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Published Dec 27, 2022

A novel written by George Orwell called 1984 depicted a society where the people of Oceania have no personal freedoms, and are monitored nearly all the time by their government. Today, individuals in countries such as the USA have very similar situations–despite having different technological and personal ways to monitor society in their respective countries than 1984. Despite being an interesting book from decades ago, today’s government is moving towards more controlled and surveilled states, with citizens subjected to almost constant monitoring.

In my Pittsburgh neighborhood, the owner of a local independent store reports that he has sold a stack of copies of George Orwell’s 1984 since its release in mid-January.

1984 compared to today’s essay

During his candidacy, Trump has become a booster for publishers.

1984 has started selling significantly more since September 2016. In an age of “alternative facts,” it’s a must-read novel that reminds us that there is always a way to change your future.

There are ways that 1984 can help our world, even if the analogy may be too easy.

Many dystopian novels capture some sense of the modern era. In Orwell’s dystopia, the state is all-encompassing and supervises all activities with total control. It provides all goods, tracks, monitors what people do, and knows what they think. Even the slightest deviation from its mandates leads to punishment.

Hamlet has used soliloquy to denote the innate flairs of a character. He found soliloquy to be an appropriate instance of such flair as his essay on Gertrude in the “What hath she done?” section. In this essay, he called Gertrude “rank and gross,” with a tremendous sense of disgust and disgust for women. His sequence of intense thoughts relating to his father and mother reflects two different feelings– love, pain, and anger. The question mark generates an allusion to the strong symbolism employed in his essay. Shakespeare has also fused slang terms into Hamlet’s soliloquy for sake of emotional expression. This has conspired from a patriarchal society, which is seen in the denunciation of his mother more than that of Claudius or Polonius at their wedding– even though they have made the same mistake.

In Orwell’s fictional novel, the government has no intention of fulfilling people’s needs and wants. Rather, they exist to establish their power over them. It’s a kind of sadomasochistic relationship where the government controls its people to perpetuate power. Governments need to maintain a balance in two or more dichotomous features: between the market and other entities, and also who is being protected. Our government’s role is to keep this in mind and maintain order in our society.

1984 parallels today

Businesses in the future will promote hybrid national and global collaborations that create pleasure, entertainment, and new goods. Huxley’s Brave New World captures this better. The 1932 novel was written before Orwell published 1984. With mood-enhancing drugs and sex at a touch of a screen, it predicts our society where technology controls the mind with ever more immersive networks. In a small “coincidence,” Huxley was one of Orwell’s teachers while 1984 has been popularized by an introduction to John Updike’s “The Present Due” in various books from 1958 until today.

As Rob Higley states, Orwell’s novel is about “the power of the state, its society, and its values,” but it is also about how that society may be more totalitarian in a general sense than Orwell originally thought.

People live in an era where screens are constantly on, and they can be anywhere. Modern technology is hard to avoid and has led to a constant media presence in the lives of people. Now that you know the power these devices hold, it’ll no longer be hard to imagine what life could have been like without them.

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1984 vs today’s essay

TV has not dramatically changed in the last century, at least not yet. It was once as state-controlled as it is today, and advertisers and marketers helped shape its development.

People have gone along with information without questioning or researching, but after the 2016 presidential election, people began to question what they consume and see. President Trump is now a less effective leader for society than Big Brother, and P.T. Barnum can tap into this cerebral nature and provide what people want by having them access the information on their terms.

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