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Autism Research Paper Examples

ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder), or autism, is a group of neurodevelopmental conditions that affect people worldwide regardless of their ethnicity, race, or economic status. Disparities in communication and social interaction are the common characteristics of this condition. ASD often manifests itself in restricted and repetitive behaviors.

According to recent surveys, autism cases seem to rise, and many attribute it to environmental factors. Experts, however, disagree over whether the number of cases has increased or the number of diagnoses has simply increased.

Symptoms of autism typically show up between 12 and 24 months of age. However, it may also occur earlier or later. There is usually a marked delay in language or social development in the early stages.

The DSM-5 categorizes ASD symptoms into two categories:

  • Communication and social interaction problems
  • Repetitive or restricted patterns of behavior or activity

The person must exhibit symptoms from both of these categories if they are to be diagnosed with autism.

 Despite several kinds of research and studies, the exact cause of autism remains unknown. In other words, there is no single or exact cause. 

The NINDS Trusted Source suggests that both genetics and environment may impact autism development. Furthermore, both old and new sources have concluded that vaccines do not cause Autism Spectrum Disorders.

In spite of several studies, there is no cure for autism spectrum disorders. However, supportive therapies and other considerations can alleviate some symptoms or help some autistic people feel better. The following therapies are often used in many approaches:

Play therapy, speech therapy, behavioral therapy, occupational therapy, physical therapy, and speech therapy.

Apart from these, meditation techniques and massages can also help manage the symptoms.

Early and intensive behavioral support is key to the most successful therapies. Early enrollment in these programs will significantly impact a child’s future.

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