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Revolutionary War Essay

The American Revolution was a milestone in the history of mankind. It created a new government and system of laws that would be used by all citizens. All people, regardless of race or religion, were seen as equal under this new Constitution. This ensured that everyone had equal rights and freedoms, no matter who they were or where they came from. The United States has since gone on to become one of the most powerful countries in the world due largely to these principles established during the Revolutionary War.

As far as their involvement in the war was concerned, they were mostly active participants. When the war was won, they chose the side that offered better terms of freedom and, of course, the side that had an edge in winning it.

By advocating for both liberty and fair treatment of slaves, Native Americans led the war. In the event they worked together and won the war, thousands of enslaved blacks would have hope for a better future. The colonial masters ignored the fact that black slaves had morals.

As a result, native Americans and blacks joined forces to fight against British colonizers. When the British state lost its grip on colonizing them, they too recruited African slaves to fight. Integrated regimes scattered blacks during the conflict.

These units, which fought the British, were entirely black, with a white commanding officer. They served as waiters, artisans, waggoners, and cooks as well.

Despite the accomplishments they had achieved, racism was still creeping into the minds of Native Americans in northern states, even though slavery had been eradicated in their states. As an example, Massachusetts law prohibited whites from marrying Indians, Blacks, or mixed-race couples.

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