal it in the body.
  • Avoid using too many quotations.
  • Avoid moving off the topic or including unnecessary information.
  • Avoid using cliches or generalizations.
  • Avoid phrases such as “I will discuss (this) in this essay.”

Tips For Writing An Essay Introduction

Some ideas that will help you in writing an incredible essay introduction include:

  • Know the purpose of your essay and ensure that it’s in line with your introduction.
  • Be clear and precise regarding what you want to say.
  • Show your understanding of the topic.
  • Write an exceptional, attention-grabbing hook.
  • Give a roadmap to your readers to give them an idea of what you will cover.
  • Write a powerful and clear thesis statement.
  • Check some essay introduction examples based on the type of your essay to get an idea of the whole introduction part.


When writing an essay introduction, many people may keep it too general and write anything about its topic. But, you should know that it’s as essential as the entire essay. It can be the party that may make your reader read the whole essay if it is likable to them.

Remember that the essay introduction adds the first impression of your essay and your idea in the audience’s minds. Hence, make sure that you write an appealing one. Moreover, writing an essay introduction is fun if you follow what we have mentioned in this article and do sound research on the essay topic.

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